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Cryptonym: SLALOM-1

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Unknown identity. According to Frank C. Esquivel, WH/COG/FI, SLALOM-1 was close to Nestor Ramirez, a CURAPESCA representative. Cables in 1975 stated that SLALOM-1 was in New York.

104-10183-10366: NONRELATED AMMUG-1.

Undated: Document from Frank C. Esquivel, WH/COG/FI: "B. SLALOM-1 - He is close to Nestor Ramirez, a CURAPESCA representative who is currently in Tokyo. SLALOM-1 states Ramirez is approachable because Ramirez is definitely not a Communist, and he thinks very much like him (SLALOM-1)..."

104-10220-10132: PEDRO RUIZ.

07/15/75: Cable: Slugline AKULE REAM SLALOM SLABBA Y: "1. LA/Miami: PLS advise Pachankis that Pedro Ruiz Quintero has been located at 130 Nyack Ave., Pelham, NY 10803; phone unlisted. As of January 75 Ruiz residing there with wife Angela. Children Pedro Pablo DPOB 14 Jan 64 Paris and Angela Maria DPOB 18 April 69 NYC, and father-in-law Ignacio Danta Causerra DPOB 20 April 1905, Cuba. Ruiz and wife were naturalized U.S. on 23 December 69. Ruiz POA, which expired 23 April 75, was extended through 22 October 1975 to cover this contact. Advise whether Pachankis still has background info on Ruiz which previously provided by HQs. 2. FR/New York: FBI advised re para one contact. Per ref, Pachankis to travel New York within next couple weeks to commend SLALOM-1 on his part in SLALOM/SLICK op. 3. File: 201-321194; 201-321097. LA Comment: Ref requested Pachankis arrange contact with SLALOM-1 in New York after conclusion of SLALOM/SLICK op. Ruiz is refugee to be debriefed on his knowledge of Cuban official (REDACTION) SLABBA-1 (Oscar Gonzalez Lugones)."

104-10220-10132: PEDRO RUIZ.

11/13/75: Contact Report by Henry S. Pachankis and Emory D. Premselar: 12 Nov/1600-1800/ rm 502 Holiday Inn, Tysons Corner: ..."2. SLALOM-1: P had not yet received latest cable on S-1; I told him FBI wants to contact S-1, and we agreed to advise S-1 that SA O'Brien from Newark office would contact S-1 at home on 20 Nov. P will write a letter to S-1 airmail special delivery on 14 Nov. Also gave P instructions to query S-1 whether he or wife knew Panamanian dip Miguel Antonio Hernal (possibly Bernal) Villalaez when they were in Paris; If S-1 knew him, or of him, P will go to NY and debrief him in depth..."

Gavin McDonald

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