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Cryptonym: SIPOSY-1

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Unknown identity. Close friend of Conchita Fernandez.

104-10185-10265: 201 FILE OF PROTECTABLE SOURCE.

08/13/62: Cable from Paris to Director: "1. 10 Aug according to AMPAPIST/1: A. IDEN A who private sec to Fidel Castro arrived PARI on or about 8 Aug returning from Helsinki. IDEN A departed 11 Aug for Madrid by air on way back PBRUMEN (Cuba). IDEN A close friend SIPOSY/1. B. Unidentified Cuban arrived PARI 8 Aug on way back LOND on 'important mission for Raul Castro.' This man went Peking last year on similar mission. Mission possibly connected with purchase weapons and spare parts for sea furies. 2. AMPAPIST/1 illicited above info from IDEN B on 12 Aug." - - - Page 129: 08/13/62: Cable from Paris to Director: "IDEN A: Conchita Fernandez, married to Alfredo Alberu. IDEN B: Flora Diaz Parrado minister Cuban Emb. PARI."

104-10185-10264: 201 FILE OF PROTECTABLE SOURCE.

02/09/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT GYROSE LITAMIL AMLEO YOBITE: "1. WAVE station has strong interest using LITAMIL-9 in AMLEO op as possible link and/or courier into brother Alfredo and his wife 'Conchita' Fernandez. In discussing candidates for defection in place, AMLEO-3 named LITAMIL-9 as number one target who considered especially valuable as legal traveller agent to go Cuba on leave and recruit brother Alfredo and through him his wife 'Conchita' Fernandez over whom Alfredo has strong influence. 2. In AMLEO-3 opinion 'Conchita' Fernandez key individual who has access not only to important information, but to key individuals in GOC who anti-Communist, pro-Fidel. But who now wavering in their faith to Fidel, as AMLEO-3 did, and good possibility they susceptible to well prepared, backstopped recruitment approach by well trusted member their 'loose fraternity...4...AMLEO-3 also points out that L-9 would be perfect courier into 'Conchita' and that L-9 also used Cubana employees constantly to send all types contraband into 'Conchita' and GOC customs bypassed since 'Conchita' has member her office staff meet planes retrieve her packages and bring then directly to her. AMLEO-3 obtained auto parts other items utilizing this private channel of 'Conchita's.' Channel could possible be adapted to handle clandestine communications, SW, etc. 5. WAVE hopeful wife AMLEO-3 will legally exit from Cuba within next two weeks either via PAA to Miami or by Cubana to MEXI. Wife AMLEO-3 has informed husband via letters, phone calls, that 'Conchita' and Alfredo giving her full assistance in departure effort and we hopeful wife AMLEO-3 will bring message from 'Conchita' re her present attitude and personal desires for future. AMLEO-3 firmly believes 'Conchita' who close friend of family but also able 'politician' may be buying insurance for future by helping his wife, children exit Cuba..."

104-10185-10266: 201 FILE OF PROTECTABLE SOURCE.

04/23/63: Cable from Mexico to Director (Info: WAVE): "1...L-9 reported that after Conchita Fernandez unsuccessful persuade Raul Roa return L-9 to MEXI post she went see Fidel Castro 13 Apr. Roa told Fernandez that he had no control over reassignment L-9 that he now under jurisdiction Ramiro del Rio of the Consejo Cultural RPT Consejo Cultural (CC)...Nuances Conchita Fernandez who implied he should watch his step if he returned MEXI etc. on other hand L-9 now believes recall result Communist maneuver directed by Edith Garcia Buchaca, who heads CC, and from whom del Rio gets orders. Conchita Fernandez told L-9 she opinion his case similar that Flora Diaz Parrado, who former Cuban cultural attache Paris. According Fernandez, Harold Gramatges, Cuban Amb Paris, engineered transfer Diaz to UNESCO Paris because her non-Communist views not to his liking. Fernandez added that Castro plans send Diaz back to Dip post in Paris against wishes Gramatges..."

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