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Cryptonym: SGRANGER

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SGRANGER was probably the cryptonym for Latin America.
A memo in April of 1953 from the Chief, Western Hemisphere Division, stated that a cable went out to several SGRANGER nations. The memo added that the Guatemalan Congress was the only SGRANGER nation to observe a minute of silent tribute when Stalin was buried. A memo in May, 1953, included several references to "throughout SGRANGER", suggesting the cryptonym represented a region. There was also a reference to "other countries in SGRANGER." Similar references to SGRANGER appeared in other documents. A cable on 30 April, 1954, mentioned that Withheld identity (Charles Siemon) did CIC work for the U.S. Army in Latin America. A cable on 2 May, 1954, stated that IDEN/Siemon did "ODOPAL (U.S. Army Counterintelligence Corps) work in SGRANGER during war."


04/22/53: WHD Field Memorandum No. 50-53: Memorandum for all Latin American Field Stations: From Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: KUGOWN Activities re Guatemalan Communists: "1. A cable has been sent out to several SGRANGER stations. The contents were as follows: '1. Until otherwise ordered, the following situation is to be given the highest priority in reference to KUGOWN (Psychological and Paramilitary Staff) action. '2. The Guatemalan government withdrew from ODECA due to fear of a proposed anti-Communist resolution. It then presented spurious claims of foreign intervention to the United Nations, hoping for international communist support, rather than submitting claims to the Organization of American States, which would be the normal international instrument for handling claims of this nature. All stations will stress the fact that the Guatemalan case is too weak for unbiased investigation by the other Latin American states...3...B. The Guatemalan Congress observed a minute of silent tribute when Stalin was buried. Guatemala was the only SGRANGER nation to do so..."


05/15/53: Memorandum for the record from Withheld, WH/IV/PW: Subject: Operation FIBER: "1. The PW function in regard to FIBER should be divided into the three following phases: A. Preceeding the possible stoppage of FIBER shipments, propaganda throughout SGRANGER should spread the story that the WSBURNT (Guatemala) government has bungled nearly everything they have tried to do - living standards within WSBURNT have been consistently on the down-grade - many FIBER works have been abandoned due to mismanagement and governmental red tape and the majority of WSBURNT citizens are living in abject poverty. B. When FIBER shipments are stopped, propaganda should be sent all SGRANGER nations calling attention to this supreme bungle on the part of BGGYPSY (the nation of Russia and Russian connected operations) advisers to the WSBURNT government...2. However, until the 'kinks' have been ironed out of the FIBER Operation, action should be limited to phase 1 A. The following steps should be taken...B. Send a guest lecturer throughout SGRANGER with slides to illustrate points; and C. Send two or three rolls of black and white pix to the LIONIZER (Note: Committee for the Liberation of Guatemala, a Guatemalan refugee group in Mexico) group for publication in their 'boletin' and distribution throughout SGRANGER. D. Send remaining black and white pix to other countries in SGRANGER with appropriate captions for publication in the local press. E. Articles stressing themes in 1 A, prepared by the WSBURNT Station for local color, will be sent to the LIONIZER groups and other mechanisms throughout SGRANGER..."


08/20/53: Memorandum from Withheld, WH/IV/PW to Col. J. C. King, CWHD: Subject: WSBURNT Campaign: ..."3. (continued re actions taken by WH/PW)...C. Another dispatch was sent to WSBURNT (Guatemala) which requested Hediger to take pictures within WSBURNT of scenes which could be sent through SGRANGER as evidence of the aforementioned abject poverty...D. It was suggested by WH/PW that lecturers could be selected to travel about SGRANGER, using slides procured by Hediger to graphically illustrate the conditions within WSBURNT...4...D. Mr. (REDACTION) suggested, after conversations with State officials that a lawyer lecturer be sent to southern SGRANGER countries. Branch III is proceeding with an attempt to procure one or two lecturers. E. Mr. (REDACTION) TSS, has assured WH/PW that any exposed Kodachrome film received from any of our field stations can be processed securely. He also stated that he has slides from SGRANGER and mentioned 200 that he had taken in WSBURNT...5...This should pave the way psychologically for any indigenous movement within WSBURNT, in other countries in SGRANGER."


10/13/53: WH Field Memorandum No. 138-53: Memorandum for all Field Stations: Subject: Communism in Guatemala: ..."2. It is anticipated that propaganda re the Subject will be needed through out SGRANGER for some months to come, hence Stations should attempt to make arrangements for prolonged placement of Subject KUGOWN (Psychological and Paramilitary Staff) materials and for taking KUGOWN actions re the Subject...Oliver G. Galbond (J. C. King)."


04/12/54: Cable from Guatemala to Director: Slugline PBSUCCESS RYBAT: "1. Recommend widest possibly dissemination past oral letter throughout SGRANGER as confirmation commie danger from independent, reliable public figure within WSBURNT (Guatemala). Would dispel belief some quarters that Communism is exaggerated by ODYOKE (U.S. Government). 2. Copy Spanish text published La Hora 9 April forwarded by pouch. 3. JMBLUG (John S. Peurifoy) plugging for widest possible USIA (United States Information Agency) dissem in SGRANGER. 4. In view para 3 some coordination may be required."


04/14/54: Cable from Director to Sr. Rep. LINCOLN: Slugline RYBAT PBSUCCESS: "Following op outlined for your consideration: 1. That (REDACTION) (IDEN 1) write to (REDACTION) (IDEN 2) extending fraternal greetings and inquiring as to consideration within their mutual field of interest. This logical in view: A. Recent open letter of (REDACTION) chief to president WSBURNT (Guatemala); B. Recent interest of (REDACTION) in SGRANGER i.e. wet-back talks. 2. In addition (REDACTION) will state support of objectives (REDACTION) but deplore the affiliation of (REDACTION) organization to WFTU. 3. Believe this will solicit (REDACTION) views and indicate to him that an alternate source of support besides Communists exists. 4. This way long dispute (REDACTION) sympathies may be solved."

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala: Current Section: 134. 4/28/54-Telegram From Operation PBSUCCESS Headquarters in Florida to the Central Intelligence Agency

04/28/54: Telegram from Operation PBSUCCESS Headquarters in Florida: "2179. Re: HGGA 936. (2) 1. Increasing Catholic activities in WSBURNT (Guatemala), noted in ref, make supporting action by Catholic Church dignitaries, lay groups, publications elsewhere in SGRANGER highly desirable for effect in WSBURNT and internationally. 2. Suggest that [2 codewords not declassified] committee in (REDACTION) and contacts in [3 places not declassified] and anywhere else in SGRANGER might be contacted through stations concerned on via PBPRIME (U.S.) Catholic channels. 3. Action might be tied to pastoral letter already publicized and could aim at: A. Warning against spread atheistic communism B. Prayer, assistance for endangered faithful in WSBURNT, defense of their Catholic schools, youth activities, other church assets C. Faithful to avoid spiritual contamination from Commie-controlled WSBURNT government agencies, fronts, propaganda media. 4. LINC answering ref by dispatch. 5. Advise."


04/30/54: Memorandum for record from Withheld: Subject: (REDACTION) opinion of Guatemala situation: ..."4. (REDACTION) has the strong impression that: (REDACTION) likes and admires Arbenz, and would do nothing he did not feel was consistent with Arbenz's own real best interests...7. (REDACTION) close to Arbenz. Eog., he went on a (REDACTION) yacht cruise with him in February. 8. (REDACTION) assumes he is 'watched' in Guatemala, whether literally or figuratively. He is careful to keep his own counsel...11. (REDACTION) biography. Born (REDACTION). Father is respected (REDACTION). All American-born citizens. Not of Latin American extraction. Graduated from (REDACTION). Law degree from (REDACTION) law school, 1939. Practised law in (REDACTION) with reputation for integrity, until he entered Army. CIC work for Army in Latin America. Met (REDACTION) in Guatemala in 1943. Married her about 1945. Two children..."


05/02/54: Cable to Director to Sr. Rep. LINCOLN: Slugline RYBAT/PBSUCCESS: "1. KUJUMP (the Domestic Contact Division) rep here reports IDEN A of Ref C (REDACTION) born PBPRIME (U.S.) citizen (REDACTION) City, son respected banker well known by KUJUMP rep. Graduated Univ (REDACTION) law degree practised (REDACTION) City reputation integrity. ODOPAL (U.S. Army Counterintelligence Corps) work in SGRANGER during war. Married (REDACTION) real financial stake in WSBURNT (Guatemala). Loves life there, eager remain, circumspect. Loyal citizen. Level-headed. Practical. Always careful keep out WSBURNT politics. Nothing derogatory known. KUJUMP debriefed him thoroughly Sept 52. 2. IDEN likes respects loyal to Arbenz. KUJUMP ref believes however he would welcome any proposition making for both elimination Communists reservation Arbenz administration, and would act circumspectly..." - - - This cable and the one above refers to Charles Siemon, brother-in-law of President Arbenz. See: https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/docs/DOC_0000916685.pdf

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala: Current Section: 264. 6/30/54-Telegram From the Central Intelligence Agency to the CIA Station in Guatemala

06/30/54: Telegram to Guatemala Station: "07147. Re: DIR 07144. (2) 1. For a number of obvious reasons we must not lose opportunity collect for later study and exploitation the mass of documentation which undoubtedly exists in Guatemala attesting to activities and workings international communism there. 2. Communist Party hqs, private offices Communist leaders, labor and other Communist-controlled organizations, FonOff, Caracas Conference Staff, G–2, G–4 are some of the places and sources which will yield such info but only if made clear this absolute and immediate necessity and that 'protection' will not be tolerated. 3. Need for this should be transmitted (REDACTION) Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas) and effected (REDACTION) immediately. (REDACTION) work with Cruz or whoever can give you authority and support. Not a minute should be lost. Suggest you assess desirability use of CLOWER (Joseph G. Sancho) who although remaining in background would control indigenous team armed with appropriate authority of requisition. When above operational hqs prepared assign TDY Embassy KUBARK (CIA) SGRANGER CP expert with small clerical staff respectively to give guidance and collate material for processing hqs. 4. Determined move this direction will yield additional advantage placing us in position affect (REDACTION) and (REDACTION)."

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