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Cryptonym: RXZIM

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Contested cryptonym for Lee Harvey Oswald. Cited by CIA officer James Wilcott. Not corroborated.

HSCA Interview of James B Wilcott, 22 March 1978

The alleged cryptonym for Lee Harvey Oswald was RXZIM, or something like it, said James Wilcott who was stationed in Japan. No known corroborating source for Wilcott's claim.

James Norwood, "Lee Harvey Oswald: The Legend and the Truth" http://harveyandlee.net/J_Norwood/Legend.html

9/16/78 HSCA memo, "Approximately April-June 1963, Cryptonym for Oswald Project approx. RX-ZIM. Standard two documents followed by 2, 3, 6 letter pronounceable word. Two case officer money dispersal methods. USSR SR Branch - believed responsible for Oswald Project. Korea - Korea Branch...Oswald Project summary: submit project outline to Chief of Japan Branch, submit outline to desk of Japan branch MDGT, Project returned to Japan Station. Nothing sent by mail. Use diplomatic courier. Allotment determined."

Bill Simpich

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