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Cryptonym: ROCKET

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Operation ROCKET involved the infiltration of Ramon Morejon and Rogelio Roig in July of 1961.


08/18/61: Dispatch from Chief of Base, JMWAVE to Chief, WHD: Subject: JMZIP/PM - Transmittal of Report from Ramon Morejon and Rogelio Roig: "Transmitted herewith are the original in Spanish and three copies of the English translation of the first report received by Base WAVE from Ramon Morejon and Rogelio Roig, the two men infiltrated in Operation ROCKET of 7 July 1961, as described in the above reference. The report gives a breakdown of the MRR organization in Matanzas Province and lists the present leaders. It was received by WAVE on 27 July 1961." - - - Pages 5-6: ..."Cadre of present Provincial leaders: Matanzas: Lt. Francisco LaCalle (staff member of Limpia Academy) and Dr. Angel Oliva (veterinarian). Cardenas: Dr. Gaston Jenkis (present in prison), Dr. Felio Zallas, substituted at present. Jovellanos: Jose Ramon Garcia and Juan Naranjo (banker). Pedro Betancourt: The brothers Diaz (Tetan Diaz) and Lt. Piche who used to belong to the MRR and who at the present time leads a rebel unit (alzado) with 4 men in the vicinity of Pedro Betancourt. Lt. Piche has equipment for 70 men, he obtained this equipment from the MRR through Jorge Fundora (Patricio). PERICO: Alejandro Rojas and the brothers Migue. NOTE: Alejandro Rojas and the brothers Diaz are the leaders for the Province at the present time. Military Coordinator: Lt. Francisco Lacalle, address Navas 27 in Matz. Professional People: Dr. Gaston Jenkis, address corner Calzada in Cardenas. Treasurer: Dr. Luis Reynaldos (Bufete Reynaldos in Cardenas). Labor Affairs: Fernando Fernandez (Tecnica Cubana in Cardenas). Transportation Matters, trips to Miami, etc. Marcial Aguila. (Barrio de Pescadores in Varadero - Fishermen's Section). In the Province of Pinar del Rio we have the following men working for us: 'Two physicians at the San Julian Base. Contact with them is Jose Antonio Martinez Milanes..."

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