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Cryptonym: RNEYEDROP

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Unknown identity. A cable in July of 1964 stated that Headquarters had, through new subject, RNEYEDROP, "very enthusiastic plans for election coverage," and requested Paris advise of RNEYEDROP's date of arrival in Chile and length of stay.
The cable requested that Winterrowd propose themes to RNEYEDROP. In addition, a cable in May, 1966, stated that RNEYEDROP had accepted reports that LIREAM (Dialogos, a left wing intellectual publication funded by the CIA in the 1960s), supported by U.S. State Department funds, believed the assignment of Tichborn (Henry Preston Lopez) to RNMESIAL was inappropriate at this time. The slugs DTDORIC and QKOPERA were used in the two cables.

DTDORIC was the indicator for covert action to be used in book distribution programs directed at intellectuals in communist and socialist countries.

QKOPERA was the cryptonym for the Congress of Cultural Freedom, sponsoring Western intellectuals, artists, and musicians - some knew about their CIA benefactors, while others did not.

The cable in July, 1964, was to Paris and LCPIPIT. LCPIPIT was probably the cryptonym for the program utilizing journalists as informants or sources, based in Paris. The pipit is a songbird that blends in easily with its environment.


07/15/64: Cable from Director to Paris, LCPIPIT (Orig: B. Beresford, CA/B3): Slugline DTDORIC QKOPERA: REF: OFLA-984 (CR-101): "1. Re Hamilton trip HQs strongly advises against any contact Ray. 2. New subject (handwritten: RNEYEDROP) HQs very enthusiastic plans for election coverage, please advise date of arrival Chile and length of stay. Could Winterrowd propose selected themes to RNEYEDROP?" Handwritten note: "Newspaper man has cancelled attempt to see Kay in Cuba - if the client gets there (?). AMBANG/1." Releasing Officer: Robert L. Fallow, C/CA/B3. Coordinating Officers: WH/C/CH (Unintelligible in draft). WH/SA (Unintelligible in draft). Authenticating Officer: Robert L. Fallow, C/CA/B3.

104-10218-10009: [RESTRICTED]

05/26/66: Cable from LCPIPIT to Director: Slugline RYBAT DTDORIC QKOPERA: REF: DIRECTOR 07099: "1. Appreciate suggestion per ref para 2, however in view fact that RNEYEDROP has accepted reports that LIREAM (Dialogos, a left wing intellectual publication funded by the CIA in the 1960s) supported by ODACID (U.S. State Department) funds, consideration of assignment Tichborn (Henry Preston Lopez) to RNMESIAL inappropriate at this time. 2. No index."

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