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Cryptonym: REDLEG

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The declassified CIA Files on Nazi and Japanese Imperial Government war crimes stated that REDLEG was a cryptonym for CIA Soviet Division.
REDCOAT, REDBLOCK and REDTOP were also cryptonyms for CIA Soviet Division.


CIA document: Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts: Page 49: ..."Term: REDLEG. Definition: CIA Soviet Division..."


10/16/69: Cable (Orig: Charles V. Belt, Unit: WH/1 3EO4): Slugline REDLEG AEDIEHARD AEKICK: "1. Subject of ref assigned 201-853538. (REDACTION). 2. Ref B advised no record subject. Retraces under name variation in PRQ negative. Covert name checks with national agencies pending. 3. Station is requested to continue processing case under CSI-F-10-5, para 19. Primary emphasis should be on subject's relationship with AEDIEHARD (201-285412) who has been cultivating subject since February 69. Subject evidently attractive to AEKICK (KGB) on basis wide range of contacts among prominent Mexicans. File: 201-853538: 201-285412."


06/25/70: Cable from Mexico City to Director (Prallett Acting): Slugline REDLEG: "1. At 0934 hours morning 24 June, man identifying self as Elmer N. Lindsey called Soviet MILATT Office (which is first number listed under Soviet Embassy in phone book) and spoke in English to Oleg A. Shevchenko. Lindsey stated he wanted to see someone in Soviet Embassy as soon as possible as he was very worried about his Russian wife. Shevchenko asked Lindsey if he wanted to come to Soviet Embassy and Lindsey said yes, adding that he was very worried and requested protection. Shevchenko said he could come to Soviet Embassy any day 0900-1300 hours, and suggested caller come in to explain his problem. Lindsey said he would go. (Foregoing from LIENVOY resumen. Station requesting tape). 2. LILYRIC reported visit of unidentified American-looking man to Soviet Embassy afternoon 24 June, possibly IDEN with subject. Man entered SOV EMB 1650 hours. Age circa 40 years, short hair, fat, big build, wearing dark glasses, was carrying something which appeared to be typewriter or tape recorder. Had not departed SOV EMB as of 1900 hrs. Same man visited SOV EMB 1000 hrs morning 25 June. Was not admitted past gate. Used taxi for both visits. Checking with LICALLA to see if caller seen by him afternoon 24 June. Will advise and will pouch photos. 3. No Station traces Lindsey. 4. Local LNERGO (FBI) advised para 1 above, also have no traces Lindsey. 5. File: 50-8-21."


06/30/71: Dispatch from Withheld to Chief, European Division (Info: Chief, SR Division): Subject: GROOVY REDLEG AESLITHER Austrian Newspaper Article on Victor Louis: "1. Transmitted herewith is an article on Victor Louis which appeared on the 30 June 1971 issue of Die Presse. We would like to take credit for it, but it actually appeared spontaneously (at least so far as the Station is concerned), the wake of the recent reports of Louis's travel to Israel. 2. Louis will presumably continue to be eminently newsworthy, and we would like to remind Headquarters that we hold information on his frequent visits to Vienna in the past two years. Part of this information was obtained from (REDACTION) and part of it from GRENGULF (Austrian State Police), as a result of a lead provided (REDACTION). If Headquarters is interested and will authorize release of this information, we are sure that we can get good play on a story keyed to the local angle, working through GRCAMARA (Otto Schulmeister). (REDACTION)." - - - For crypts GRENGULF and GRCAMARA see page 30 of this document: https://www.archives.gov/files/iwg/declassified-records/rg-263-cia-records/second-release-lexicon.pdf


06/09/72: Cable from Mexico City to Director (Orig: Withheld, WH/1): Slugline RYBAT REDLEG KDFACTOR LNERGO: REF: HMMA-41998: "1. Tell LNERGO (FBI) that BKTRUST (CIA) HQs well acquainted with Fensterwald's attempts to get photographs from us. Refer all future queries to BKTRUST HQs. Answer all questions locally. Necessary coordinations to be done here. 2. File: 50-2-4. WH Comment: Local LNERGO passed on request from Bernard Fensterwald for photos of 'unidentified white male' in connection with Oswald investigation. Station denied request and was shocked at later seeing photo in Exhibits of Hearings before President's Commission on Assassination of President Kennedy. Station expects lawyer will pursue his interest." Releasing Officer: Theodore G. Shackley, C/WHD. Coordinating Officers: CI/R&A - Mr. Dooley (by phone). AC/WH/FI - R. Mecha. Authenticating Officer: John C. Murray, C/WH/1.


06/05/74: Dispatch from Chief of Base, Withheld to Chief, European Division (Info: Chief, Soviet Bloc Division; COS, Withheld): Subject: REDLEG CASUSTAIN Status Report on CASUSTAIN/15: "I. SUMMARY: CASUSTAIN/15 (Inge Marie Gehrich), who was orginally contacted on the basis of a lead to her close friend, Iden 1 - supplied by Fletcher M. Knight (Richard Helms), has developed access to a local PCS Soviet (AENOG) and supplied useful assessment data on him. Her observation of AENOG's relationship to his students strongly suggests that AENOG is a RIS cooptee. Redirection will be necessary after AENOG departs Hamburg in June 1974. Plans are for reexamination of Iden 1's expressed willingness to cooperate and of CASUSTAIN/15's circle of press and émigré contacts..." - - - Page 4: "IDENTITY 1 - Gunter M. Syrup (REDACTION)..." - - - For CASUSTAIN (involved operations against the Soviet target in Northern Germany. Walther Block, Inge Marie Gehrich, Hans Waldemar Seebode associated with Project) and CASUSTAIN-15 crypts, see page 21 of this document: https://www.archives.gov/files/iwg/declassified-records/rg-263-cia-records/second-release-lexicon.pdf


10/15/74: Cable to Withheld (Info: Santiago): Slugline RYBAT MHSPAWN REDLEG: "1. Given perishability ref ideas, request your comment on feasibility of approaches to DEFLOWER and Amnesty International as outlined. Welcome any other suggestions on means limit further anti-BKHERALD (CIA) propaganda in relation to Chile and anti-junta propaganda connected with treatment of political prisoners. 2. File defer." - - - REDLEG was a cryptonym for the CIA Soviet Division.

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