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Cryptonym: QUSPOT-2

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Jorge Carlos Robreno Marieguez (AMLASH-2). A cable in October of 1964, mentioning QUSPOT-2, had the name Jorge Carlos Marieguez handwritten at the bottom, with AMLASH-1's 201 number, and also what appears to be the mistaken 201 number of AMLASH-2.
AMLASH-2's 201 number was 201-751639, while the number at the bottom of the cable mentioned above was 201-756139 (with the digits 6 and 1 being in the wrong place in the handwritten note). Therefore, Jorge Carlos Marieguez was probably QUSPOT-2, as well as being AMLASH-2. AMLASH-2's true 201 number can be found here: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=47934&relPageId=2&search=201-751639


10/06/64: Cable from Madrid to Director: Slugline TYPIC MHAPRON ZRWAGON AMLASH: REF MADR 1526 (IN 87533)* "1. QUSPOT-2 reported accidental contact in Santurce bar with two G-2 agents traveling as passengers aboard Cienfuegos, who undoubtedly identical subjects para 5 ref. Listed on manifest as Alberto Leonidas Orias Serra, age 36; and Ramon Rodriguez Perez (who probably 'Mongo familia'), age 33: 2. QUSPOT-2 described Orias as white, black hair with grey streaks, short, mustached; Rodriguez as white, 5 ft 8 inches, mustached, dark brown hair. Said they seemed have plenty money and were assigned his ship by recommendation Major Augusto Martinez Sanchez and Faure Chomon, believed be on special mission and (unintelligible) investigating all activities on board. 3. (Unintelligible). *Ref RYBAT." Handwritten note at bottom right hand corner: "Jorge Carlos Marieguez, 201-252234 (Note: AMLASH-1 201 number), 201-756139 (Note: AMLASH-2 201 number was 201-751639, therefore, there was probably a mistake in this cable)."


07/18/66: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to COS, Madrid: Subject: KEYWAY/PBRUMEN/MHVIPER/AMSCROLL Article for Republications: "1. A result of QUSPOT-2's recent holiday in the JMWAVE area has been to establish a correspondence between him and AMFRAME-1 (Note: Rafael Rivas Vasquez), the signer of the Suplemento Especial of the AMSCROLL Economic Bureau, a copy of which is forwarded by separate cover. QUSPOT-2 has indicated that he could use AMSCROLL economic studies and that he could arrange for publication of at least some of these in Identity A. He suggested that the original of such publications be sent to Identity B with a copy to him. This was done in the case of a recent economic report which was shortly thereafter published in Identity A. QUSPOT-2 airmailed this story to AMFRAME-1 which arrived at about the same time as the copy the Madrid Station airmailed to the JMWAVE overt address. 2. We wish that the article being forwarded by separate cover also be surfaced in Identity A. The original has been airmailed to Identity B with a copy to QUSPOT-2 per QUSPOT-2's suggestion. JMWAVE feels that this is a useful mechanism and unless advised to the contrary we propose to forward additional AMSCROLL studies to Identity B for publication in Identity A. Should Madrid prefer we, of course, can in the future forward such articles directly to the Station for placement instead of airmailing them to Identity B. 3. Studies similar to the one being forwarded are regularly prepared in English on a number of economic subjects. They are distributed to shipping forms, certain banks engaged in international commerce, international trade organizations, international commodity houses, etc. They are translated into Spanish solely for use in Identity A; thus, in this sense, these reports are an 'exclusive.'" - - - Page 190: "A. '3-E' (REDACTION) Y Exterior. B. Jose Ramon Aparicio Nunez, Director '3-E' (REDACTION)."


08/10/66: Dispatch from COS, Madrid to COS, JMWAVE: Subject: KEYWAY/PBRUMEN/MHVIPER - AMSCROLL Articles for Republications: "1. Madrid Station appreciates the excellent support which JMWAVE Station has provided in referenced operation. It may be of interest that the publication of the articles cited in reference cost approximately $200.00. 2. Through QUSPOT-2 Madrid Station made contact with Identity in an effort to establish an outlet for the publication of economic reports concerning Spain and PBRUMEN (Cuba). It was agreed with the directors of Identity that the articles would be paid for at the same rate as paid advertisements; however they would appear as exclusive reports of Identity and bear no resemblance to a paid advertisement. Because of various legal ramifications, Identity agreed to publish only those articles which were signed. 3. QUSPOT-2's approach to Identity was made ostensibly under the auspices of a PBRUMEN exile group with whom he said he was affiliated, the headquarters of which are ostensibly in the JMWAVE area. It was agreed that the JMWAVE exile group would furnish the material directly to Identity, with a copy to QUSPOT-2, who, after receipt of the article, would then approach the directors of Identity to ascertain the price of the article and push for its publication. In this regard Madrid would appreciate continuing with this practice for the mailing of articles intended for publication (with a copy pouched to Madrid) as was established...5. In the last several issues Identity has published various articles of a favorable nature towards the PBRUMEN economy. Station has reason to believe the primary purpose of the favorable articles is that the director of Identity is attempting to ingratiate himself with the PBRUMEN Government so that he will be well received by PBRUMEN officials if the (REDACTION) Government nominates him as the (REDACTION) commercial representative to PBRUMEN. Leslie H. Hendrique."


08/10/66: Dispatch from COS, Madrid to COS, JMWAVE: Subject: KEYWAY/PBRUMEN/MHVIPER - AMSCROLL Articles for Republications: Page 184: "Under Separate Cover to OSMA-21648, 10 Aug 66: Identity - '3E, (REDACTION) y Exterior.'"


12/23/66: Memorandum from PW/Marchbank to Chief of Station: Subject: TYPIC/OPERATIONAL/AMKNOT - Progress Report 1 October - 31 December 1966: "A. Operational Highlights: 1. The AMKNOT organization continued during the quarter under review with its program of assisting Cuban merchant mariners who have defected from their service...3. The activities of the AMKNOT organization continue to receive publicity. The Station has four clips from different papers including one from El Universal of Caracas. AMKNOT issued one press release during this quarter which was an 'eyewitness' account of the attempt of four Cuban sailors to obtain political asylum in the Canary Islands. In fact, this was a letter mailed to AMKNOT by QUSPOT-2 and signed in pseudonym. The story was picked up by Diario Las American in its 15 December issue."

Gavin McDonald

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