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Cryptonym: QUANTUM-55

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QUANTUM-55 was probably Father Amando Llorente. QUANTUM-55 was an acquaintance of Blanca Martinez de Hoya, AMSPELL National Coordinator for Civil Resistance. Martinez in turn was a personal friend of AMCOG-3, Ramon Grau San Martin.
A meeting between QUANTUM-55 and Martinez inadvertently led to the arrest of AMFRET-7 and his brother, after the latter had a shoot out with Cuban G-2. In addition, a cable in October 1963 stated in February 1963 that a CIA agent gave a letter to QUANTUM-55, who was a friend of his. QUANTUM-55 was to then send it to Jorge Antonio Abasolo Garcia, who became LICRAFT-1 later that year.

In terms of Father Amando Llorente probably being QUANTUM-55, a cable in February, 1960, stated that Llorente was one of those who were arrested in Havana over the Accion Catolica Universitaria (ACU)'s anti-Mikoyan demonstrations. Jose Ignacio Rasco and Juan Muller were among those also arrested. A cable the next day described Llorente as a "Catholic priest adviser to ACU."

A FBI report from Miami on April 5, 1963, stated that "on the morning of March 14, 1963, Luis Fernandez Rocha (AMHINT-53) of the DRE, together with...General Fatjo Miyares, met with Father Amado Llorente and this was a customary occurrence when a DRE boat operation was pending." Another FBI report from Miami on April 13, 1963, mentioned that Llorente said that he was forced to leave Cuba in April, 1961. Llorente also advised that he was frequently contacted by the members of the ACU, which included many people in the DRE. A FBI report in September of 1964 stated that Father Llorente was a Spanish citizen, and had had a conversation in Miami with Jaime Caldevilla, of the Spanish Embassy in Havana. Caldevilla's visit to Miami was apparently not widely known about.

A MRR document in September 1965 from Manuel Artime to a Carl James (possibly Carl Jenkins), in Spanish, stated that $2,000 was delivered to Father Llorente to send through the Spanish embassy to relatives of prisoners or those who had been executed.


02/10/60: Cable from Mexico City to Director: RE: HAVA 3381 (IN 38326)* "Artime reported 8 Feb as FOLL: A. Accion Catolica Universitaria (ACU) one of principle groups involved 5 Feb anti-Mikoyan demonstrations HAVA. Artime has letter code contact with ACU and he instructed ACU approx 3 Feb participate in demonstrations against Mikoyan. ACU members, Jose Ignacio Rasco, Padre Amando Llorente, Juan Muller and four others, participated this action and now arrested. B. Cuban exiles Miami and MEXI now circulating order to exfiltrate approx 300 revolutionaries Cuba for relocation GUAT or Costa Rica, probably GUAT, for Cuban rev training. Cuban rev exile leaders feel Cuban internal situation now advantageous for increased anti-Castro activity. C. Ricardo de la Lorie (unintelligible) arrived MEXI 8 Feb to contact Cuban exiles MEXI. Juan Pablo de Lojendio, ex-Spanish ambassador Cuba, being approached in Spain to procure arms for Cuban rev activity. C/S Comment: *Report demonstrations in Habana over Mikoyan placing wreath, containing SOV hammer and sickle, on Jose Martin statue." - - - This cable on 02/11/60, also mentioned Llorente, as a "Catholic priest adviser to ACU." https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=20912#relPageId=2&search=


03/17/61: CIA document: Handwritten note at top: "Accusations from QDDALE (note: William D. Pawley) 17 Mar 1961": "Urgent: The names of the two men from the Air Force Camps that have been talking with the Military are: 1) Epmo Garcia. 2) Leslie Nobregas. And the four Military are: 1) Van Horne. 2) Keill. 3) Floyd. 4) Stevens (note: Is this a reference to Robert Clark Stevens, captain of the Tejana?). They claimed that they signed a statement giving a full account of everything that is happening in the camps. It has been reported that Angel Fernandez Varela, Sub-Director of the newspaper Informacion in Habana and a prominent member of the Agrupacion Catolica Universitaria, that travels back and forth to Cuba has had 7 (seven) interviews with Fidel Castro in the past 3 months (three). The last interview lasted from 2 1/2 to 3 hours and it was held at the Restaurant Potin in Passo and Linea - Vedado - Habana. Fernandez Varela works in the underground in close association with Jose Ignacio Rasco and Manuel Artime also from the Agrupacion Catolica Universitaria. It has been brought to our attention that to this date Fidel has never mentioned Father Llorente, who is the Jesuit head of the Agrupacion Catolica Universitaria that visited Fidel in Sierra Maestra in December 1958 and who sent the Boys of Agrupacion Catolica Universitaria to join the rebel forces in late December 1958, headed by Artime."


12/18/62: CIA document: From Wendell to Evvy (probably Evalena Vidal): Subject: Merry Christmas: "Everything worked out alright for reception of boys from Ft. Knox. Priest Llorente will give benediction. Captain Ordoz was given instructions to put himself at order of Dr. friend. Dr. has talked to Captain Ordoz & has instructed him that no one else would speak. Tacom (assistant of mayor) will say a few words of welcome will be held outside parking area of stadium on N.W. 10th Ave & 23rd Street. Miro instructed Captain not to get Dr. Huertas."


01/23/63: CIA document: Report of Investigation made by: Fred H. Hall, Washington Field Office. Approved by: Special Agent in Charge, George P. Loker, Jr.: "GENERAL: At Miami, Florida: The records of the District Office, Immigration and Naturalization Service, 3915 Biscayne Boulevard, which were checked on 18 January 1963, were found to contain file #A-12 878 202 pertaining to one Martin Morua (Arrechea), who arrived in the United States at Miami, Florida on 24 December 1961 on KLM Airlines flight #975. This person was said to have been born on 27 November 1939 at Havana, Cuba; to be a Cuban national; to have Cuban passport #32983 valid until 7 June 1966; to have previously resided at Calle 12 #155, Havana, Cuba; to expect to reside at 949 Belden Avenue, Chicago, Illinois...and to be acquainted with the following persons...2) R. P. Amando Llorente, 1917 S. W. 3rd Street, Miami, Florida..." - - - Martin Morua Arrechea was AMBARB-70: https://www.maryferrell.org/php/cryptdb.php?id=AMBARB-70


02/04/63: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: Page 2: "4. Reference C is a chronological summary of AMHINT-33's activities subsequent to his infiltration in Cuba, and his contacts with Chelin, the brother of AMFRET-7. AMFRET-7's arrest was reported in Reference B. The AMFRET-7 Case Officer states that both AMFRET-7 and his brother were arrested, after shooting it out with G-2 and being wounded. As noted in Reference D, AMFRET-7's arrest was made after QUANTUM-55 and Blanca Martinez de Hoya, aka 'Cuca,' aka 'Cuchi', brought Medina, AMSPELL's (DRE) National Military Coordinator for Reception and Supply, to Iden A where Medina recognized AMHINT-33. AMHINT-33 said Medina was an old friend of his and had lived near him..." - - - Page 3: ..."d. 'Cuca' or 'Cuchi' Martinez, who has held the position of AMSPELL National Coordinator for Civil Resistance, is a personal friend of AMCOG-3 (Ramon Grau San Martin) and family. She is believed to have taken asylum in the Mexican Embassy. SW Message 12 from AMCOG-3, dated 8 December 1962 and received 12 December, reported that QUANTUM-51 advised 'Cuca' to hide or be cautious because Medina had turned out to be a G-2 member. The message said that this was learned from AMSPELL prisoners and that, during interrogation, they were asked many questions about 'Cuca' and AMCOG-2 (Maria Leopoldina Grau Alsina de Ag├╝ero)..."

124-10281-10085: No Title

04/05/63: FBI report from Miami: Titled: Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (Students Revolutionary Directorate) (DRE): Internal Security - Cuba: Neutrality Matters: Page 2 ..."Also, on the morning of March 14, 1963, Luis Fernandez Rocha (AMHINT-53) of the DRE, together with another member of the organization known as General Fatjo Miyares, met with Father Amado Llorente and this was a customary occurrence when a DRE boat operation was pending..."

124-10281-10085: No Title

04/13/63: FBI report from Miami: Titled: Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (Students Revolutionary Directorate) (DRE): Internal Security - Cuba: Neutrality Matters: Pages 6-7: ..."On April 8, 1963 Reverend Amado Llorente, a Jesuit Priest with office at 536 S.W. 12th Avenue, Miami, Florida, stated he had been Director of the Agrupacion Catolica Universitaria (ACU) (Catholic University Club) at the University of Havana, prior to April, 1961, at which time it became necessary for him to leave Cuba because of the oppression which the Castro regime was taking against the clergy. Reverend Llorente stated he is not in any way associated with any particular Castro organization at Miami, but rather members of the various organizations, who at one time or anther were members of the ACU, have continued their association with the ACU in the United States. He stated that he is frequently contacted by the members, which include many individuals in the DRE, but that he does not know even the location of the DRE headquarters in Miami. Reverend Llorente added that he had no knowledge of any plans by the DRE to perform a military raid against Cuba in the past, and he is unaware of any such plans for the future. He stated there have been times in the past when he suspected that some action was to be undertaken, because of the tension which he perceived in members of the DRE...Reverend Llorente specifically advised that it was not a customary occurrence for members of the DRE to meet with him when they had a boat operation pending, at least he was never aware of the fact that such an action was being contemplated."


10/29/63: Cable from Director to Mexico City: "1. Subj ref was granted POA 7 May 1963, 201-356959. Requesting 6 months extension of POA. 2. FYI: POA was requested when HQs attempted recruitment of Subj through (REDACTION), CIA agent and close friend of Subj who now residing in U.S. Recruitment pitch was made in letter written to Subj by (REDACTION) at HQs direction. (REDACTION) gave letter to his friend QUANTUM-55 in February 1963 for ultimate (unintelligible) delivery to Subj in Cuba. We do not know at this time whether QUANTUM-55 even delivered the letter to Subj. In any event no reply from Subj has been delivered by (REDACTION) to date. (REDACTION) has assessed Subj as probably being in opposition to the regime in Cuba, and as probably willing to cooperate in a clandestine reporting operation. 3. In view fact MEXI has successfully established contact with Subj through AMSEVER-2, HQs defers to Mexico City Station for further operational development of Subj. 4. HQs traces on Subj indicate PDOB Havana, 24 Aug 1929; that he attended St. Bernard College, Alabama, 1946; that he attended Georgia Tech in 1948; and that on 2 Jan 1949 he was excluded from admission to USA at Miami because he did not have a valid visa. 5. Since Subj has access high level Cuban officials as well as SOVS and he apparently has agreed furnish info, request MEXI proceed to develop this op on priority basis. Please Cable developments. WH Comment: *Requested traces and POA for Jorge Antonio Abasolo Garcia, Cuban, Chief of a Division in Ministry of Industries."

124-10222-10162: No Title

09/21/64: FBI report from Miami: Titled: Secret Organization of Continental Action (OSAC): Internal Security - Cuba: Neutrality Matters: Pages 8-9: ..."VII. MISCELLANEOUS: On September 21, 1964, Father Amando Llorente, Jesuit priest, a citizen of Spain, was interviewed at the address of Agrupacion Catolica (a Catholic student organization), 536 Southwest 12th Avenue, Miami. He stated he possessed no information as to the identity of those responsible for the attack on the Spanish ship 'Sierra Aranzazu.' He said it was at first assumed that the MRR might have committed the attack because the press or radio, shortly after the attack on the ship, reported that Manuel Artime, MRR leader, would make an announcement. However, no announcement followed...He stated that on September 18, 1964, Jaime Caldevilla of the Spanish Embassy in Havana spent a day at Miami en route to New York and Washington, D.C. He asked Caldevilla if he knew who was responsible for the attack on the 'Sierra Aranzazu.' Caldevilla indicated this was not known...Father Llorente said Caldevilla's visit to Miami was not generally known and he does not believe Caldevilla conducted any inquiries at Miami concerning the attack. Caldevilla was accompanied by his wife and daughter who may go on to Spain from New York. Caldevilla indicated he would return to Cuba on September 24, 1964, probably by flight from New York to Mexico City. Father Llorente stated Caldevilla did not appear alarmed over the incident, but regarded the deaths of the crew members as lamentable. Father Llorente said the Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (DRE-Students' Revolutionary Directorate) is well represented in Agrupacion Catolica, but he has received no information that the DRE played any part in the attack on the Spanish ship. He said he feels the Cuban exiles may refrain from discussing the matter with him because he is Spanish and they feel he might be offended."

124-10281-10088: No Title

12/18/64: FBI report from Miami by James J. O'Connor: Titled: Directorio Revolucionario Estudiantil (Revolutionary Student Directorate - DRE): Page 5: ..."Also, according to MM T-3, some internal strife continues within the DRE organization. This condition apparently results from the fact that Juan Manuel Salvat (AMHINT-2), DRE leader at Miami, heads up a faction within the DRE which is closely aligned with the Cuban university student organization known as Agrupacion Catolica, and DRE members who are not active in Agrupacion Catolica are not favored by Salvat..."

104-10163-10176: ARTIME BUESA, MANUEL, (VOL XIV).

09/04/65: MRR document from Ignacio (Manuel Artime Buesa) to Mr. Carl J. James (possibly Carl Jenkins), P.O. Box 9549, Arlington 22209, Virginia: Page 2: (Spanish to English translation): "Clandestination: Delivered to Father Llorente to send through the Spanish embassy - $ 2,000.00. Delivered to the following subjects to make them effective in Cuba to relatives of prisoners or executed in their provinces: Inocencio Alonso - 275.00. Alfredo Borges Caignet - 250.00. Rolando Tapanes - 200.00..."

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