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Possibly Jaime Caldevilla, or Ricardo Alfonso Villalva aka Ricardo Oquendo. A member of the Spanish embassy in Havana throughout the sixties until he was ejected in 1966 for assisting US intelligence.
Enrique Diaz Fernandez was AMTURVY-4. QUANTUM-51 is described as his close friend. Ricardo Oquendo is 201-349959, see Reel 14, Folder M, p. 55 104-10171-10003,p.1, discusses QUANTUM-51 with a reference a 201 number that is only partially legible, looking like 201-349959? 104-10414-10033 id's 201-749981 as Eugenio Leopoldo Garcia, but he is identified as an "exile" in April 1964, so he wasn't a Spanish embassy member in Havana in 1966.


1960-1962 information: NSA comint shows a Cuban memo stating on 5/28/66 that Spanish Embassy counsellor Jaime Caldevilla was declared persona non grata for spying in Havana. He was accused of recruiting agents and counterrevolutionaries for the CIA, with the aid of his secretary Carmen Jiminez Gomez. He recruited Aldo Vera, Mario Marrero, and Agustin Parrada. He worked with his collaborator Jose Luis Rodriguez for Israel Zamora Perez to assassinate Raul Castro "as well as a plan to create an incident at the United States Naval Base at Guantanamo". (Apparently Operation PATTY). He arranged for Zamora to seek asylum at the Colombian Embassy. Carmen Jiminez worked within the Congress of the International Union of Architects to obtain data and information, where she worked as an interpreter. In July and October 1962 he maintained close relations with Blanca Martinez del Hoyo, Jorge Medina Bringuier, and Luis Fernandez Rocha/AMHINT-53. The first two were national coordinators of the DRE, and the latter a CIA agent. In April 1963, the Archives were penetrated by CIA agent Ramon Grau who directed an espionage ring - a note was found that showed a message was delivered to Caldevilla. The Cuban government also claimed to prove a connection between Caldevilla and ex-official Alejandro Vergara for spying activities, as well as knowledge "of the plans for sabotage and assassination", including those against Fidel Castro.

104-10308-10203: LETTER

12/20/62 letter: "The following is a copy of a letter which was delivered to us to give (to) chief of intelligence at Gitmo - To the major of the Gitmo base: I, Melchor Aedo Rodriguez, attest that Jorge Medina Bringuier, war name (deleted) acted as national coordinator of the DRE...and that DRE was supported by the Cuban government in order to (illegible) or introduce spies into the US and Latin America. In conversations (between?) Mongo and a certain Jorge, a G-2 officer and Mongo's political (illegible), (Richard?) Beal's orders told him they had plans to infiltrate more personnel (deleted) the Gitmo base...When a supposed member of the DRE who in reality was a G-2 (deleted) he was being followed or tried to flee to the mountains or make a (clandestine?) trip to the US, it was always Mongo who was used. Mongo had direct (contact?) with the insurgents and also as national coordinator of the largest (movement?) in Cuba he was in contact with other movements. These clandestine (illegible) left with no difficulty and among the seven or ten who left in a boat (there?) were always two or three spies. The Cuban government also employed (its?) spies in the embassies, especially the Spanish and Western German (illegible) Mongo had contacts in the Spanish embassy and had been hidden there (illegible) Don Jaime Caldevilla/QUANTUM-51 or Mr. Vergara. The Cuban government planned to finish with the DRE as soon as Salvat (illegible) in Cuba and Mongo along with some others would make a pretense of (fleeing for?) the US. In view of Mongo's high position in Cuba, in the US he would (illegible) obtain a position of importance and for this he needed the backing of (important?) persons like ambassadors. There are spies in the embassies of (illegible) Mexico and Brazil and one in the Venezuelan embassy; also in other embassies which have broken relations with Cuba and the spies have more plans to (illegible) respective countries..."


1/22/63 memo from Ted Shackey to Bill Harvey about Jorge Medina Bringuier's work with G-2, he and fnu Aedo were part of the DRE natl executive they planned to roll up the DRE and "other groups" and then escape by boat and contact AMHINT-53 (Luis Fernandez-Rocha) in the JMWAVE area Medina was DRE's national military coordinator for reception and supply a $25 money order for Medina was purchased in March 62 in New Orleans by Maria Teresa Medina mailed "to Carlos Prado" in Mexico City in an envelope addressed to Consuelo C. de Rivas. A note said this money order of $25 is for Carlos Prado from his mother" Prado is in Mexico studying engineering, brother is Faustino Prado Garcia, an engineer who is close to Che Guevara and is of current KUTUBE (Foreign Intelligence - FI - division of CIA) interest. Faustino is married to Clara Artime, a sister of Josefina Artime, who is a close friend of AMGLEN-9, she is also of KUTUBE interest. AMSTRUT-2 could have given this letter to AMSTRUT-1 to take out of Cuba. when Juanita Castro was in Mexico she called Prado at 249769 and said she was a friend of his mother. Jorge Maedo is probably "Aedo". Mongo who got 30 years is not id'd. (Mongo is a name used by Jorge Medina Bringuier.) The memo also mentions that Jorge Medina Bringuier is listed as using the name Carlos Prado. (Lots of marginalia to mull over.)


02/04/63: Dispatch from COS, JMWAVE to Chief, Task Force W: "1. On 4 January 1963 AMHINT-27/Manuel Baro Esteva met with QUANTUM-51 in New York City, and QUANTUM-51 advised him that Jorge Medina Bringuier, the Secretary General of AMSPELL/DRE in Cuba, is a G-2 agent. Medina and (Melchor) Aedo, who was said by QUANTUM-51 to be on the AMSPELL National Executive, were actually G-2 penetrations. They planned to 'roll up' the entire AMSPELL organization and 'other groups' in one sweep and then escape by boat and contact AMHINT-53 (Luis Fernandez-Rocha) in the JMWAVE area. Medina was in contact with AMHINT-53 while in Cuba and planned to use AMHINT-53 to establish his bona fides with CIA. 2. QUANTUM-51 further advised that another mission of the two G-2 agents, Medina and Aedo, was to make contact with Iden A to determine what role it played in anti-Castro activities. The secretary of QUANTUM-51 had been a very close personal friend of Aedo's since childhood and Aedo feared she would be implicated, so he told her of his espionage mission. She informed QUANTUM-51 and then arranged a meeting between QUANTUM-51 and Aedo. Aedo told QUANTUM-51 of his mission and arrangements were then made to get all the AMSPELL leaders into asylum in the Uruguayan Embassy. On or about 10 December 1962 about 25 persons, including Aedo, went into asylum. 3. QUANTUM-51 further said that Aedo reportedly was arrested by G-2 a long time ago and then recruited to work for the Cuban Government." Aedo is identified at page 3 of 13 of the document as "Jorge Haedo"


Summer of 1963: ..."The Agency has known of Mario Salabarria's conspiratorial activities and personal dedication to his role as Fidel's murderer since the summer of 1963. At that time Salabarria was seeking weapons and funds for his mission. Through his confidant, AMTURVY-4 (Julio Salabarria Aquiar), a barkeep on the Havana waterfront and a long time friend of QUANTUM-51, he sought contact with AMTURVY-1 (Arturo Maria Jesus Varona Alonso), then a minor GOC (Government of Cuba) official. Salabarria had known AMTURVY-1's brother, AMCONCERT-1 (Francisco Wilfredo Varona Alonso), for twenty years and he assumed that AMTURVY-1 was in touch with the Agency through AMCONCERT-1 in Miami. Accordingly at their first meeting in the summer of 1963 in AMTURVY-4's bar, Salabarria told AMTURVY-1 that he was a member of a group which was plotting Castro's death.


12/6/63 cable, WAVE 8606: "IDEN B prime recruitment or defection target" https://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=40860&relPageId=4 WAVE 8607 IDEN B is G-2 Jorge Bringuier https://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=53255&relPageId=13 https://www.maryferrell.org/mffweb/archive/viewer/showDoc.do?docId=40861&relPageId=2 - another version, notice that mom Maria del Carmen is IDEN A.


12/06/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: " 1. ILIAD Operation terminated due AMHINT-27/Manuel Baro Esteva prior association AMSTRUT-2/Juanita Castro and QUANTUM-51 in (Cuba). Fact AMYUM/19 brother of AMHINT/27 also contributing factor..." AMYUM/19 was Cesar Baro Esteva. Until he had a failing out with Manuel Artime/AMBIDDY-1, Cesar Baro was the number three man on the AMWORLD project. He had previously been head of the MRR. AMHINT-27 was the brother of Cesar Baro Esteva. - - - Also see 104-10216-10236, page 1: 12/31/64: Cable from Madrid to Director (Growery acting): Slugline KEYWAY PBRUMEN AMWORLD AMBIDDY 1 AMLASH 1 QUANTUM 51: "1. Early morning 30 Dec AMBIDDY-1 phoned Madrid contact saying QUANTUM-51 arriving Madrid morning 30 Dec and AMBIDDY-1 arrived Madrid from Rome afternoon 30 Dec. 2. QUANTUM-51 and wife arrived Madrid by air from NYC morning 30 Dec. 3. Some time prior 2030 on 30 Dec., according QUGROWL-8, AMBIDDY-1 had 2 hour meeting with AMLASH-1, details unknown. 4. According QUMALT, AMLASH-1 left for Paris 30 Dec. 5. AMBIDDY-1 had 2 hour meeting with QUANTUM-51 morning 31 Dec. No details available yet. 6. AMBIDDY-1 also known be in contact with AMLASH-2 and 3. 7. AMBIDDY-1 left for U.S. via two afternoon 31 Dec. 8. Two AMWORLD reps still Madrid. CFN: *Dissem applicable to RYBAT TYPIC YOBITE AMWORLD cables."


01/08/65: Cable from Withheld: Slugline KEYWAY PBRUMEN: "1. Station pouching adrefs 11 January photocopy of 14 page document written by four Isle of Pines prisoner leaders, among whom AMYUM-1 (Lino Bernabe Fernandez Martinez) and AMHINT-1 (Alberto Muller Quintana). Cover letter signed by AMYUM-1 addressed only to 'Guillermo' who unidentified, requesting he present it to Interamerican Press Society, Human Rights Commission, OAS and UN. 2. Believe document contains extremely well written, highly informative and objective account of prison conditions, rehabilitation plan, mental and physical problems, etc. Also stresses its intent 'not a call for help, but a cry of defiance against Communist enemy.' Feel it has considerable propaganda potential worthy of HQs exploitation. 3. Document provided by QUGROWL-8 borrowed from QUANTUM-51, who handcarried to (REDACTION)."


01/26/65: Cable from Madrid to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMWORLD AMLASH: "1. Manuel Artime and wife arrived Madrid 22 January from New York. Accompanied by his aides, Rafael Quintero Ibarbia and Antonio Sanz Acedo. QUANTUM-51 arranged Artime meeting with Alberto Martin Artajo, prominent Spanish political leader, and brother Javier Martin Artajo, connected with Madrid daily newspaper Ya Rpt Ya. Also met with Luci Carrero Blanco, minister, undersecretary of presidency. Asked Carrero use influence break relations with Cuba which refused. Afternoon 25 January Artime interviewed by local press, which to be published in newspaper Ya. Artime anxious see Franco but probably not be granted audience. 2. Miguel de Leon arrived Madrid 26 January. 3. Sanz left for Rome 26 January. Artime and Quintero planning go Rome 27 January, returning Madrid following day. Expects see person in Rome identified by code name 'Pablo,' who QUGROWL-8 thinks may be AMLASH-1 (Rolando Cubela Secades). *Dissem per RYBAT TYPIC YOBITE AMWORLD cables."


02/02/65: Cable from Madrid to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMWORLD AMLASH: "1. Following additional info Artime activities (provided by QUGROWL-6): A. On 31 Jan went to visit relatives in Asturias, where expecting press conference laid on by QUANTUM-51. B. On return Madrid 3 February Artime planning meet with 'monied' Cuban exiles in fund raising attempt. C. Hopes be received by Spanish minister Jose Solis about 4 February. Artime also may appear on local television interview. QUANTUM-51 has paved way for most Artime activities here and Q-51 still hopeful he can arrange Artime meet with Franco..."


06/28/66: Memo for the record from Withheld: Subject: Operational Meetings with AMBIDDY/1 22-23 June 1966, Wash, D.C.: ..."1. d. A/1 said the typewritten report he sent me from source 'ALBA' is from Dr. Vicente Gutierrez, a lawyer and present member of the legal department of the Ministry of Interior. Gutierrez is willing to cooperate and uses the Spanish diplomatic pouch to send reports to him. AMBIDDY/1 claims QUANTUM/51's wife, who is still in Habana, has SW instructions and materials which he sent via the diplomatic pouch some time ago. AMBIDDY/1 was to set up via correspondence the passing of the SW instructions and material to Gutierrez so he could consent to direct SW correspondence with him..."


10/26/66: Memo from Chief, WH/Cuba to Chief, Western Hemisphere Division: Subject: Termination of Subsidy to Manuel Artime Buesa: "...As of 1 May 1965 CIA with the concurrence of the 303 Committee terminated the support (for AMWORLD)." On 6/8/65, CIA proposed and the 303 Committee approved a $15,000 payment to Artime's "autonomous paramilitary group" for a "totally distinct psychological warfare purpose". Monthly support payments to the family of MRR dead was channeled to "a member of the Spanish Embassy in Havana (QUANTUM-51)."

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