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Cryptonym: QRPHONE-1

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Richard Gibson
These three files leave no doubt that Richard Thomas Gibson was QRPHONE-1. 2018/104-10217-10221.pdf 2018/104-10217-10223.pdf 2018/104-10217-10225.pdf

104-10217-10223: RICHARD GIBSON

5/22/66 revised memorandum of oral agreement for Richard Gibson aka QRPHONE-1: "QRPHONE-1's employment by WOFIRM/CIA...began on 1 June 1965...write-off of the funds passed to QRPHONE-1 is to be effected on the basis of the procedure approved by Chief, LCPIPIT and COS/(REDACTED)..." Signed by case officer Aaron C. Laginestra; approved by Chief, LCPIPIT Adrian B. Maslott.

104-10217-10221.pdf Richard Gibson

"In December 1963 Subject was interiewed by a consular officer in REDACTED for information on Lee Harvey Oswald who reportedly had some contact with REDACTED

104-10217-10328.pdf Richard Gibson

Mr. Gibson was asked to visite Embassy because of a repor by a controlled american source that, as an aex-official of the Fair Play for Cuba Commttee of New York, he might have had some information concerning Lee Harvey Oswald."

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