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Cryptonym: QREBONY

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Richard Gibson during the later sixties.

104-10217-10219: MEMORANDUM: SUBJECT - DEROGATORY TRACES ON (201-306052)

This memo refers to "derogatory traces on QREBONY (201-306052) - the biographical number for Richard Gibson, former head of the FPCC during 1961-1962. He helped Robert Taber form the group in 1960. Gibson was president of the FPCC's New York chapter and became national chief when Taber went to Cuba in January 1961. He left in the fall of 1962 because "his income was inadequate for his services." In late 1962 he joined the staff of Revolution Africaine in Algiers, "a paper then edited by Jacques Verges a well-known Communist. When Verges was ousted by the Algerians because of a dispute with Ben Bella in 1963, (Gibson) remained loyal to Verges and set up headquarters in Lausanne for the publication of Africa, Latin America, Asia Revolution more commonly known as Revolution...a vehicle for spreading Chinese Communist opinions...Gibson while in Lausanne worked with Fredy Gilbert Nils Anderson, Swedish citizen, editor-publisher, who printed the Revolution...In December 1963 (Gibson's) Swiss permit was not renewed and (Gibson) went to Paris where he was still editor of the English-language version of the Revolution. (Gibson) split with Verges in July 1964, because he was accused of misusing his office as former Executive Secretary of FPCC in order to penetrate the rank of the international revolutionary movement. He was accused of being an agent of the FBI and CIA. Gibson unable to find employment in Paris went to England in October 1964."


1/9/61 memo from WH/4/CI/2704 Jean Pierson: "According to Source (note: Almost certainly June Cobb), Gibson works very closely with Raul Roa and Raul Roa, Jr/AMRIPE-3...Gibson stated that Roa is going to send him to Africa on behalf of Cuban Foreign Relations Ministry after he finishes his fellowship in June."

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