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Cryptonym: QMTURGID

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One of the Watergate burglars, and probably Howard Hunt.
Hunt had an office in the Executive Office Building in Washington, DC, which matches the description of QMTURGID.


9/8/76 memo to Lucein Conein, from NT/STRONGBOX, Subject: Gerald P. Hemming, Jr. aka Gerry Patrick. (An identical document can be found in Box 38: 1993.08.17.16:06:09:620028) "During January 1972 Hemming was contacted by FBI Agent FM/DENY (in) reference to assisting Miami FBI project involving QW/CZAR and QM/TURGID, which motivated a March 1972 meeting with BATF Miami supervisor Hale for background briefing. QM/TURGID at that time was working for operatives of the WH/SIU, Executive Office Building, Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington, DC, and was later arrested at the Watergate building during June 1972."

Book 8 of Presidential Campaign of 1972, Watergate and Related Activities, Phase I: Watergate Investigation Current Section: Haldeman, H.R., testimony resumed

08/01/73, At the deposition of Haldeman, Senator Sam Ervin told Haldeman that Howard Hunt had an office at the Executive Office Building at the time of the break-in. Haldeman admitted he knew that "there were materials of his still at the EOB, yes", and that Hunt had been a consultant to the White House.

Judiciary Committee Hearings: Statement of Information, Book II - Events Following the Watergate Break-In Current Section: Statement of Information

On June 17, 1972, shortly after 2 am, five persons...were arrested in the Watergate headquarters of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). Immediately after the arrests, Howard Hunt and Gordon Liddy left the Watergate Hotel. Hunt took with him a suitcase belonging to McCord that contained electronic equipment, went to his office in the Executive Office Building (EOB), and withdrew from a safe in his EOB office $10,000 previously provided to him by Liddy for use in case there was a mishap. Hunt placed McCord's briefcase in the safe. In the early morning hours, he delivered the money to an attorney on behalf of the five persons arrested in the DNC Headquarters."

Bill Simpich

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