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An organization that wittingly or unwittingly is involved in psychological warfare.
QKOPERA - the Congress for Cultural Freedom QKFLOWAGE - the US Information Agency Also see - QKSTAIR -BGCONVOY (formerly QKSTAIR) (1950-55) was the basic political and psychological (PP) and paramilitary (PM) program against Bulgaria with the objective of conducting psychological warfare (PW) operations against the Bulgarian regime and establishing in the country resistance organizations capable of PM activity of various types. BGCONVOY also provided for the development and exploitation of the Principal Agent, Ivan Docheff, who was leader of the Bulgarian National Front, and the newspaper published by the group.

104-10435-10071 [Restricted]

The document reveals that under Project QKSTAIR operational clearance was granted to Dimitre Adamov Dimitrov, a Bulgarian dissident operating from within Greece against the People’s Republic of Bulgaria using psychological warfare.

104-10435-10071 [Restricted]

This memo states the Special Security Branch of the Agency made D.A. Dimitrov a contractual agent within Greece under the auspices of Project QKSTAIR. He was to use his dissident group connections for undertaking psychological operations that would match other similar projects listed under the QK digraph.


An Office of Security file notes that D.A. Dimitrov was of operational interest due to his employment with Radio Athens, this would align with prior documents in which the Agency sought to use him for propaganda efforts. The file is listed under the heading of Lyle O. Kelly, a pseudonym for Dimitrov, and in the file title it contains the project description QKSTAIR.

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