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Cryptonym: QJBANNER-1

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Unknown identity. QJBANNER-1 worked with QJWIN (Jose Marie Andre Mankel) and CIA officers Arnold Silver and Oliver Silsby.
The redactor made a mistake and left the crypt in the clear on the title of the RIF sheet.

John Newman, Countdown to Darkness (2017), pp. 281-282

"(James N.) Rabney had been the previous (1957-1960) Luxembourg station chief. In 1958, he had, with the help of the chief of the Luxembourg Intelligence Service, recruited Mankel for "spotting agent candidates", especially among Corsicans. These men were underworld criminals - "entry men", "safe crackers", "document suppliers" and "assassins". James N. Rabney was a pseudonym for Arnold M. Silver, who also had another pseudonym - Kurt G. Herzfanz.


04/27/59: Cable from Luxembourg to Director: "1. SUBJ Olla 470 told QJBANNER-1 he recently invited by French national FNU (first name unknown) Delacourt join ring which receiving 'gratis' from CHICOMs large amounts opium to be smuggled to States. SUBJ willing do under guidance Americans. 2. Suggest HQs make and advise arrangements nearest Narcotics Bureau officer come LUXE where can fully interrogate SUBJ, assess story and decide action."


04/29/59: Cable from Director to Luxembourg (Orig: O. M. Silsby, WE/2): "1. Working on arrangements bring in Narcotics Bureau. 2. FYI this may tie in case SYMP double agent in similar ring which run by CHICOM Emb Bern. 3. Request QJBANNER/1 ask Subj for full description, identity Delacourt and full details story. Cable reply. Ref: Subj invited by Delacourt join CHICOM ring smuggling opium to U.S. Suggested Narcotics Bureau be asked investigate subj and decide action."

104-10178-10071: WITHHELD

05/04/59: Cable from Luxembourg to Director: 1. Had already asked QJBANNER-1 get description, details, etc but since he unable to do with clarity Rabney (Arnold Silver) under (REDACTION) questioned Subj 4 May. Subj states following is all he knows but consider probable he knows more than telling or involved some deal for which hopes protect self against legal action by stating working for Americans. 2. Armand Delacour, resident 28 Rue Erard (also RCVD Emard), Paris and three time convict, approached Subj mid-April with offer first Ref. Stated two Sicilians living Paris already successfully engaged this traffic, one of whom received 50 kilos opium Hong Kong and delivered personally in States, via Canada. Delacour gave no details other than that Chicoms provide opium gratis on condition delivery States. When Subj asked Re entry States Delacour replied can for U.S. $200 get full French documentation needed for American visa. 3. Delacour also uses name Delamare, age 47, height 175 cms, weight 70 to 72 kilos, brown hair balding, oval face, brown eyes, crooked nose, thick lips, heavy cigarette smoker. Born Basque country. Smuggled narcotics before and after war from North Africa. Last released from jail Dec 58. Theft charges. C/S Comment: Subject said invited by Delacourt to join ring which receiving 'gratis' from Chicoms large amounts opium to be smuggled to U.S."

104-10178-10073: WITHHELD

10/14/60: Cable from Director to Luxembourg (Orig: J. O'Donnell, A/D/OPS): LAURICLE: "1. Request Jouvenoy (Oliver Silsby) determine from QJBANNER-1 if Mankel available week 17 Oct. Reply should be sent PRTY to FRAN ATTN Rabney (Arnold Silver). 2. For Rabney: Info requested by Rabney from Dakar being pouched FRAN 14 Oct via pouch no. 19125."


"20. Cable dated April 18, 1962, from Headquarters to Luxembourg states that another agent QJBANNER-5 had informed the Agency that QJWIN (Jose Marie Andre Mankel) is going on trial after Easter on charges of cobalt smuggling from 1957 or 1958 and could receive up to a six-year sentence. Paragraph 2 of the cable states, 'Please contact QJWIN for all details including specific charges and name prosecutor. If QJBANNER-5 info true we may wish attempt quash charges or arrange somehow salvage QJWIN for our purposes.' Paragraph 3 states, 'Still do not have basic decisions but fully anticipate we will need QJWIN..." From 05/30/75 document.


09/19/66: Cable from Brussels to Director, Paris (Domark Acting): Slugline RYBAT QJBANNER LNERGO: "1. Following from QJBANNER: A. Mr. Robert R. Houser, registered 5 Sept 66 at Hotel Eldorado, Luxembourg, as born 6 Sept 06, U.S. citizen, realtor of 942 San Carlos Drive, Fort Myers Beach, Florida, in transit to Germany, U.S. passport 0799092. B. From very sensitive source QJBANNER learned that Houser contacted Soviet embassy Luxembourg on 5 Sept to apply for visa visit Moscow for two days. Claimed would stay with his aunt residing Moscow or possibly with Moscow Newsweek correspondent Mr. Robert J. Korengold. C. Houser did not get his Soviet visa in Luxembourg and remarked would try obtain it East Berlin. 2. QJBANNER-5 requests LNERGO (FBI) rep in Paris be informed of above. 3. Please cable traces indicating what may be passed QJBANNER. 4. Index Houser."

32201981: Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Activities, Testimony pertaining to Richard Bissell

The document states the person who recruited QJWIN for William Harvey's use was Arnold Silver. https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32201981.pdf


Summary chronology: "QJWIN was also in a category of agents which included at least one other, QJBANNER, who in fact helped locate QJWIN."

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