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PNINFINITE was the cryptonym for the CIA in the 1990's.
A cable in November of 1993 stated that PNINFINITE assisted WILDCAT (Bernardo de Torres) in ops in Mexico, and that AMICE-14 (Miguel A. Diaz Isalgue) worked for PNINFINITE in the early 1970's. Note 104-10326-10093, quoted more extensively below: "(REDACTION) then raised the issue of a publication which listed PNINFINITE employees around the world. (Note: Probably a reference to the magazine Counterspy - who listed CIA employees before the death of CIA officer Richard Welch.) (REDACTION) also raised the Bay of Pigs and the assassination of President Kennedy, stating that he knew them to be PNINFINITE operations."


CIA document: Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts: Page 45: ..."Term: PNINFINITE. Definition: Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)..."

104-10326-10097: WITHHELD

07/02/93: Cable from Director to Withheld: Slugline WNINTEL HGDHARMA JYVAPOROUS: Subject: Official Visit of JYVAPOROUS/1 to HQS..."2. Further to ref, as arrangements are being firmed up for visit of JYVAPOROUS/1 (V/1) to HQs circa 22 July, we would like to offer the following additional thoughts regarding topics of discussion to be raised by either C/PNINFINITE or Chief/CE during their upcoming meetings with V/1..."

104-10326-10093: [RESTRICTED]

09/20/93: Cable from Restricted to Director: Slugline WNINTEL VPJAUNTY: Subject: VPJAUNTY/1 Continued Contact (REDACTION)..."2. Afternoon of 17 Sep 93, C/O Becknap met with VPJAUNTY/1 (J/1). J/1 said he had had dinner (REDACTION) and spouse at latter's home on 9 Sep 93. During the dinner, J/1 said he felt he was being tested (REDACTION) he said (REDACTION) raised the question of his previous contact with PNINFINITE employees. He said he met an EMBOFF in Lagos whom he assumed to be PNINFINITE. (REDACTION) did not provide J/1 with the name of the individual). (REDACTION) said that this AMCIT offered to sell him a case of beer for one dollar. When J/1 said that the American was probably only being friendly, (REDACTION) said that he knew it was business and not friendship which was behind the generous offer. (REDACTION) then raised the issue of a publication which listed PNINFINITE employees around the world. (REDACTION) also raised the Bay of Pigs and the assassination of President Kennedy, stating that he knew them to be PNINFINITE operations. (REDACTION) complained that he did not understand why the U.S. was obsessed with Castro.(REDACTION) stated that Cuba could overrun the American bases in Cuba in 5 minutes if they wanted to do so. He also complained about American imperialism, especially about the trade embargo..."


11/01/93: Memo from Joanne Harris to Withheld, C/MRS/LA/MRS: Subject: JFK Project - Review of Cuban Files: "I reviewed 106 files to ascertain the status of Cuban assets which were listed in the attached. Seventeen were found to be former assets, pre-1970, and most of the seventeen were involved in the Bay of Pigs Operation. Additionally, the following five appear to be candidates for protection from public disclosure...b. WILDCAT - 201-294213: FBI Double Agent. PNINFINITE assisted in ops in Mexico. He was still active as of March 1982...d. AMICE-14 (Miguel A. Diaz Isalgue) - 201-307337: Worked for PNINFINITE through early 1970's..."

104-10014-10067: CABLE: ASSESSMENT

02/04/94: Cable from Withheld to Director: Slugline WNINTEL PLSLINGSHOT SLLARCENY: Subject: Assessment of SLLARCENY/1 by FGFORK/86: Pages 2-3: ..."10. L/1 (SLLARCENY/1) talked about assassination of President John F. Kennedy. According to L/1, in 1969, L/1 personally saw Fidel Castro receive a group of U.S. radicals. Castro talked to them for two hours about why just one assassin could not possibly have killed Kennedy. Castro ordered a reenactment of the crime, using his best marksmen, and they could not duplicate what Lee Harvey Oswald supposedly did by himself. L/1 said that three groups were involved in killing the president: One group of Cubans, one group of 'mafiosos' and a third group of mercenaries. The third group included a man with a Greek name. L/1 to F/86 that it is not known whether any of these secret groups ever had any connection with PNINFINITE. In this regard, F/86 reported to station that L/1 is always careful not to attack PNINFINITE when F/86 is present. 11. Station reporting additional info from F/86 separately."

104-10326-10057: WITHHELD

01/26/96: Cable from Director to Withheld: Slugline WNINTEL RYBAT: Subject: Trace Response on Dutch Journalist..."2. HQs believes subject to be identical to William Leonard (Oltmans), (DPOB 10 June 1925, Huizen, the Netherlands), who was assigned 201-0155221 on 27 February, 1957, on the occasion of a name check request against PNINFINITE files from NVGIFT. At the time, Oltmans was ostensibly a correspondent for an obscure Dutch weekly publication at the United Nations in New York. His reputation at the UN was such that he was ostracised by the Dutch delegation and fellow Dutch newsmen for his openly pro-Indonesian public stand on the Dutch Guinea question. He also claimed to work for an unknown news syndicate in the United States, but none of his colleagues could claim to have seen any of his writings published..."

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