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Cryptonym: PETERPAN

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Peter Pan was a psychological operation designed to convince middle-class families to send their children to the United States. The CIA denies any involvement.

Transcript of Fonzi-Escalante Interview, Part 2

Re 1959 and after: "Marina Leopoldina Grau/AMCOG-1 and her brother Ramon/AMCOG-1 were ILLEGIBLE of an ex-Cuban president, 1934 to 1948. From the very moment, these people started on a conspiracy against the Revolution...On an event...that was supported by Tony Varona/...these people did everything...they were coordinated with the Religious Bureau in Miami...the church...Monsignor O'Brien...They coordinated the Peter Pan operation."

Antonio Veciana, Trained to Kill (2018)

Circa late 1960: "Parents grew nervous that their children were being brainwashed...they were primed to believe anything. I went to an accountant I knew, Andres Cayon...Cayon got two people to draw up an official looking piece of legislation. We printed thousands of copies and let the underground network filter it onto the streets...it sparked 'Operation Pedro Pan', the exodus of more than fourteen thousands unaccompanied children sent out of Cuba by their parents with the help of the Catholic Church. Monsignor Bryan Walsh, the head of the Catholic Welfare Bureau in Miami, worked with the State Department to secure visas for the children...(in his history, Walsh wrote): 'Purported copies of a new decree circulated through underground circles. According to this decree (as rumored), all children will remain with their parents until three years old..(then children ages 3-10 would live in state run day-care centers and see their parents twice a month. No guarantee that children over 10 would see their parents at all.)'...The CIA's Radio Swan (JMHOPE), under David Atlee Phillips' direction, helped fan the flames. As soon as the Patria Potestad 'law' began circulating, it began broadcasting a message: 'Cuban mothers, don't let them take your children away! The Revolutionary Government will take them away from you when they turn five and will keep them until they are 18.' ...By the time commercial flights between Havana and Miami stopped, ending the exodus in October 1962, the flow had become a flood, with hundreds of children arriving every month. It had been named fancifully, a play on the tale of Peter Pan...most of the children never saw their homeland again...It had not been my intention to divide families...My goal had been only to deepen the discontent with the government, to sow more instability..."


Circa November 1960: Susan Maret, Lea Aschkenas. Operation Pedro Pan: The Hidden History of 14,000 Cuban Children. Describes how Father Bryan Walsh of the Catholic Welfare Bureau arranged for the arrival of 14,000 Cuban children to be airlifted into the United States after the CIA spread a fake aimed at ‘‘disaffecting the middle class’’ stating that the Cuban government had passed a law permitting children to be taken from their parents and sent to communist indoctrination camps. The Operation Pedro Pan Group, Inc. contests this statement, saying it is untrue. http://pedropan.org/content/letter-cnbc-board-directors-operation-pedro-pan-group-inc

Round table on the topic of “Who are the real terrorists?” held in Cuban Television Studios on May 26, 2002, “Year of the heroes imprisoned by the empire” (Translation of Council of State transcripts): http://www.cuba.cu/gobierno/documentos/2002/ing/m260502i.html

March 1963: Attributed to Jose Perez Fernandez, a Ministry of the Interior researcher: "Another of the highly dangerous plots that the U.S. government entrusted to the CIA was that concocted in March 1963. The idea was to poison the Commander in Chief on one of the occasions when he went to the cafeteria in the Havana Libre hotel. The plan entailed putting a capsule of poison the CIA had sent into the Commander in Chief’s food. Those executing this plan were terrorists from the Rescate organization. One of its top people was Leopoldina Grau Alsina who came from one of the pseudorepublic’s politicking families and was a bastion of Catholic Women. The terrorist whose mission it was to put the poison in the food was Santos de la Caridad Pérez Nuñez, a cafeteria employee. This same plan was tried in other eating establishments the Commander in Chief frequented. The aforementioned Leopoldina, better known as Polita Grau, was also an active participant in, and to a large extent, responsible for the organization and implementation of the shadowy Operation Peter Pan.

Bill Simpich

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