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Cryptonym: PBWIZARD

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Early fifties project involving attorney Edward P. Morgan, former FBI agent who blew the whistle on the Castro assassination plots in the late sixties. This project used Morgan as a conduit for the CIA to secretly donate money to John Hopkins University and the School for Advanced International Studies.

180-10143-10434: MORGAN, EDWARD P., 201 FILES CIA, FILES https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/docid-32272238.pdf

Handwritten notes on Edward P. Morgan, 201-176566: "Nov. 21, 1950, Memo to II/SS: Subj. Request for operational clearance for Edward P. Morgan. Project PBWIZARD - Morgan contemplated cut-out. Was S.A. (special assistant) to JEH (J. Edgar Hoover). Cut-out, legal advice, transmission of funds and other projects.


11/21/50, momo from Acting Chief, WE-4 to II/SS: Memo referred to above in handwritten notes. "In connection with Project P_______ it is contemplated to use Mr. REDACTED...Mr. ______ will be informed only about the general aspects of Project ________ as it affects his role as REDACTED. It is requested that an operational clearance be granted for the above-named individual."

1993.07.26.17:44:39:000590: SECURITY FILE ON EDWARD MORGAN

11/22/50, unsigned note in security file: "(Morgan) is the individual who recently wrote the report for the Tydings Committee investigating charges of Communism in the State Department." (This was in response to the activities of Senator Joe McCarthy.)

157-10011-10040: TESTIMONY OF EDWARD P. MORGAN, 19 MAR 1976

4/19/76 Church Committee deposition of Edward P. Morgan: "Rosselli...was enlisted by Maheu to bring in such associates or contacts that he might have to accomplish this job of assassinating Castro. And Rosselli was in all the attempts - my recollection is that there were five such attempts...on the last two, I think by that point (Robert) Maheu had been phased out and it was put under a fellow named Bill Harvey. And I remember the poison very well because I was intrigued by what a remarkable pill it was. I think he told me, Rosselli, that he had been given five of them, and in 30 minutes the individual was dead, and it was a perfect heart attack in terms of a post mortem...(p. 39 of 80) when I saw this memo (about Castro assassination plots) I cannot in any way understand how, with intelligence like this in hand, nobody did anything about it. That's what disturbs me very much..." Morgan told Drew Pearson to tell Chief Justice Warren about this allegation. Pearson wrote in the column that Castro hired Oswald to seek revenge. At pp. 46-47 of 81, Morgan said he had no information Castro hired anyone to seek revenge. At p. 52 Morgan said Rosselli believed that "the attempt on Castro (had) a boomerang that resulted in Kennedy's death." Page 61 of 81 discusses a 2/13/67 memo by SS chief Rowley stating that "Bobby Kennedy had organized a group that went to Cuba to kill Castro". Morgan said he did not know of any RFK involvement in such a matter from any source and was not his impression. (at p. 68) Rosselli never believed "Oswald having killed Kennedy alone." (at p. 76) Morgan cites Greenspun as the source of the RFK quote, "My God, I've killed my own brother.", and the confession to Castro of the last Rosselli-sent agent who tried to kill him. Morgan said that he and Hoover had a falling out for many years but had made up before Hoover died.

124-90133-10225: No Title

2/15/67, memo from A. Rosen to Mr. DeLoach: On the 2/13/67 report by Rowley about the meeting between Drew Pearson and Chief Justice Warren. Pearson was told to tell Rowley because of the falling out between Hoover and Morgan. This report repeats the allegation that RFK was being the attack on Castro. "Sensitive and reliable sources of the Bureau and CIA reported Oswald was unknown to Cuban government officials when he visited the Cuban Consulate in Mexico City and attempted, without success, to get a visa for travel to Cuba...No investigation will be conducted regarding the allegation made by Pearson to Chief Justice Warren."


"Morgan...a former FBI agent from 1941-45, was granted a Covert Security Clearance on 2 February 1951 for use as a "cut out" in connection with negotiations for the School of Advanced International Studies and Johns Hopkins University. His cut-out work was in relation to DDO projects.

104-10122-10319: SUBJECT: JG-2278 #46394 (MORGAN)

2/2/51 memo from Chief, Special Security Division to AFPC: "He is to represent and safeguard OPC (Office of Policy Coordination) interests in a contract that will have to be signed by the aforementioned institutions and by the Subject as attorney for "anonymous contributors". The subject will only be informed about the general aspects of the program as it affects his role as a cut-out."

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