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Cryptonym: PBHASSOCK

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Probably an element within West German intelligence. PBHASSOCK was mentioned in a number of documents from at least February of 1957 to March of 1964.
A cable on November 26, 1963, on Mohammed Reggab, allegedly a former partner of Marina Oswald, stated that he had been debriefed at PBHASSOCK about his experiences in Moscow, where he was a student at the Moscow Institute of Cinematography between September 1960 and April 1962. The cable implies that PBHASSOCK was somewhere in Berlin, as it remarked that Reggab came to Berlin as a student in April, 1963, and was debriefed. On November 26, 1963, following the assassination of President Kennedy, Reggab apparently returned to PBHASSOCK with information on Marina Oswald.


02/06/57: Air Dispatch from COB, Berlin to Chief, EE: Subject: General - Operational/BEDOX: Specific - Progress Report - Subject A of BRLN 8752: A number of references to PBHASSOCK in this document. On the first page: ..."The PBHASSOCK Panel being notified of the fact that we had operational interest in her..."


02/08/57: Air Dispatch from COB, Berlin to COB, Bonn: Subject: Operational/BEDOX Hildegard Luise Laechert: "1. Enclosed please find a photocopy of the front of an envelope, bearing the following address: 'Mr. Mrs. Alicia Krajewska, Warazama. Putawska 128m 15, Polska - Poland.' The original of which also bore postmark Hartford, Connecticut, November 19, 1956. 2. The original envelope was turned over to German authorities (BFV) at House 'H', Marienfelde Refugee Center, by the Subject on or about 13 December 1956. At that time Subject, a German national, was undergoing processing as a Political Repatriate, released from 11 years of prison confinement in Poland. Subsequent to this, Subject was referred to BOB (Berlin Operating Base) via PBHASSOCK and when it was determined that we had operational interest in her, both PBHASSOCK and the local BFV Liaison Office were notified accordingly. 3. It would be appreciated if the original of this envelope could be recovered from BFV through the LFV we were given a photocopy and advised that the original was not available, presumably it having been forwarded to Bonn. It is required in order to determine its authenticity, if possible."


3/16/57: Memo from Berlin to Director (in Frankfurt), slugline BEDOX PBHASSOCK: BOB (the Berlin Operations Base) made it known that it had priority for debriefing this subject, "however we would provide briefs if any agency requested same."


11/26/63: Cable from Berlin to Director: Slugline KAPOK/FJDUST: "1. Following information on Marina Nikolaeva Oswald, wife of Lee Harvey Oswald, volunteered by Moroccan student Mohamed Reggab, DPOB 3 January 38 in Safi, Morocco, now residing Nuernrer Gerstr. 19, West Berlin. Reggab was student Moscow Institute of Cinematography Sept 60 to April 62. Came Berlin April 63 as student and was debriefed on Moscow experiences at PBHASSOCK. 26 Nov 63 he returned PBHASSOCK to volunteer info on Mrs. Oswald who had been one of his girlfriends in Moscow. Identification made on basis photo and first name Marina which appeared 25 Nov issue Berliner Zeitung. 2. Reggab states he knew person in photo as Marina Nikolaeva. Not certain whether Nikolaeva is family name or patronymic. Present age 24. She lived with mother in Moscow in area near agricultural expolition, address unknown. Father deceased. Comes from worker family. Employed early 61 as punch card operator for business machine firm..."


01/02/64: Cable from Berlin to Director: Slugline RYBAT GPFLOOR: RE: DIR 90493*: "1. Reggab writing brother-in-law in Rabat asking him try locate letter and photo among personal belongings there. Minimum response time ten days. 2. Moscow studies were approved by Moroccan Government. Believe only information available Berlin press prior to Reggab's contacting PBHASSOCK was Marina's first name and photo. Info on her former occupation and approximate date marriage to Oswald did not appear until later. Note latter details may not be consistent with Reggab story. 3. Reggab has number complex financial, documents and personal problems which leading him consider return Moscow for further study in cinematographic institute. Believe he would definitely return if encouraged by us and that he susceptible recruitment as KUBARK (CIA) agent during Moscow sojourn and possibly as long range asset in Morocco. Assessment his motivation, reliability and ops viability. However, would be lengthy job and preliminary reading is that he may not be good agent material. Is there any significant (unintelligible) or AF interest? 4. No index. C/S Comment: *Requested Station follow up on Mohamed Reggab lead."


03/17/64: Dispatch from COS, Berlin to COS, Germany: On page 1 after Subjects: PBHASSOCK.

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