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Cryptonym: PBGROVEL

An Guatemalan operation - probably a funding source - using David Phillips in the early 1950s.
This operation was also known as FURIOSO-C. There is another operation known as FURIOSO-X seen in 1962. Only linkage known between Phillips and CI director Jim Angleton - Furioso was the name of his college literary magazine.

104-10177-10134: PHILLIPS, DAVID ATLEE.

Processed 11/28/61, this document transfer form is one within a file collection titled "Phillips, David Atlee.", it notes the transfer of files related to the cryptonym Fulminator-1 and matches this designation with CIA file 201-88764, the 201 number of David Atlee Phillips. The project is identified as FURIOSO-C.

104-10177-10135: PHILLIPS, DAVID ATLEE.

12/53 security review for FURIOSO-c also known as PBGROVEL. (At p. 36) the project cryptonym is provided as PBGROVEL. (at p. 15): Identified as an OPC (Office of Policy Coordination) project within CIA in Feb. 1952.


11/30/62 GYROSE memo apparently from Alice Caponong: "AMTOAD-1 arrived SAGO (Santiago, Chile) with wife and child 26 November. Sago officer met 29 November using alias Martin...can addresses clarify this as well explain who paid AMTOAD-1 for what in past and commitments to him? Meanwhile Sago will pass 200 dollars to him as emergency and charge FURIOSO-X pending other info." Is FURIOSO-X a fund run by C/CI Jim Angleton? It's the name of his college literary magazine. A subsequent GYROSE memo to "Director" states that he will be given money with no accounting and a handwritten note (from Harvey?) remarks, "I hope that this doesn't come back to bite us." http://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=13343&search=amtoad#relPageId=2&tab=page

Aaron Latham, "Poet, Florist, Angler, Spy." Washington Post, https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/CIA-RDP90-00965R000403640014-3.pdf

5/17/87, Latham's remembrance of the recently deceased James Angleton. Furioso was the name of Angleton's Yale literary magazine. He persuaded some of the great poets of the era to contribute poetry to the magazine. He paid them in neckties.

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