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Operation to kill Fidel Castro and Raul Castro on 7/26/61, and then fire on Guantanamo Naval Base under the cover of Cuban uniforms, with the hope of provoking a US invasion of Cuba.

CDR Harold Feeney, USN (Ret.) "The Night of the White Horse" (1988). http://bayofpigs2506.com/The%20night%20of%20the%20white%20horse.pdf

Late 1960: Hal Feeney became Base Intelligence Officer at Guantanamo. After diplomatic relations ended (1/61), urgent to infiltrate CIA-trained Cubans. His team included his assistant Jack Modesett, ONI civilian agents, infiltrators such as Tony Izquierdo and Rodolfo Hernandez. He met with RADM S.B. Frankel of ONI - also known as Benjamin S. Frankel, who was deputy director of security of ONI by 1959 -https://ncisahistory.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/ONI-Newsletter-Vol-III-No.-1-31-March-1959.pdf - and became DIA chief of staff in 1961-63 - https://apps.dtic.mil/sti/pdfs/ADA578664.pdf - and then with CNO Arleigh Burke. The radio handles for him team was "Pete", an exile Cuban agent; Feeney was "Quijote", and Modesett was "Pecos". One of the agents recruited and trained by Pete was "Alonso Gonzalez, code-named 'Curita'." Feeney wrote that when placed before a firing squad, Gonzalez "cried out in a loud voice: Viva Cristo Rey! Long live Christ the King! To which many of us would add our fervent amen."

1994.03.08.09:29:40:280007: Reel 2, Folder L - CIA FILES ON LUIS BALBUENA, 1960 - 1961, AS REVIEWED BY PM ORR.

First half of 1961: Lieutenant Jack Modesett and base commander "Hal Finney" (actually, Hal Feeney) were working closely with the Castro rebels during this time period. (From 2/3/62 cable from JMWAVE to Task Force W.) Also see Fabian Escalante, The Cuba Project (Ocean Press, 2004), pp. 88-90: Apr-May 1961:...(The counterrevolutionaries sent) an emissary to Miami. They selected Alfredo Izaguirre de la Riva, (note: AMPUG-1), a journalist and descendent from one of the wealthiest and most powerful Havana families. He had been recruited by the CIA to organize the internal front on the eve of the invasion, and only by coincidence had escaped being arrested along with (Humberto) Sori Marin and company (on March 18, 1961), having missed the meeting because he was not at home...(he) left for Miami, where he met with various case officers, among them David Phillips and Jake Esterline. He found...a generalized demoralization. 'Everyone damned the Kennedy brothers, while bitterly lamenting the luck of Brigade 2506.' After several meetings in Miami, he decided to travel to Washington to meet with a CIA agent in charge of the case. There he was received by Frank Bender who...informed him...of the Taylor Commission, charged by President Kennedy with investigating the Bay of Pigs disaster. Days later, he was taken to the Pentagon, to an office with General Maxwell Taylor's name on it. Inside were several people, in addition to the general...'What chance is there of promoting a general uprising on the island?' he was asked. 'Such an action would justify our intervention in the eyes of the world. Another justification might be if the Cuban government - or somebody - attacked the Guantanamo naval base.'...Even one of the CIA agents with whom he worked, Jose Pujals Mederos, was maneuvering behind his back for support among the conspirators to go to the United States and have Izaguirre removed from the position given him by the Agency."

104-10308-10087: MEMO: AMYUM

"Transmitted intelligence debriefing reports on Operation FINA exfiltrees. Debriefing of Caridad Macias Rodriguez. On 26 July 61 Subject was involved in an action to kill Fidel Castro at the 26th of July ceremony at the Plaza Civic. The action was to kill Fidel Castro by firing a bazooka shell at the speaker's platform. This action failed because of a defective firing device in the bazooka. The G-2 had had persons involved working in the resistance for some time. She was connected with the MRR. A G-2 interrogator said that the Cuban security forces knew everything that was going on in the resistance movement. They permitted these resistance organizations to organize and exist until it was decided to roll up the group. She seemed to be connected with AMBRONC-5 (a CIA on-island asset) who was arrested and executed the latter part of August 1962."

HSCA Report, Volume V Current Section: Narration by G. Robert Blakey, Chief Counsel and Staff Director

Aspects of the Questionnaire Presented by the HSCA: "Jorge Garcia Rubio: A CIA agent who used the pseudonym Tony, he was infiltrated as radio operator of the CIA infiltration team. This group (Emilio Adolfo Rivero Caro/AMPANIC-7, (Adolfo) Mendoza, and Garcia Rubio) had the task of reorganizing the counterrevolutionary organizations after the failure at Giron and of trying to kill General of the Army Raul Castro, while staging a fake attack which the Naval Base at Guantanamo was to make on itself."

178-10002-10320: JOHN GORDON

April-July 1961: "John Gordon...had been an intelligence specialist in the Navy on and off since 1940. He is presently an Assistant Professor of History at Framingham State College in Massachusetts...A few days after the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 Gordon was told he was to be transferred from his job in the Office of Naval Operations to the Navy base at Guantanamo as base Intelligence Officer...at one briefing by officers from a certain office within the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI), he was told that there was a Cuban national who lived in our base at Guantanamo and was employed by the Navy who was willing and able to assassinate Castro. His name was Alonso Gonzales. One of the officers who told him this was a Liuetenant James Carr...Gordon arrived at Guantanamo about the first of June 1961...sometime in July 1961, Gordon discovered that dynamite had been brought into the base surreptitiously. He suspected Gonzales and immediately telephoned the base commander to suggest that Gonzales be arrested. According to Gordon, less than one (redacted) hour after his telephone call with the base commander, he himself was arrested by the Shore Patrol and placed in the psychiatric ward of the base hospital...(held until) October 1961...(In 1969) Gordon wrote the new Secretary of the Navy requesting an appointment to inform him of the whole Gonzales episode. Shortly after writing this letter, Gordon was confined to the Bethesda Naval Hospital for an alleged psychiatric problem. After release from this hospital Gordon retired from the Navy in 1969 (with the rank of Lieutenant Commander)."

Deadly Secrets, Warren Hinckle and William Turner (Thunder's Mouth, 1992), pp. 113-115.

Re Summer 1961: Tad Szulc wrote, "I cannot say to what extent (JFK) knew...about a scheme elaborated by Military Intelligence officers soon after the Bay of Pigs...to kill Castro and his brother Raul...using Cuban marksmen who were to be infiltrated into Cuba from (the base at Guantanamo)" The authors write: "...the CIA collaborated closely with its naval hosts, on this assassination plot ONI appears to have been in the driver's seat. The officer in charge was a Navy lieutenant commander, and one of the assassins had long been under ONI control. His name was Luis Balbuena, a thickset man called El Gordo ('the Fat One')...a second marksman was Alonzo Gonzales, about whom little is known other than that he was an Episcopalian priest who had designs on being bishop of Cuba once Castro was deposed...Balbuena aditted to a US Senate investigator that he had worked with Gonzales out of Guantanamo in 1961 and confirmed that the ambitious priest was proficient with firearms...(in Aug 1961, at the hemispheric nations' conference in Uruguay, Che Cuevara) said the plot was for the killing to be followed by a mortar shelling of the base, giving the impression that enraged Cubans were taking revenge for Raul's death at the hands of counterrevolutionaries. The shelling would give the United States a 'clear-cut case' of Cuban aggression and provide a pretext for armed intervention - the old Guantanamo shell game." (This was also known as Operation Patty.)

Israel Valdez Rodriguez, Operation Patty. A frustrated attempt of assassination against Fidel and Raúl (II): https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=es&u=https://micubaporsiempre.wordpress.com/2015/08/12/operacion-patty-un-frustrado-intento-de-magnicidio-contra-fidel-y-raul-ii-cuba/&prev=search

Captain Carl F. Schenweis, who was the head of the Yankee Naval Base until shortly before these events, was one of the most active organizers of the aggressions conceived in the Operation, to the point of making evident some contradictions between elements of the CIA and the Pentagon, on the procedures to be followed. There is a hypothesis that this led to the replacement of this officer by Rear Admiral Joseph O¨Donell, former director of the Far East office...(one of) The detainees would be: José Amparo Rosabal Rosabal, known as "El Viejo". Principal of the Plan. He managed to escape the first arrests that occur when operating the case and take all the weapons. He remained hidden in several houses, until finally he was arrested on August 20, 1961..."


April-July 1961: Clarence Smeryage (note: probably Tom Clines) debriefing memo of Santiago Sanchez: Subject worked at a Santa Clara power plant as a technician controlling the electrical current. Many of his friends in the business. On 17 April 1961 Subject made contact with a (CIA) infiltration team...after the failure at Playa Giron the team reorganized the MRR in Las Villas Province...On 21 July 1961, while REDACTED and Subject were in Havana...the (CIA) infiltration team and many other members of the MRR in Las Villas...were arrested. (Discussions were about actions to take place 26 July 1961.)"

FBI Cuba 109-12-210 - Volume 63 - Serials 3162-3190

7/13/61 FBI memo, re 7/10/61 interview with REDACTED (see: 124-90102-10153, p. 13, description similar to that of Cuban veteran association and American Legion member Colonel Oscar Diaz): Cuban citizen involved with office being offered by Post 286 of American Legion, Congress Building, Miami comes to Miami FBI and informs of two plans: Plan No. 1 is to assassinate Fidel Castro. To prepare his group plans to sabotage the Fin de Sieglo department store in Havana (second in size to the El Encanto, destroyed earlier this year) and to assassinate Communist leader Dr. Carlos Rafael Rodriguez, one of Castro's closest advisors. Castro frequents the Carmelo restaurant, the Potin restaurant, and the home of a close advisor, all in Havana. The plan is to kill Castro with a car bomb, and to deliver a coup de grace if he survives the bomb. Plan 2 is to drop leaflets by a B-25 airplane all over Havana on 7/26/61.

Israel Valdes Rodriguez, Operation Patty. A frustrated attempt of assassination against Fidel and Raúl (I): https://translate.google.com/translate?hl=en&sl=es&u=https://micubaporsiempre.wordpress.com/2015/08/10/operacion-patty-un-frustrado-intento-de-magnicidio-contra-fidel-y-raul-i-cuba/&prev=search

On August 11, 1961, Cuba denounced a broad plan of self-aggression from the Guantánamo Naval Base, structured by the CIA under the name of operation Patty, which included the assassination of Fidel and Raúl in Havana and Santiago de Cuba...The main plans that the CIA and the Pentagon had for the celebrations of July 26, 1961 were the following: Project of assassination of the Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, in the moments that he took the floor in the Plaza de la Revolución. They would install a mortar in Amézaga street. This plan was planned, fundamentally by Pujals Mederos and the agent of the infiltrated CIA, Jorge García Rubio (Tony), after consultation and authorization by radio to the CIA Center, to carry out the action. Its denomination was "Plan Patty". Project of murder against the commander Raul Castro Ruz from the Cemetery of Columbus, where they counted on hidden military material and communication by Walkie Talkie. They conceived the execution, for the moments in which the Minister of the FAR would pass through Calzada Street, bordering the cemetery. The counterrevolutionary elements sought information on the existing tunnels in the place, all of which was carried out in the greatest possible secrecy. This plan was set for the first days of June. The members of the terrorist group carried out practices of throwing grenades on a farm they owned. Project of assassination of commander Raúl Castro Ruz, when he was speaking at the Estadio de Santiago de Cuba on July 26. In this plan called "Immediate Action", two variants were foreseen: Simultaneously, different actions would be carried out in the provinces of Havana, Las Villas and Camagüey, which consisted of carrying out sabotage to power lines, blasting of bridges, interruption of communications and sabotage to the Tallapiedra plant in the capital."

157-10014-10178: [No Title]

July 26, 1961: The CIA reports that the Cuban government alleged: "CIA worked to consolidate groups within the...United Resistance (UR) organization. Jose Pujals Mederos/AMCOAX-1 made an undercover visit to the US to meet with CIA officers Jim Bender (or Boulding), Harold Bishop and Carl Hitch...Mederos was appointed head of CIA operations in Cuba in place of the arrested Aldredo Izaguirre/AMPUG-1. Programs included 'self-aggression against Guantanamo to justify counter-attacks on other countries to provoke war on Cuba...through the infiltration of CIA agents Emilio Adolfo Rivero Caro/Brand/AMPANIC-7, Adolfo Mendoza (Raul) and Jorge Garcia Rubio (Tony) and others, the UR group developed a plot against Castro during the 26th of July celebration in Oriente province...the same group planned another plot the same day against Castro during a rally at Revolution Square. Meetings were held at (Guantanamo), where war material...was supplied by base commander Captain Carl E. Schenweais...plotting against Castro was undertaken...the assassination attempt was to be carried out near the home of Celia Sanchez Manduley in Vedado. CIA instructions came through contacts abroad with Tony Varona/AMDIP-1, Manuel Ray/AMBANG-1 and Aureliano Sanchez Arango/AMEER-1, and through Admiral Burke and CIA agents on Guantanamo. Weapons included explosives, mortars, high-powered rifles, and a high-powered rifle with telescopic site..."


July 18, 1962 interview with Juan Falcon, aka AMFOX-1, after his capture by Castro's government: "And what about the assassination plot against Major Raul Castro with the participation of Guantanamo Naval Base?" "Well, that was the 26th of July last year. That wasn't specifically a plan of ours. It was a plan invented by the CIA with the participation of some organizations, ours wasn't the only one. The plan contemplated various parts. That is, it contemplated an assassination attempt against Fidel and the Cabinet which was going to gather in the Civil Plaza on the 26th of July of last year. On the other part it included an assassination attempt against Raul Castro in Santiago de Cuba and another series of sabotages correlated to this, such as paralyzing the electric company, a self-aggression in Guantanamo Naval Base, and a few other smaller scale things."

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