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Cryptonym: OCELOT

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Felix Zabala. This is actually an FBI cryptonym which the CIA reported on using the OCELOT cryptonym.

104-10102-10212: MEMO: INTERNAL SECURITY - CUBA.

1977 memo from FBI Director Clarence Kelly to Director, CIA: "This is to advise of pertinent developments in a double agent operation, assigned the code name 'OCELOT', which involved a meeting between our asset and Cuban intelligence officers (CIOs) in Mexico on May 19, 1977." He was videotaped by the Cubans at that time...at p. 3: "Asset was asked about his participation in an assassination attempt of Fidel Castro in Chile in 1971. The asset stated that he had participated in the attempt with Antonio Veciana, a Cuban exile now residing in Miami...this plan was aborted by other Cuban exile participants at the last minute...asset was also questioned about a 1961 assassination attempt directed at Castro in Cuba, in which the asset participated. He acknowledged that he, Veciana, and Bernardo Pradreres (note: aka Bernardo Paradela) had at that time tried to kill Castro with a bazooka...Pradreras had hired two individuals not known to asset to do the actual firing, but when Castro finally appeared the bazooka failed to fire due to its deteriorated state from having been buried for an extended period of time...asset (had on 4/8/77) made available a photograph obtained from Antonio Veciana, which Veciana claimed to depict Lee Harvey Oswald in attendance at an Alpha 66 meeting in Dallas, Texas in 1963. Another photograph depicted Veciana as a speaker at this meeting...(the asset) was asked to point out the individual similar in description to Oswald, after which the videotaping was concluded...photographs made available by the asset were examined by FBI agents familiar with the Oswald investigation and it was determined that Lee Harvey Oswald was not depicted in these photographs..."

124-10324-10430: [RESTRICTED]

1977 FBI memo: Referring to the post above, at pp. 14-15 SJ 1849-OA (note: Felix Zabala) was revealed to be the source. Castro had wanted the videotape to prepare for a major interview, it turned out that it was an interview with Barbara Walters during May, 1977.

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