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Cryptonym: NWBOLTON

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CIA in the 1990s.


NWBOLTON is described as the CIA.


7/3/95 CIA memo stating that NVTAG has obtained driver's license info for one of two NWBOLTON/CIA employees whose identities may be exposed by the ARRB - in an effort to get the Board to change its mind.

104-10326-10069: [RESTRICTED]

9/14/95 memo to CIA Director: "...Consider alerting other stations to Cuban CA against NWBOLTON. TZKILT-79 attended ref JFK Assassination seminar in Rio which was attended by CA 100 persons first day, and between 20-30 persons subsequent days...K-79 purchased the book by Claudia Furiati and the video entitled "ZR - The Rifle that Killed Kennedy", based on the book, and produced by Furiati's husband, Nei Sroulevich. The video, as opposed to the seminar, should not be taken so lightly. It is a very well done compilation of facts, obviously interspersed with the Cuban CA line, but done in such a way that it is convincing...(that) Lee Harvey Oswald was an NWBOLTON tool who was made to look like a Communist hit man through careful staging...File: 010-009-013, TZKILT-79, 201-969899...".


1996 memo to CIA Director: "The following fax was sent to the Denver NVTAG office...in turn sent it over to us on 2 Feb. 1996 for our background. NVTAG Denver received an unsolicited two page fax from a Robert Plumlee aka Willam H. Pearson. The first page was an informal note and the second page was an actual letter..." - a 2/96 letter from Tosh Plumlee to Robert Vernon: "...In November 1990, I sabotaged the Denver magazine article "Fear and Loathing on the Assassination Trail" because the documents and information I was giving to the magazine to verify certain events I alleged, were being given to the Denver NVTAG. Boxes of government documents, pictures, names and dates were turned over to Denver magazine Doris Keller, editor, Peter Boyles, writer, Doug Vaughan, researcher. From these documents, Doug Vaughan and others used the documents and my statements to verify the fact sheet that is contained within the article. The NVTAG came to my place before the article was published and talked to me about 'incriminating' statements I had made to Denver Magazine. Shortly after that I changed names and dates in the article in an attempt to discredit the article and myself. I did not want to be part of any government probe into my past activities in behalf of the NWBOLTON and the Cuban desk...and my Cuban friends."

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