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Cryptonym: NVCANOPY

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Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). The declassified CIA Files on Nazi and Japanese Imperial Government war crimes stated that NVCANOPY was the cryptonym for the FBI.
NVCANOPY appears to have been in use in the late 1970's and early 1980's.

The declassified CIA Files on Nazi and Japanese Imperial Government war crimes stated that NVIDEA was the cryptonym for the U.S. Department of State.

CIA document: Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts: Page 41: ..."Term: NVCANOPY. Definition: US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)..."


09/25/78, Cable from Director to FR/San Francisco: Slugline WNINTEL ISOLOG SECUR: "1. Duty officer received a phone call at 0115 hours 25 September from brother of WUCLASSIC/88 advising that WUCLASSIC/88 had died of a heart attack on 23 Sept in his apartment in Monterey. Brother stated he advising RTACTION (CIA) of the death because his brother had worked 'under contract as advisor to RTACTION at one time.' 2. Brother can be reached at IDEN telephone number. 3. Assume that FR/San Francisco can call on San Francisco security field office and/or NVCANOPY to assure that all security and administrative problems arising from death in safehouse are resolved. 4. File: 201-948067...Orig: FR/3/SF (Ellam)...Coord: FR/SS (Hayes), OS/SSD/OSB (Mirabile)..Rel: C/FR/3 (Beckwith)...

104-10161-10510: OPS MEETING WITH WUCLASSIC/88.

09/25/78, Cable from FR/San Francisco to Director (Madensky Acting): Slugline WNINTEL ISOLOG SECUR: "1. Walter C. Badendick (CO) arrived Monterey circa 1900 hrs on 23 September 78 for ops meeting with WUCLASSIC/88 (C/88). Weekend agenda was to include social introduction of CO to two or three (REDACTION) targets, ostensibly as C/88's nephew in commercial alias. When C/88 did not answer dorbell, CO observed through window that chair was overturned and body on floor...Although C/88 was obviously dead, CO called emergency ambulance to be sure that all precautions were taken to save him. They arrived promptly and, after confirming that C/88 was dead, called police and deputy coroner. CO told latter he was personal friend of C/88 and did not know any relatives but that Fort Miley Veteran's Hospital in San Francisco should have that information...2. NVCANOPY and Naval Intelligence service liaison at (REDACTION) were advised morning 24 September through base liaison channel. 3. Relative C/88's brother may be referring to time when, as army officer in Philippines, C/88 served in some liaison capacity with RTACTION (CIA) regarding anti-Huk operations. 4...He subsequently reported that he had destroyed all copies of contact reports and accountings and would not keep any in future. He should, therefore, have had on premises only (A) sterile list of (REDACTION) targets, (B) current accounting due for submission 23 September and, (C) possibly one or two contact reports of social cultivation of (REDACTION). These materials should be innocuous in appearance and likely to be mistaken for materials dealing with hospitality or business activities. Of course, it is possible that he retained more than he said, but other materials he would have would be more of the same. From C/88's remarks on several occasions, his family would be favorably disposed towards RTACTION or NVCANOPY..."


02/20/80: Cable from LA/Miami to Director: WNINTEL REAM: REF: DIRECTOR 613788: "1. Substance of ref discussed with NVCANOPY rep 16 Feb. They appreciated info on ICOSOC and Gonzalez' role in it because this was new to them. Gonzalez is well known to them but apparently info on ICOSOC had not reached them. They keenly interested in this organization and will begin closer coverage of Gonzalez' activities this week. Source of funds from Belgium and Venezuela of utmost interest to NVCANOPY/Miami. Therefore, would appreciate any further info we can pass to them regarding this matter. 2. NVCANOPY/Miami wary of Gonzalez' activities and especially avowed objectives of OCOSOC. Their position is that organizations already exist and are operational that have same objectives as ICOSOC. NVCANOPY rep speculated, but could not substantiate his belief, that ICOSOC may be a scheme to make money by bilking Cuban exile community through donations to support this activity. 3. NVCANOPY/Miami will keep Fortyume advised of developments in their ICOSOC/Gonzalez investigation. 4. File: 019-120-075; 201-0275949."

Gavin McDonald

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