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Cryptonym: NIGALE

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NIGALE was probably a cryptonym related to Belgium.


12/14/62: Dispatch from Withheld to Chief, SR (Info: Chief, WE): Subject: REDWOOD/AERODYNAMIC Report on AECASSOWARY/29: ..."3. Recent Activities of A-29: A/29 wound up his reporting on ZRPENNY (activity to counter Cuban student participation in communist-sponsored world youth festival in Helsinki in 1962) in mid-September 1962. Between 13 August, when he returned from ZRPENNY, and mid-September, in addition to voluminous reporting and financial accounting on ZRPENNY, he dealt with the NIGALEs on the Kornievski case and renewed his local Ukrainian contacts in Louvain and Brussels. Starting in September, he began to get lists of names and addresses of Ukrainians and Russians living in Belgium on loan from his subsources...4. Recruitment of Subsources and Operational Support Assets: A/29 has obtained the confidential help and services of 9 persons resident in Belgium...If and when the NIGALEs have a need to know, (REDACTION) will be told whatever is necessary...14. AECASSOWARY/29's Work with the NIGALEs: Before A/29 arrived in Belgium, Headquarters will recall that Liaison was consulted and gave its blessing for him to work in Belgium...After Father Ivan Kornievski disappeared in Helsinki, Liaison asked if A/29 could come to their offices to read and do a CE analysis of the voluminous personal papers and letters which Kornievski left in his room. For this request, A/29 spent about four days in the NIGALE building in a private office after which he gave them orally an analysis of the documents plus written translations of more interesting portions...16. On their own initiative, the NIGALEs suggested that A/29, and not their own Liege office, try to cover closely the six Soviet cultural exchange students in the Liege area..."


12/03/63: Cable from Director to Brussels, WAVE, MEXI: Slugline NIGALE KEYWAY PBRUMEN: REF BRUS 8773 (IN 72408): "1. Subject aka Alberto Bayo Giraud...Uses titles general and colonel. 2. October 62 travelled as Alberto Bayo Giraudo CSR to Ireland to Canada to Cuba under Cuban PPT 1362/296365 issued Cuba 3 Sept 62. *WE Comment: Requested AKA's and ppt info on Professional Revolutionary Alberto Bayo Giroud who in Belgium."

104-10093-10441: ALBERTO BAYO

12/03/63: Cable from Mexico City to Director: Slugline NIGALE KEYWAY PBRUMEN: REF: BRUS 8773 (IN 72408): "MEXI does not have additional names. C/S Comment: *Alberto Bayo now in Belgium. Request any additional names re uses."


12/11/63: Cable from Director to JMWAVE: KEYWAY NIGALE: "For Jentons (J. Deering Danielson): Per your discussion HQs, planning have NIGALE/2 visit you 16 to 19 Feb 1964 prior his return BRUS. HQs office will escort. Advise if not convenient. WE Comment: NIGALE/2, (REDACTION) NIGALE (REDACTION) visiting HQs Feb 1964. NIGALE/2 personal friend Jentons and plan personal visit Jentons following HQs talks."

104-10182-10069: CIA FILE ON WIROGUE.

11/19/64: Cable from Director to Brussels (Info: Frankfurt, Bonn): (Orig: Jo Albright, AF/5): Slugline CABEZONE HARVARD WIROGUE: REF: FRAN 0130 (IN 22140)* "If BRUS approached by NIGALES, no point denying WIROGUE (W/1) KUBARK (CIA) connection. Review of W/1 KUBARK career indicates could do little if any danger if he revealed activities. SUBJ terminated 1962 and KUBARK has no further interest. For BRUS: relaying DIR 57448. *Fran defers Dir for guidance should Subject reveal true background."

104-10182-10069: CIA FILE ON WIROGUE.

11/27/64: Cable from Frankfurt to Brussels (Info: Director, GMNY, Bonn): Slugline CABEZONE HARVARD WIROGUE: "1. Wish point out since neither CATIDE (West German Foreign Intelligence Service - BND) nor CAVATA (West German LfV, which were the Field Offices of the BfV - Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Internal Security Service) aware SUBJ refs' true background or past KUBARK (CIA) connections, revelation this to them by NIGALES could prove embarrassing and possibly harm MKTOPAZ (CIA Technical Services Division) ODIBEX (U.S. Army) channel for obtaining political recognitions from FEDREP. 2. In view above request BRUS, in event approached, advise FRAN prior answering NIGALES so that coordinated reply may be formulated."


03/25/65: Cable from Withheld to Director (Info: FRAN, BONN, GMNY): Slugline DIZTAG CAVATA (REDACTION): "1. Request traces U.S. files only: Wernfried Pfaff, born 14 Feb 15 Brandau, Czechoslovakia, West German resident, occupation unknown (possibly sales agent for various technical firms including Phillips BRLN). During WW II Pfaff was Sicherheitsdienst Obersturmfuehrer in Czechoslovakia. Captured by Russians, was turned over to Czechs for trial and sentenced 20 years prison. Amnested 1955, Pfaff went West Germany. In initial CAVATA (note: West German LfV, which were the Field Offices of the BfV - Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Internal Security Service) interrogations Pfaff admitted both Soviet and Czechs had tried recruit him, claims he refused both. CAVATA has conflicting testimony from other former POWs. Pfaff current under discreet investigation by CAVATA, at (REDACTION) behest, following surveillance of clandestine meeting in Verviers, Belgium, 20 Feb 65, when Pfaff met by identified MV staff officer Stanislav Sroubek (REDACTION). 2. Bonn (REDACTION): Neither CAVATA nor NIGALEs aware KUBARK (CIA) in on Pfaff case, thus it important there be no discussions with liaison which would reveal we aware of above. Para 1 data on Pfaff obtained informally from (REDACTION) on condition CAVATA would not learn we aware of it. 3. Reference contains detailed report of ops details. Source of lead was (REDACTION). 4. Please indicate in replies what portions may be passed (REDACTION). Assign 201."


10/22/74: Cable from Brussels to Director (McInturff Acting): NIGALE: "1. Request any available derogatory info, for passage to (REDACTION) on Military Armament Corporation (MAC), Marietta, Georgia. According to (REDACTION) MAC recently shipped machine gun and pistol ammo to a local firm named U.S. Army surplus guns and ammunition. 2. No file."


04/27/78: Telepouch from Washington to Withheld: Subject: WTINTEL NIFLAIR NIGALE - Flemish Order of Militants..."3. Would like to both honor committee request and preserve relationship with NIGALE, if possible. Therefore, request you discuss committee request with NIGALE management. Does NIGALE have any information which indicates a contact between the VMO and Americans during period March 1968 to 1970? Would they be willing provide it? Also would NIGALE prepare report on VMO for passage to committee? Please also ask NIGAlE for permission to pass to committee VMO either sourced to NIGALE or unsourced if NIGALE would prefer. Please stress that any information provided will be classified and handled as sensitive..."

Gavin McDonald

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