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Cryptonym: NIEXIT-1

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NIEXIT-1 was possibly Fernandez Shaw, an employee of the Spanish Embassy, Washington, D.C., in February of 1965. A cable on November 27, 1963, stated Henri was NIEXIT-1.
A cable in May, 1962, mentioned that AMBLEAK-1 (Fernando Fernandez Cavada y Paris) had debriefed the subject of the cable, who he had known since 1957. The subject's beef ranch was confiscated by the Cuban state in late 1961 or early 1962, but protests from NIEXIT resulted in the ranch being returned to subject. A closing comment of the cable remarked that NIEXIT-1 indicated that the subject was American.

A cable in June of 1962 stated that NIEXIT-1 told AMBLEAK-1 that he was unable to obtain "useful vulnerability data" on Pelegrin Torras. NIEXIT-1 also mentioned that the Western diplomatic community hoped for better relations with the Cuban Foreign Ministry under Torras, and said things could not become worse than they were under Olivares. The comment about the Western diplomatic community possibly indicated that NIEXIT-1 was part of it in some way, or had access to it.

A cable in February, 1963, mentioned a report from Odila Roca via the NIEXIT-1 channel, which was submitted by AMBLEAK-1, on links between official Cuban Government agencies and Nicaraguan communists.

A memo by ONI Special Agent, T. H. Lowery, in October, 1965, stated that Enrique Lindner's mother was Odila Roca. Enrique Lindner was a member of the Unidad Revolucionaria (UR), and later a member of Comandos L and RECE. He was also an associate of Antonio Cuesta Valle, a well known Cuban exile. Moreover, a cable in February of 1965 stated that a JMWAVE investigation, into rumors circulating through Cuban exile circles in Miami that Fidel Castro had died, found that it appeared to have its origins in the Spanish Embassy in Washington, D.C. The cable stated that AMBLEAK-1 said he received a telephone call from Enrique Lindner, who had apparently learned of the rumor from Fernandez Shaw, an employee in the Spanish Embassy, Washington, D.C. Lindner was probably based in Adelphi, Maryland at this time.

104-10231-10010: CRC FINANCE REPORT FOR 1-31 MAY 1961

05/31/61: CIA document: Page 21: ..."Silvia Medina: Cecil Goudie Monteverde: Check No.: 12180. Total: $350.00. Consuelo Lindner: Enrique J. Lindner Roca: 12181: 175.00."


05/22/62: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline GYROSE: REF DIR 44558 (OUT 562027)*: "1. On 18 May AMBLEAK-1 debriefed on SUBJ ref whom he has known since 57. SUBJ arrived Cuba 56 or 57 with Belgian wife and letters introduction from Royal Bank Canada and other banks expressing intention buy beef ranch. In 57 inspected properties Las Villas with help AMBLEAK-1, and finally brought ranch Pinar del Rio with money provided by father in law. During 61 highway near ranch scene intense militia patrols and road checks. Late 61 or early 62 ranch confiscated by state, SUBJ sent wife and children Belgium and followed them several months later and may still be there. Protests from NIEXIT resulted ranch being returned SUBJ and he plans return. 2. SUBJ born CA 25, about six feet, 170 lbs, blond hair, blue eyes, square jaw, handsome, dresses well while in urban areas. Pleasant and considerate person, and became friends peasants his area Pinar del Rio. 3. WAVE interested SUBJ because of contacts with insurgent groups Pinar del Rio reported UFGA 3138. AMBLEAK-1 will report if SUBJ returns HAVA via WAVE area and WAVE would like debrief and possibly recruit. Request HQs traces and PCSA as NIEXIT-1 indicates subject American. C/S Comment: *Ref JMZIP."


06/13/62: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline GYROSE NIEXIT-1: REF DIR 13462 (OUT 88486): "NIEXIT-1 not able provide useful vulnerability data on Torras. 12 June he told AMBLEAK-1 (Fernando Fernandez Cavada y Paris) that Pelegrin Torras reputed be seasoned Marxist-Leninist and brother of Communist Jacinto Torras, who may have been influential in landing him foreign ministry job. N-1 commented Western diplomatic community hoped for better relation with FONMIN under Torras and said things could not become worse than they were under Olivares. C/S Comment: *Requested debrief SUBJ (unidentified) for vulnerability data on Pelegrin Torras."


02/16/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline TYPIC KUWOLF: "1. UR issues press release English and Spanish 12 Feb to all prop outlets with copies GON (Government of Nicaragua) and Nicaraguan press stating in sum: Reliable sources inside Cuba report secret traffic between Cuban and Nicaraguan commies via fishing boats which meet at sea to transfer cargo arms and prop material for rebellion. Among latter are postage size stamps with picture Ernesto Cesar Sandino exhorting Nicaraguans to revolt. These stamps observed being printed at GOC (Government of Cuba) official printing plant. 2. Above report from Odila Roca via NIEXIT/1 channel submitted by AMBLEAK/1 (Fernando Fernandez Cavada y Paris) on links between official GOC agencies and Nicaraguan commies. Due vagueness and lack detail report not disseminated but released to AMBLEAK/1 for KUWOLF (Psychological and Paramilitary Staff) exploitation through Unidad Revolucionaria (UR). 3. UR subsidized by WAVE and attempting expand prop capacity. Would appreciate MANA assistance replay and advise on local reaction. 4. DIR: Pouching original report and stamp exemplar."


11/27/63: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: Slugline RYBAT TYPIC AMGLEN-9 COMMO FATBID: "1. FOLL will be sent. Begin agent message 'One five nine request any personal...info collected on landing Chinese troops north coast ports and north coast defenses established last five days. Make no...aggressive attempts collect this info. Since Henri still has inclination gossip urge you and Jose tell him nothing your work. Gorda' end agent message. 2. For DIR only: Henri is NIEXIT-1."


10/08/64: CIA document: Pages 2-3: ..."2. Foreign Affairs...d. Enrique Lindner, delegate in Adelphi, Maryland..."


02/16/65: Cable from JMWAVE to Director: "1. Circa 2000 hours 15 Feb rumors started circulating Miami exile colony that Fidel Castro had been killed. WAVE investigation this rumor reveals it appears to have its origins in Spanish Embassy Washington but there no hard intel available to confirm this rumor. 2. AMBLEAK-1 states he one of several Miami exiles who received telecons 15 Feb from Washington contacts telling them Spanish Embassy Washington had obtained coded cable 15 Feb from Havana saying Fidel had been killed. AMBLEAK-1 states he received call from Mr. Enrique Lindner who learned of rumor from Mr. Fernandez Shaw, employee Spanish Embassy Washington. 3. AMPEARL-1 states UPI New York querying UPI Havana 16 Feb re Fidel health. AMPEARL-1 learned about this UPI query from UPI Rep. Miami Adolfo Merino."


10/01/65: Memorandum for the files from T. H. Lowery, Special Agent, ONI: Subject: Lindner (Roca), Enrique Edgardo...1826 Metarot Road, Adelphi, Maryland: Employer: Mid-City Sales Corp., 1401 Rhode Island Ave., N.E., Wash., D.C.: ..."2. On 22 Sep 1965, Capt Kidd furnished the following information, via telephone, to Supervising Agent T. Fason. On that date, Subject had visited the office of CNO and had told Capt Kidd that he had a friend who on that day was fitting a patent on a stabilizer that would allow small boats to operate in rough waters. He described the un-named friend as an anti-Castro fighter and stated the friend wished to present his invention to the Navy, free of charge, if the Navy could benefit from its use. Subject stated he would bring his friend to the Office of CNO on 23 Sep 1965...3...INS files indicated Subject entered the United States at Miami, Florida, from Cuba, on 7 Aug 1960, and is in an indefinite voluntary departure status. His immigration number is A12170883...Subject was born at Marianao, Cuba, on 3 Nov 1931. His father was Federico Lindner and his mother was Odila Roca. He first entered the U.S. as a student on 7 Jul 1947. He departed the U.S. on 21 Mar 1951...4. On 23 Sep 1965, Subject and a companion arrived at the office of CNO. Subject introduced his companion as Antonio Cuesta...Subject gave Capt Kidd an envelope which contained printed matter evaluating the use of fishing craft by the Soviets in the Caribbean in matters of espionage. The material dated Aug 1965, was prepared by 'Movimiento Unidad Revolucionaria,' 10 S.E. 9th St., Miami, Florida. The material was released to OP-921E..."


05/24/66: Memorandum from SAC, WFO to Director: Subject: CHANGED COMANDOS L, aka Comandos De Liberacion..."The title of instant case is being 'Changed' to include the name 'COMANDOS DE LIBERACION' as an additional name of captioned organization as furnished by Enrique Lindner and Raul E. Gramatges, both of whom are sources of information in WFO...WF T-2 is Enrique Lindner, further described in the LHM, who requested his identity be concealed..."


01/06/67: FBI report from Washington, D.C. Titled: Anti-Castro Activities, Internal Security - Cuba: "On November 30, 1966, WF T-1 furnished what he described as an envelope containing propaganda from Comando L, which he described as the only active anti-Castro organization in the Washington, D.C. area. WF T-1 identified the leader of Comando L, in Washington, D.C., as one Enrique Lindner, with whom he is not personally acquainted. Upon examination of the material furnished by WF T-1, it was determined to be all in the Spanish language and to consist of the following...2. A letter dated October 12, 1966 at Washington, D.C., which was a lengthy and colorful patriotic plea for Cubans to contribute to the liberation of Cuba. This letter was signed by Enrique Lindner Roca...On December 16, 1966, WF T-2 furnished the following information which he had obtained from Enrique Lindner Roca: Lindner acknowledged that he had sent the above described material to 985 Cubans in the Washington, D.C. area. He noted that the above was done at his own expense, and completely independent of any assistance from any anti-Castro organization. Lindner told the informant that he was not the leader of Comando L in Washington D.C., nor of any other anti-Castro organization. He is a sustaining member of RECE and Comando L...These contributions consisted of two $2 contributions, from people in the United States and one $1 contribution from somebody, possibly a United States soldier, in Vietnam. Lindner was puzzled as to how his appeal reached Vietnam. According to WF T-2, Lindner is deeply concerned over the apathy of the Cuban people in the United States, and is extremely disillusioned by the lack of response to his appeal. He intends no further action of this type..."

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