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Cryptonym: MKCOSMOS

A CIA training camp, almost certainly involved in technical services.
The better known CIA training camps are ISOLATION, also known as "The Farm" and Camp Peary in Virginia, as well as ISOMETRIC (probably in North Carolina) and ISOTROPIC.


Re 1964: Undated: Draft cable to Withheld: Slugline WNINTEL RYBAT KMSTONE MHSPIKE: REF: (REDACTION)31409, (IN 097618): "1. Ricardo Morales Navarette (201-0285923) was born 14 June 1939 in Havana, Cuba. In October 1960 he took refuge in the Brazilian Embassy in Havana and on 29 November 1960 he entered the U. S. at Miami as a Cuban refugee. He is self-admitted former G-2 agent. Morales was first spotted and recruited in Miami in January 1964 to be used as a radio operator and member of paramilitary infiltration team. He was successfully polygraphed on 10 February 1964. He was paid a salary of $200 per month effective 1 May 1964. He was terminated on 26 August 1964 and was never used in a BKHERALD (CIA) sponsored mission. He had received training in Miami, as well as ISOMETRIC and MKCOSMOS. He volunteered and signed up for a paramilitary action in the Congo in September 1964. Although he received training toward the Congo mission, he never served. Morales was apparently turned over to the FBI in 1968 by Miami Station. In October 1972, (REDACTION) registered Morales with Miami Station as their source. 2. The following may be passed to JAGUAR (MI-5) if (REDACTION) believes would be of interest..."


06/16/98: Memorandum from Frieda Omasta, Associate Information Review Officer, DDA to Historical Review Program (ATTN: JFK Project Officer): Subject: ISOLATION, ISOMETRIC, ISOTROPIC, MKCOSMOS: "1. This is in response to your request that we review the attached material and provide you with a determination as to whether ISOLATION, ISOMETRIC or ISOTROPIC can be released. We also reviewed the material with respect to MKCOSMOS as well. 2. The Directorate of Administration (DA) has completed its review and we have determined that ISOLATION and ISOMETRIC must continued to be withheld. We forwarded your request to the Directorate of Science and Technology (DS&T) and DS&T has determined that ISOTROPIC and MKCOSMOS must continue to be withheld as well. I have identified below the documents in which these terms are used. Document No: 104-10177-10248. Crypts: ISOLATION and ISOTROPIC. 104-10177-10228. ISOLATION and ISOTROPIC. 104-10177-10231. ISOLATION and ISOMETRIC. 104-10177-10230. ISOMETRIC and MKCOSMOS. 3. Copies of these documents referred to above are returned herewith these terms highlighted in yellow for deletion. Also returned are three documents that did not contain this information (10197, 10198 and 10199). This concludes DA action on this request. If you have any questions, please call Frieda on 31201 or Becky on 31204." Also see p. 10 of the posted document, showing that ISOMETRIC was a CIA facility location under military cover.

Bill Simpich

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