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Cryptonym: MHSPIKE

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Unknown identity. MHSPIKE was included as a slug in cables in the files of Luis Posada, Rolando Otero and Ricardo Morales Navarette.

104-10220-10028: CIA FILE ON ROLANDO OTERO.

05/07/76: Cable to Santiago (Info: Caracas, Santo Domingo, San Jose): FUBARGAIN MHSPIKE Y: "1. FBI has been advised of Otero's arrest by DINA. FBI now trying arrange his extradition through (REDACTION) legatt. A. (REDACTION) please advise legatt (REDACTION) name of Chilean service holding Otero so extradition can be requested. B. Santiago please advise IDEN Ref B Otero is federal fugitive and extradition being requested. If Otero released request advance notice his immediate destination and onward travel for FBI monitoring. 2. File: 201-284811." - - - MHSPIKE was also included as a slug in cable on page 50 in this file. - - - 2022 release, page 44: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10220-10028.pdf

104-10178-10002: POSADA, LUIS CLEMENTE.

10/00/76: Cable to Director: Slugline WNINTEL RYBAT KMSTONE MHSPIKE: "1. We share headquarters concern re arrest of WKSCARLET-3 (W-3) (note: Luis Posada) and possibility of suspicion/additional charges BKHERALD (CIA) connection with bombing. In addition to intel reporting, station continuously assessing events in relation to most recent developments and we are in close coordination with ambassador. We are unable to report any first-hand information from W-3 or WKTANGO-1 (W-1) (note: probably Orlando Garcia Vasquez) due to limitations established by ambassador. Prior to bombing incident Bradspies attempted to contact W-3 regarding apparently unrelated matter in Ref B: After incident and initial report from WKSCARLET-5 from WKSCARLET-3, attempts to contact W-3 were stopped and later were prohibited by ambassador..."

104-10173-10171: FOLDER ON LESNICK, MAX

10/29/76: Cable to Withheld: Slugline WNINTEL RYBAT PBRAMPART MHSPIKE Y: "1. The following information (less 201's) may be passed to the 470th for its internal info only: (REDACTION). Arrived in U.S. with wife and baby as a refugee on 13 March 1963. Issued permanent U.S. alien registration (REDACTION) in June 1965. (REDACTION). c. Requested traces (REDACTION) and asked HQs indicate what info could be passed to the 470th."


12/10/76: Cable to Director (Info: London): Slugline WNINTEL RYBAT KMSTONE MHSPIKE: "1. WKDIET-2 (D-2) reported on 10 December that Ricardo Morales Navarrete (201-0285923) is back (REDACTION) D-2, who knows Morales personally, saw and talked to him around 2 December at the (REDACTION) Hilton Hotel where WKTANGO-1 (probably Orlando Garcia Vasquez) maintains quarters. Morales asked D-2 not to say anything re his presence here. 2. Above info will be included in intel that follows:. 3. File: 201-0285923." - - - MHSPIKE was also included as a slug in cables on pages 3, 6, 23-24, 38, and 54 in this file. - - - 2022 release, page 11: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10177-10226.pdf


12/13/76: Dispatch from COS, Santo Domingo to Chief, Latin American Division: Subject: MHSPIKE - List of CORU Members in Miami: REF: SANTO DOMINGO 17911: "Forwarded herewith is Subject list of names, addresses and phone numbers provided by source of Reference. Also forwarded herewith is the April 1975 issue of Sport Grafico, which has photo coverage (pp 20-21) of the jump competition between the 'Halcones Dorados Cubanos' and the 'Tigres Dorados Dominicanos.' Rutherford J. Lyner." - - - 2022 release: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10073-10195.pdf


Undated: Draft cable to London (Info: Caracas): Slugline WNINTEL RYBAT KMSTONE MHSPIKE: REF: CARACAS 31409, (IN 097618): "1. Ricardo Morales Navarette (201-0285923) was born 14 June 1939 in Havana, Cuba. In October 1960 he took refuge in the Brazilian Embassy in Havana and on 29 November 1960 he entered the U. S. at Miami as a Cuban refugee. He is self-admitted former G-2 agent. Morales was first spotted and recruited in Miami in January 1964 to be used as a radio operator and member of paramilitary infiltration team. He was successfully polygraphed on 10 February 1964. He was paid a salary of $200 per month effective 1 May 1964. He was terminated on 26 August 1964 and was never used in a BKHERALD (CIA) sponsored mission. He had received training in Miami, as well as ISOMETRIC and MKCOSMOS. He volunteered and signed up for a paramilitary action in the Congo in September 1964. Although he received training toward the Congo mission, he never served. Morales was apparently turned over to the FBI in 1968 by Miami Station. In October 1972, BNDD (DEA predecessor) registered Morales with Miami Station as their source. 2. The following may be passed to JAGUAR (MI-5) if station London believes would be of interest..." - - - 2022 release: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10177-10230.pdf

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