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Cryptonym: MHSAVVY-1

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Probably Juan Paula. Formerly AMTIKI-1. The Official History of the Bay of Pigs Operation states that his true name was Manuel F. Goudie.


06/04/73, Memo for the record: "1. Attached is an additional report from MHSAVVY/1 explaining his contacts with those involved in the Watergate affair. 2. The individuals numbered in the report are: Identity 1: Gonzales. Identity 2: Hunt. Identity 3: McCord. Identity 4: Barker. Identity 5: Martinez. Identity 6: Sturgis." Page 3: "Adding more information to what Mario gave in his Memo to A. Friday 25th, and correcting certain things of which Mario was not fully aware, I wish to say the following: Individual 1: I met him for the first time 5 or 6 years ago, when I needed some lock work to be done in my Jewelry Store. I called the M.L. Key Shop over the telephone, and he was the individual who was sent over to do my work. In several other opportunities that I have needed lock work, I have called the same place over the telephone and he has always been the individual sent over to do the work...The last time I saw him was about three years ago when he did the last work in my jewelry store. I am pretty confident that he is not aware of my present connections and he surely believes that I am hundred per cent involved in the jewelry business. It is also my belief that prior to the recent operation he was neither connected with the same people we have been. Individual 2: This individual was my first 'contact' in 1960, introduced to me by Bender in New York. He was at that time in charge of what we used to call the 'civilian part' of the operation. He left after the failure of the invasion and gave me a Post Office Box number in Washington, which I don't remember now. I wrote to him two or three friendly letters. The last time I saw him was July 5, 1961, at the Hilton Hotel in Washington, when I was called to inform about how the rate of payments to the dependents of the brigaders had been established. Individual 3: I never met this individual. (CONTINUED BELOW).


06/04/73, Memo for the record: "Individual 4: I met this individual at La Moderne Hotel in Miami around May or June 1960, being present at that meeting the members of the Cuban Democratic Revolutionary Front (Turned into C.R.C. afterwards). This individual was the interpreter between Bender and members of C.D.R.F. After that meeting I saw him in two or three opportunities, but accidentally. When Joe Birley took charge as my 'contact', this individual started to act as interpreter between Joe and I, but I was not pleased with the way he conducted himself as an interpreter and I asked Joe to substitute him. Mario started to act as interpreter ever since. The last time I saw him was in the last meeting he acted as interpreter between Joe and I. Individual 5: This individual was a classmate of mine in the Havana High School around 1939, with whom I had nothing more than an acquaintance rather than a friendship. I have had no contact with him whatsoever ever since, and I think I saw him the last time having lunch in a restaurant in Miami, in which opportunity I just saw him but did not even say hello to him or spoke with him. Individual 6: I have never met or seen this individual."

104-10225-10012: CIA FILE ON ( )SHELL-5

01/07/75, Memo from Cecil D. Bartilucci, CCS/MHMUTUAL to C/LA/COG/CI. Subject: MHMUTUAL/MHSAVVY: ". MHSAVVY/2 received this date a letter in his (REDACTION) post office box of the following substance: (Envelope mailed November 29, 1974) 'November 27, 1974: Hogarama Discount, 2225 West Flagler Street, Telephone 541-2395. 'Dear Joe: Please call me when you receive this letter. You can call me at my new business with the telephone number given above or you can call me at my home after 10:00 p.m. Home Number 846-1345. Thank you. Miguel.' 2. A copy of the original letter in Spanish is being forwarded by MHSAVVY/2 to MHMUTUAL. When receive it will, in turn, be forwarded to LA/COG/CI. MHSAVVY/1 and 2 state that Hogarama Discount is owned by Miguel Diaz Izalgue. Further, MHSAVVY/1 states that he knows this man was in contact with BKHERALD some years ago."


10/00/79, Footnote: "Juan Paula was, in fact, Manuel F. Goudie."

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