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Cryptonym: MHDOWEL

A descriptor for the revelations in 1967 about the CIA's subsidies to the National Student Association, unions, businesses, foundations, and various other groups in the public sphere.

104-10107-10137: HERBERT ITKIN

1/31/69, Memorandum for the Record by assistant general counsel John K. Greaney: A CIA staff agent wrote a monograph in 1964 which "was performed under a grant from a foundation which was blown in the MHDOWEL exposures."

Church Committee: Book VI - Supplementary Reports on Intelligence Activities Current Section: XI. Central Intelligence Agency

In the March 1967 issue of Ramparts, "the disclosure was made that the CIA had, for fifteen years, subsidized the nation's largest student organization, the National Student Association/(WSCHILD)...eventually it became known that the Agency funneled money directly or indirectly into a panoply of business, labor and church groups, the universities, charitable organizations, and educational and cultural groups...(includes a list of foundations and other organizations)"


5/8/67 memo to Director, slugline MHORDER MHDOWEL. MHDOWEL apparently refers to the second paragraph of this two paragraph communication: "Pak Times, WAWN, and Morning News 8 May carried articles on CIA subsidising European trade unions. Quoted from Thomas Braden interview published in Los Angeles Times 6 May."

104-10218-10009: [RESTRICTED]

"While in Mexico, TICHBORN (note: real name Henry Lopez) acted as an unofficial legal adviser for the Center of Studies and Documentation which was mentioned in the MHDOWEL flap as being funded by a CIA conduit. However, there was no publicity in Mexico which linked him with the center. Similarly, there was apparently no public exposure of the funding of the intellectual magazine with which he was connected, 'Dialogos', by other CIA conduits. There is no available evidence that his security has been compromised by the MHDOWEL flap."

104-10059-10026: Indications of the Scope and Possible Damage of New Allegations by Ramparts Magazine

11/22/68 memo from Charles Katek, Chief, Central Cover Staff to DDP: "Attached hereto are annexes listing and discussing the several categories of organizations on the Ramparts list. Annex A deals with the two organizations on the list which are still of active operational interest. Both received press attentions during MHDOWEL. Annex B lists and discusses under several sub-categories the 42 organizations with which the Agency has had some direct or indirect operational ties in the past which were not cited in the press during MHDOWEL. Annex C lists the 45 organizations included in the April 1968 list which had former Agency operational ties which were subject to press allegations during MHDOWEL..."

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