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Cryptonym: MARTE

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Operation to seize Baracoa and launch a false flag attack on Guantanamo during the Bay of Pigs.

Paul Bethel, The Losers, p. 259

The plan of the CIA was to unite the tough outside force with resistance groups which they had been training inside Cuba, over which they had complete control...Operation Marte (had an) action phase...to seize and to maintain control of critical areas of government activities...to prepare the way for a major landing of outside forces...the eleven-man ‘reception committee’ which had set out from nearby Guantanamo Naval Base had met with disaster...two of them fell, exploding detonators among plastic explosives they were carrying, killing and wounding several of the party...”

1993.07.27.09:30:32:310600: HSCA REVIEW FILE FOR GERALD P. HENNING, JR

An FOIA/PA request by Gerry Hemming included a request for documents referring to "Operation 'Marte' during 1960-1961, involving former Cuban Rebel Army officers, including but not limited to: (A) Roberto 'Tico' Herrera, (B) Argamiro Fonseca (note: AMTRIGON-1), (C) Aton Constanzo Palau, among others."

Bill Simpich

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