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Cryptonym: LPMEDLEY

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LPMEDLEY was possibly a cryptonym for an operation opening mail to and from USSR.

Church Committee: Book III - Supplementary Detailed Staff Reports on Intelligence Activities and the Rights of Americans Current Section: E. NSA's Participation

Page 775: ..."3. CIA Cover Support: To alleviate the administrative burden entailed by these daily roundtrips, NSA in 1966 sought to find a place in New York City where the tapes could be duplicated. (186) NSA Deputy Director Tordella requested that the CIA provide 'safe' space where this operation could be conducted. The CIA agreed to rent office space in lower Manhattan, under the guise of a television tape processing company, where the tape duplication process could be carried out. (187) CIA designated this project 'LPMEDLEY.' The cover support began in November 1966 and lasted until August 1973, when CIA terminated its part of the program. (188) Tordella was told that the CIA General Counsel was 'concerned about any kind of operation in which the CIA was engaged in the continental United States. Regardless of whether CIA was doing anything so small as renting an office, he said 'get out of it.'' (189) NSA subsequently moved its duplicating operation to new office space in Manhattan, where it remained until SHAMROCK was terminated in 1975. (190)..."

178-10003-10453: [No Title]

06/26/75: SSCIA document: Pages 11-12: "FILES: The following files are requested...9. LPMEDLEY..."

157-10014-10189: [No Title]

09/17/75: SSCIA document: "INTERVIEW AND MEETING SUMMARY: Summary of an interview with Lou Tordella. Interview took place in Carroll Arms, Room 610 on September 17, 1975 at 2:30 pm. Present were Tordella, Ray Tadaki, who like Tordella is from NSA, Britt Snider and Eric Richard from the Senate Select Committee. (NOTE: This summary of the discussion with Tordella does not cover his comments concerning Project LPMEDLEY. For information on that matter, see the summary by Britt Snider)..."


ARRB document: Research and Analysis: Acronyms/Abbreviations/Crypts/Organizations Identification Aid: Page 30: ..."LPMEDLEY: CIA crypt for operation opening mail to and from USSR (?)..."

Gavin McDonald

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