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Cryptonym: LPDICTUM

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LPDICTUM/LPSPICE was an investment company. As of September 1973, it had invested over $100,000 in Petrolcos Mexicanos, S.A. Mexico. LPDICTUM/WUSALINE was also a investment company. Both companies were dissolved between 1965-1975, but their officers may have maintained links with the CIA

157-10014-10144: [No Title]

"Numerous 'shelf' corporations are kept available to provide cover. These latter entities are generally only of the notional variety and pose no threat either competitively or in terms of domestic activity beyond the Agency's charter. Nonetheless, the Agency has emphasized the need to retain this general vehicle for at least one purpose: To retain assets. The CCS (Cover and Commercial Staff) has indicated that a method is needed to keep 'good men' who are loyal, but who need continuing work in both their ordinary and also somewhat byzantine fields. Consequently, proprietaries offer a viable alternative to solve this dilemma of maintaining assets. (at pages 65-66:) ...In a very real sense it is nearly impossible to evaluate whether a 'link' still exists between the Agency and a former asset related to a proprietary because circumstances can be conceived of whereby even though formal and informal Agency ties are discontinued, social and other ties remain. The impact of such liaisons is difficult to assess. The following entities were dissolved during (1965-1975)...(at p. 69) 9/73: Under investment companies, there are three listings: LPDICTUM/K, LPDICTUM/LPSPICE, and LPDICTUM/WUSALINE. (at p. 126:) LPDICTUM/LPSPICE was an investment company which was dissolved. As of March 31, 1973, it had invested $100,080 in Petrolcos Mexicanos, S.A. Mexico."

Bill Simpich

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