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Cryptonym: LNCOLLAR

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Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) - formed in the early 1970s.

180-10145-10353: 180-10145-10353

"Indicates (Grayston) Lynch connected with LNCOLLAR from 1973-1975, having been recruited by Lucien Conein while in retirement from CIA. Lynch describing activities on behalf of LNCOLLAR, difficulties in employment there, problems especially for ex-CIA employees and assets."


7/1/77 interview with Grayston Lynch by LA/Ops Grady A. Vickers: "Lynch said he had absolutely no knowledge of assassinations, attempts or plans by anyone in the Agency during his tour...(NOTE: Lynch is rather anti-Kennedy, especially Bobby, with whom he was in a shouting match during a hearing on the Bay of Pigs invasion.)...(at page 6 of 8) When Lynch retired from the Agency, he moved to Key West. He came to the attention of DEA, especially to Lou Conine (note: Conein misspelled), an ex-Agency officer now with DEA. Lynch called Conine an SOB and worse. He went into a long explanation of his activities with DEA in Key West. In summary, he was a P/A and ran a string of informants. Because of internal DEA politics, he was blown and left dangling on a string in Key West. He had to leave town within 24 hours and left his people (informants) there without calling or warning them. As a result, he lost friends, prestige with his informants (many of them Cuban exiles) and his business in Key West. In general terms, he was treated very shabbily by DEA and regrets ever having mixed with them...Lynch was also aware of another ex-Agency employee, (fnu - Felix?) Rodriguez, who was to go to Mexico under DEA 'deep cover'. According to Lynch, Rodriguez was to be involved in assassination operations against Mexican dealers and pushers. Instead, Rodriguez ended up in El Paso for about a year and is now in Miami. The undersigned personally knew Rodriguez, but did not know of his specific assignment within DEA."

Associated Press, 5/31/82: "CIA-Trained Cubans Reported Running Drugs"

"(Grayston Lynch says) he was involved in (the) 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion, trained anti-Castro agents secretly in South Florida from 1961 to 1963 and was assigned to the Drug Enforcement Agency in 1971. (note: ODALE became DEA in 1973). One of their main tasks was smuggling men and weapons in and out of Cuba."


"Traces provided in October 1986 indicate Francois George Albert (Genoud), subject of REDACTED, is a shady lawyer, businessman, and publisher...in Lausanne, Switzerland. He has a long history of rightwing, pro-Nazi, and pro-Arab activities in the 1960s and 1970s...He helped finance Adolph Eichmann's defense...He was charged with arranging legal defense for Klaus Barbie...Genoud is a close associate of Jacques Verges..a defense lawyer for terrorist figures...We have requested full traced from LNCOLLAR..."

Bill Simpich

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