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Cryptonym: LNBUZZ

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The declassified CIA Files on Nazi and Japanese Imperial Government war crimes stated that LNBUZZ was the cryptonym for the U.S. Government.


CIA document: Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts: Page 38: ..."Term: LNBUZZ. Definition: U.S. Government..."

104-10176-10005: LIRING-3

08/15/72: "Agent Termination Report: 1. Agent Cryptonym: LITAMIL-7. 2. Project Identification: LITAMIL. 3. Agent recruited By: LITAMIL-3...7. Agent dismissed By: Gerald D. Fahlanger...10. Reason for and Manner of Dismissal: She retired from her position in the embassy. Termination by Fahlanger was done at a meeting with her. 11. Letter of Termination Signed: No. She was not witting of her role for LNBUZZ, and was not receiving a specific monthly salary."


05/29/73: Dispatch from Chief, Africa Division to COS, Withheld: Subject: Headquarters' Traces on the Military Armament Corporation: ..."2. WerBell was born on 8 March 1918 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He served in the OSS and was of interest to BKHERALD (CIA) in 1959 when it was discovered that he was involved with anti-Castro plotters in the Dominican Republic. He was granted a POA in August 1959 but this was cancelled in October 1959 when his information proved to be of little value and it was suspected that he was using BKHERALD funds to promote personal interests. He has subsequently attempted to pass himself as LNBUZZ connected and as a BKHERALD employee...3. In that Mr. WerBell is a WODUAL (American or United States, but not US Government) citizen, the above information should not be passed to CGPAT/1. However, the Station could inform CGPAT/1 that the Military Armament Corporation has an unsavory reputation and, although it may have permission from NVIDEA (U.S. Department of State) to export arms, it has no LNBUZZ connections and that any dealings with the corporation should be approached with extreme caution. Luther S. Penagelia." Originating Officer: (REDACTION), AF/5/E. Coordinating Officer: (REDACTION), CI/OPS. Releasing Officer: (REDACTION), DC/AF/5.

104-10178-10001: POSADA, LUIS CLEMENTE

02/19/76: Cable from Director to Caracas, San Jose (Info: Withheld): Slugline RYBAT VWLOFTY: Pages 2-3: ..."LA Comment...Ref D - Please advise if Orlando Bosch arrest in Costa Rica due to passage of W-3 info. If so, suggest no further dissem of W-3 info outside LNBUZZ since risk of compromise to W-3 running too high..."


02/27/76: Personal Security Questionnaire by Charlotte Bustos-Videla: Page 2: ..."c. I cannot recall, but I think when I opened charge accounts in 1951 I put LNBUZZ. Any recent (past 15 years) applications were under a cover organization..."

Gavin McDonald

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