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Cryptonym: LIREAM

Dialogos, a left wing intellectual publication funded by the CIA in the 1960s. The editor was known in the CIA as Edward Tichborn - his true name was Henry Lopez.

104-10218-10009: [RESTRICTED]

July 1966: "At present Tichborn (true name Henry Lopez) runs a REDACTED Station funded left wing intellectual publication (LIREAM). His cover in Mexico is nominal and he attributes his presence and activities primarily to his connections in the legal field through his former partner's law firm and his own intellectual interests." See p. 20: "there was apparently no public exposure of the funding of the intellectual magazine with which he (Tichborn/Lopez) was connected, 'Dialogos', by other CIA conduits. There is no available evidence that his security has been compromised by the MHDOWEL flap." The MHDOWEL flap was the expose of the CIA by Ramparts magazine in 1967.

104-10174-10064: FOLDER ON (ASSET)

Henry P. Lopez is identified as the editor-publisher of Dialogos, a Mexican literary magazine.

Bill Simpich

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