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Cryptonym: LIPSTICK-19

Juan Nepomuseno Frias Ramirez, using the pseudonym of Oliver Scantling in Mexico City. He had this crypt until 1958.
Ramirez's cryptonym changed to LIEMPTY-2 in 1958, and he kept it until 1965.

104-10211-10362: DISPATCH: LIPSTICK-19

11/04/63, Dispatch from Chief, WH Division to COS, Mexico: "Attached is a copy of the LCFLUTTER interview of LIPSTICK-19. An identity is forwarded under separate cover.....HQs File Number: 201-79171."


11/16/78, CIA document from Anne Goodpasture: Page 259: ...."*WILSTED was a technical sergeant with the Air attache in Mexico from 1946 to 1948. He then worked for the Department of Agriculture, Hoof and Mouth Control Unit, until 1951 when the office he was with closed. He was married to a Mexican, Olga A. PARFINIK, who was the sister of Oliver G. SCANTLING (201-79171) of the LIRAZOR Project."


11/16/78, CIA document from Anne Goodpasture: Page 264: ...."*SCANTLING had the cryptonym LIPSTICK-19 until 1958 and LIEMPTY-2 until 1965 when he became a singleton agent under Project LIRAZOR. He provided cover for an office and the automobiles for the LIPSTICK Project until (REDACTION)."

Bill Simpich, State Secret, Chapter 4: https://www.maryferrell.org/pages/State_Secret_Chapter4.html

..."Like LIENVOY, LIFEAT snooped mostly on people on the left. The phone calls made by the FDR-style former president of Guatemala, Juan Jose Arevalo – referred to as the 'Latin American exile' – accounted for 60% of the LIFEAT production. [81] Scott’s agents made threats that terrorized Arevalo’s family. During 1963, on orders from headquarters, station chief Win Scott conducted a self-described harassment campaign against Arevalo. This harassment included agent 'Oliver Scantling' aka Juan Nepomuseno Frias Ramirez mailing 'poisoned' candy to Arevalo's family (which included five children) as he campaigned for a second chance to serve as president while in exile in Mexico City. [82]..."

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