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Cryptonym: LIHUFF

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Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales y Economicas (IISE), A. C., an anti-communist organization in Mexico with emphasis on students, economics, civil pressure and propaganda. Financed by the Mexico City station.
LIHUFF organized a student group known as the Movimento Universitario de Renovadora Orientacion (MURO). Their activities were principally concentrated at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM).


7/25/55 letter from Istituto shows LIHUFF board of directors - addressed to Newsweek - expressing hopes "Mr. Hazlitt" will be better soon. Could this be CIA officer Tom Hazlett?


12/7/62 dispatch from Mexico City station to San Salvador station: "LIHUFF is a local organization dedicated to fighting Communism in Mexico with emphasis on students, economics, civic pressure and propaganda in general. This operation is independent, but Station exercises some control by financing through LIHUFF/1, head of the organization."

104-10219-10067: (ASSET) (LIHUFF) VOL. I - 50-124-28/4 (PRODUCTION)

"LIHUFF has been very active in student affairs. Activities have principally been at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM)...the Movimento Universitario de Renovadora Orientacion (MURO) (is a ) strongly and outspokenly anti-Communist group...in addition to open debate in classes, in the political campaigns, and in small gatherings, MURO has had a group of shock troops who have demonstrated their willingness to do actual battle with the Communists."

104-10218-10047: (ASSET) (LIHUFF) OPERATIONS.

06/17/64: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Subject: Operational/Project LIHUFF Assessment: "1. Background: a. LIHUFF (Identity 1) was founded in 1953 by a group of Mexican businessmen to spread the principles of free enterprise and private initiative. Since then, it has established numerous influential contacts and relationships and engaged in a number of anti-Communist and other activities. It has held meetings of various types and congresses, in which the dangers of Communism was the central theme; it has published books, pamphlets, and newsletters on Communism as well as the dangers of economic socialism. It has organized a student group (Identity 2); it has established and maintained Latin American contacts in the student and economic/business fields; it has engaged in considerable press placement on various matters involving private initiative and the Communist threat; and it has accumulated a file of basic data on events and individuals revolving about Communism and Socialism that would be difficult for any private Mexican group to duplicate...b. LIHUFF and its sponsors are considered in terms of the Mexican scene as extreme right-wing conservatives; however, on the PBPRIME (U.S.) scene they would be considered more as centrists..." - - - Page 143: "Identities: 1 - Instituto de Investigaciones Sociales y Economicas, A.C. 2 - M.U.R.O..."

104-10218-10044: (ASSET) (LIHUFF), DEVELOPMENT AND PLANS, 50-124-28/1

1965: "The objective of this project is to provide for the operational and administrative support for a high-level contract agent, LIHUFF-1, who has access and is a participant in the right-wing political elements and organizations in Mexico; and through one of these contacts, has access to a right-wing student group (principally at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico - UNAM)...The Mexico Station makes no effort to justify this project on the basis of positive intelligence disseminations. The information is primarily for background. It is often too sketchy for formal dissemination and is frequently overtaken by public events before a dissemination can be made. LIHUFF-1 meets regularly with and is handled directly by Willard C. Curtis (Win Scott), Chief of Station Mexico...During the past project year LIHUFF-1 has provided the Station with the following general categories of information: 1. Memoranda on leftists or Communist affiliation of members of the Mexican intellectual and official community...2. Information on Catholic Church activities in Mexico, including press clippings on the rightist student action group...MURO (LIEVICT) active at the...UNAM, the Universities of Puebla, Guadalajara and Michoacan...In August 1965, Chief PBSWING (American Embassy) asked for a complete report on 'Los Tecos', a right-wing secret society of which MURO is a student arm. This information was required by Chief, PBSWING to make a decision on the application of the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara (UAG) for certain U.S. Government-sponsored monetary grants of several hundred thousand dollars to be used for development of this anti-Communist University which is competitive with the Communist dominated University of Guadalajara; 3. Anti-Communist publications from LIHUFF-2's right-wing research center and MURO student publications..."

104-10218-10044: (ASSET) (LIHUFF), DEVELOPMENT AND PLANS, 50-124-28/1

Circa June 1965: Appendix I of Project LIHUFF (N.B. some spellings are probably wrong): "Principal officers of the IISE: Lic. Agustin Navarro V., Lic. Carlos Sanchez Mejorada, Enrique Unithoff, Hugo Salinas, Lic. Gustavo R. Velasco, Ing. Jose Rivera R., Lic. Pedro Alpe Gais, Anibal de Iturbide, Mariano R. Suarez, Ing. Jose de la Macorra, Jacobo Perez Barroao, Lic. Arturo Bueno Y Urquidi, Lic. Carlos Lopez de Llargo, Ernesto J. Ameboca, Guillermo Guliardo Davis, Jose A. Escardon, Lic. Eduardo Prieto Lopez, Antonio L. Rodriguez, Tomas O. Coarasa, Lic. Antonio Perez Verdia Jr., Adolfo I. Riveroll, Federico Sanchez Fogarty, Clemente Barma Martinez, Cayetano Blanco Vigil, Felix Diaz Garma, Enrique Avala Medina."

104-10218-10047: (ASSET) (LIHUFF) OPERATIONS.

7/19/65: Cable from Mexico City: "1. Sam Southwell until very recently Public Affairs Officer (USIA) at consulate in Guadalajara. Pataker and Curtis saw Southwell at his request on 10 May 1965 in Embassy Mexico City. 2. Southwell reported an approach by 'certain members' of 'Los Tecos' right-wing catholic group (called fascist by LITEMPOS) for financial help in their fight against Communism in Mexico. 3. Curtis and Pataker told Southwell no such financial help could come from CIA...."

104-10218-10044: (ASSET) (LIHUFF), DEVELOPMENT AND PLANS, 50-124-28/1

8/6/70: Acting Chief, WH/1 to Chief, WHD: Requested that LIHUFF program be terminated, effective July 30, 1970. LIHUFF-1 was described as "a US businessman in Mexico City who had served in World War II with US military intelligence (MIS-X). LIHUFF-1 provided the Mexico City Station with access into the right wing political groups and the American Chamber of Commerce in Mexico. He also obtained copies of Dunn and Bradstreet reports for the Station and performed other tasks from time to time." See 104-10218-10046, p. 4 - CIA file # 050-124-028/02.


Cryptonym changed on 4/20/71 due to security compromise- became ADACETONE.

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