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Cryptonym: LIFTER-8

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Unknown identity. According to Anne Goodpasture's History of Mexico City Station, LIFTER-8 was acquainted with Haitian exiles, Gerard Pierre Charles and his wife, Suzy Castor de Pierre Charles.
The exiles were studying and teaching at the University of Mexico, and were active in the Communist movement in Haiti. Goodpasture also mentioned that following the death of Vicente Lombardo Toledano in 1968, there was a change in the PPS hierarchy which did not improve L-8's position. In spite of this, LIFTER-8 was described as continuing "to be a valuable source on the WFTU and Haitian exile activities." Anne Goodpasture also appeared to state that LIFTER-8 worked for the CIA for 22 years. In terms of the sources used by LIFTER-8, a Report Cover Sheet from Mexico City on August 24, 1966, stated that the former had obtained information from Carlos Sanchez Cardenas, Leopoldo Gutierrez Sagardi, and Gustavo Velasquez Hernandez. Furthermore, a memo for LIRING-3's (Carlos Jurado-Delmar) file in February, 1967, mentioned that the source was LIFTER-8 from Arsenio Martinez Ambrosio and Carlos Ramirez Iglesia. Moreover, a cable on August 25, 1966, mentioned that HMM-1433 on January 1, 1956, reported that Mario Ezcurdia, director of the leftist magazine Al Dia, had told LIFTER-8 that Victor Rico Galan (VRG) was one of the four Marxists who were added to the staff of Al Dia. Therefore, both LIFTER (Antonio Garcia Moreno) and LIFTER-8 had been in contact with Vicente Lombardo Toledano and Mario Ezcurdia.


04/20/64: LIFTER-8 mentioned in third slip. Project: LIFTER, LIFEAT. Paras 1, 2, 3, 5, LIFTER-8. Subject: Reorganization of the Mexican Society of Friendship with People's China. Area: Mexico/China. - - - Page 91: 12/04/64: Second slip down: Project: LIFTER, LIFEAT. Source: LIFTER-8...Subject: Comments of Vicente Lombardo Toledano on Some of the Members of the Cabinet of President Gustavo Diaz Ordas. Area: Mexico. Appraisal of Content: 2 (that Lombardo's comments are probably accurately reported)...

104-10215-10099: ROSS L. CROZIER, 201-168881, VOL. V.

09/29/65: Cable from Mexico City: REF MEXI 4865 (IN 61382)* "1. Night 28 September LIFTER-8 said VLT called meeting national directorate Sept 21, at which LIMOLD-1 present, and told group planned call press conference Sept 23 to make exposure re ODYOKE (U.S. Government) intelligence activities MEXI. 2. Sept 25 VLT spoke briefly to number officials at UOM about press release and said that to gain maximum impact he added charge that L-1 and Raciel Hernandez were threatened. On questioning by L-8, VLT said no new attempts made against PPS people but believes some ODYOKE agency has possibly one member national directorate or probably one central committee member working for it, but added this type of thing difficult uncover and prove. 3. L-8 has talked to Adriana several times since exposure and she says PPS has no proof of charges, and no evidence, documentary or otherwise, which not published in press. There still no evidence L-1 has reported most recent approach, and no evidence Hernandez has reported more than first meeting and first telephone call to PPS. 4. L-8 has talked to Hernandez and several times since press release, and latter angry with VLT who failed consult him before press conference. Hernandez said VLT had promised matter would be dropped and no publicity would be given approach. Hernandez now fears ODYOKE agency which approached him will have him fired from his two jobs, and realizes PPS in no position help him. 5. L-8 believes VLT made exposure this time in effort make some favorable propaganda at expense PBPRIME (U.S.), knowing that intelligence activities of latter have been 'exposed' in number places recently...According to L-8, PPS and VLT feel GOM (Government of Mexico) not interested PPS charges and will not seriously investigate if in fact any effort made at all. VLT plans speech in congress on 5 Oct...although Adriana said speech will deal primarily with economic matters, L-8...certain VLT will discuss ODYOKE intelligence activities MEXI..."

104-10221-10004: GALAN, VICTOR RICO, 201-336474

08/18/66: Cable from Mexico City to Director (Info: Monterrey (Pouch), Panama City): Slugline INTEL: "SUPDATA: LIFTER/8. Index..."


08/24/66: Report Cover Sheet from Mexico City: Reporting Officer: Lee R. Mylechraine. Reports Officer: Olivia C. Ragnity. Approving Officer: Willard C. Curtis: Project: LIFTER. Source Crypt: LIFTER-8. "Supplemental Data: LIFTER-8 obtained the reported information from Carlos Sanchez Cardenas, Leopoldo Gutierrez Sagardi, and Gustavo Velasquez Hernandez." - - - Field Information Report: COUNTRY: Mexico. SUBJECT: Popular Socialist Party Skepticism Concerning the Arrest of Victor Rico Galan and Others. PLACE & DATE ACQ.: Mexico, Mexico City (19 August 1966): Pages 43-45: https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=160656#relPageId=43&tab=page

104-10221-10004: GALAN, VICTOR RICO, 201-336474

08/25/66: Cable from Mexico City: REFERENCE: DIRECTOR-29474* "1. In addition HMMA-26313 and HMMA-26800, station files contain following information on activities Victor Rico Galan (VRG) prior 1962: A. HMM-1433 reported that Mario Ezcurdia, director of leftist magazine Al Dia, told LIFTER/8 that VRG was one of four Marxists added to staff of Al Dia 1 January 1956. B. In HMM-2323 LIFEAT/LIMERICK reported that VRG invited to attend reception at Soviet Embassy, Mexico City in November 1956. C. In HMM-2454 LIFTER/8 reported that in February 1957 VRG was editor-in-chief of La Gazeta de Mexico new magazine published by the Buro de Investigacion Politica (BIP), headed by Communist Horacio Quinones...H. In HMM-5403 LIFTER/8 reported VRG a known member (?) of the intellectual faction of the Mexican committee to give impulse to fight for peace and international cooperation which was making preparations for the Latin American Peace Congress scheduled to be held in Mexico City in March 1961..."

104-10175-10025: LIRING-3

02/03/67: Memorandum for LIRING-3 File: "(Unintelligible) of the Cuban Embassy Press Attaché in Mexico (unintelligible) of surveillance (unintelligible) Cuban had had (unintelligible) Cuban was alleged to be a link (unintelligible) faction of the CCI. The (unintelligible) faction a relation which prompted the (unintelligible) Government to ask discreetly (unintelligible). Source: LIFTER-8 from Arsenio Martinez Ambrosio and Carlos Ramirez Iglesia."

104-10175-10025: LIRING-3

05/10/67: Dispatch from COS, Mexico City to Chief, WH Division: Subject: KAPOK PBRUMEN The LIRING-3 Operation: ..."2. The attached report dated 8 May indicates that LIRING-3 (Carlos Jurado-Delmar) may have found another local channel to the Guatemalan FAR guerrillas. Station traces on Silvia Gonzalez Marin and Raul Moreno were negative. According to the Station files, a Sergio Valdez (who in late 1965 lived at No 54 Calle Luz Savignou, Apt. 1, Colonia del Valle, Mexico City) worked for the 'Revista Rufaga' and was a contact of Gerard Pierre Charles, a Haitian Communist residing in Mexico City, well known to this Station. Station files also contain references to a Sergio Valdez (who may or may not be identical with the previous one) who, in September 1964 was an officer of the National Committee of the SMACP, Mexican Society of Friendship with People's China. 3. This Station will do its best to further identify the Sergio Valdez mentioned by LIRING-3 to determine whether he is identical with the man by the same name who contacts Gerard Pierre Charles. We will also try to identify the alleged FAR representative with whom Raul Moreno is in contact. Any information Headquarters can dig up on Valdez and Moreno would be appreciated..." (Another copy of this document is at 104-10068-10113).


11/16/78: CIA document from Anne Goodpasture: Page 74: "Two other acquaintances of LIFTER-8 were Haitian exiles, Gerard Pierre Charles and his wife, Suzy Castor de Pierre Charles (201-350227 and 201-796149). They were studying and teaching at the University of Mexico and were active in the Communist movement in Haiti. LIFTER-8 and his wife (REDACTION). In 1968 Lombardo Toledano died and the PPS hierarchy underwent a change which did not improve LIFTER-8's position. However, he continued to be a valuable source on the WFTU and Haitian exile activities. LIFTER-8 was besieged with personal and financial woes. His daughter, a perennial student, was married in 1962 but a year later left her husband and retuned home with a baby girl. His wife had a chronic illness dating back to 1952, and constantly suffered from real or imaginary illnesses. At no time during the 22 years he worked for the ..."

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