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Cryptonym: LICOZY

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Program that embedded double agents against the KGB in Mexico.


Philip Agee, Inside the Company: Program that embedded double agents against the KGB. (p. 457; p. 535)


4/26/67, memo by Leonard McCoy: "On 4 April 1967, the present senior case officer on the BOURBON case, Jim Flint, who was on TDY at Headquarters, came to my office at my request to discuss the bona fides of BOURBON...CSB (Chief, Soviet Branch) stated that it is essential that personnel in the Division, other divisions and other agency components do not feel that he and I have opposite attitudes towards intelligence collection. He asked if there is a personal factor in my opposition to his views and I assured him that there was not. I pointed out that as long as the Division had the negative attitude which was exemplified by the Nosenko. SCOTCH, BOURBON, Farmakovskaya, the New York walkin, the LICOZY case, and numerous other minor cases, we would not collect any intelligence on the USSR. This is the only point at which he became upset, stating that he could not agree with the Polyannas who say that the US government is not penetrated and that the Soviets do not know every move we make. I stated that I did not agree with them either, but that I disagreed most strongly with the Division's position on most of these cases, and would not defend them."

Philip Agee

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