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Cryptonym: LARRY

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LARRY was the field cryptonym for Entre Rios, Guatemala, during Operation PBSUCCESS. Foreign Relations of the United States (FRUS), 1952-1954: Guatemala, stated that LARRY was Entre Rios.

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala: Current Section: Abbreviations and Cryptonyms

Page xvi: ..."Larry, Entre Rios, Guatemala..."


06/16/54: Cable from Withheld to Director: Slugline RYBAT PBSUCCESS: RE: (REDACTION) 597 (IN 18261): "1. Shock troops set up is as follows: A. FRANK (Jutiapa, Guatemala) staging from CG 5733 due take FRANK, proceed to city. B. BOND (Puerto Barrios) staging from DF 6672 carrying double load due contain BOND opposition by picking up LARRY organization and holding ground above LARRY. C. HANK (Zacapa, Guatemalan Base) staging from DF 073 carrying double load. Due take HANK and proceed Progresso, meet GOSS (Coban, Guatemala) and proceed to city. D. DANNY, staging from DG 0464 due proceed Chimaltenango Jalapa and join FRANK outside city. E. TOMMY staging from DF 0123 due go at HANK from south side and proceed toward city via Tiquvzula (also RCVD Ciquihkla) Jalapa. F. JOHNNY (note: also JACK - Florida, Honduras) staging from Los Tarros (as RCVD) due go Morales as supplementary block BOND. G. Drops for DANNY being scheduled by points enroute. 2. Alternates for FRANK HANK and TOMMY are 'bypass initial target and go toward city, dropping off teams to rear.''

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala: Current Section: 274. 7/8/54-Memorandum From William Robertson of Operation PBSUCCESS to the Chief of the Project

07/08/54: Memorandum from William Robertson of Operation PBSUCCESS to the Chief of the Project: Subject: PM OPERATION: ..."5. Plans: a. Our plans were based on the belief and strong proof that a large percentage of the people inside Guatemala were opposed to Communism and were willing to fight against Communists, and the belief that the Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas) organization was a good one and that Calligeris had strong organizations in each of the 9 target areas. Each of these target areas was to be organized by a trained organizer to the point that each target area could be conquered by its own inner organization, with the realization that the amount of organization within the Army unit would be the key to the amount of bloodshed necessary. b. In addition, shock troops were prepared in the following manner: Puerto Barrios—116 men under the leadership of (REDACTION), to move from Macuelizo to Tenedores to Entre Rios, in order to seal off the Puerto Barrios area. Jutiapa—46 men under (REDACTION) to move from a point 15 miles west of Metapan through Asuncion Mita to Jutiapa and subsequently to the capital city. A force of 70 men under (REDACTION) was to move from Florido to Carta Blanca and be in position in Zacapa at H-Hour. A force of 96 men under (REDACTION) was to move from Copan Ruinas to Camotan to Jocotan to Vado Hondo to seize Chiquimula. These were to hold at Chiquimula until it could be seen whether Zacapa or Jutiapa forces needed aid. A force of 106 men under (REDACTION) was to move from Nuevo Ocotepeque to Esquipulas to Quezaltepeque. They were to hold at Quezaltepeque and if no aid was needed at Zacapa or Jutiapa, they were to move to San Luis Jilotepeque to Jalapa to Palencia to Guatemala City. (REDACTION) with 16 men was to break away from (REDACTION) group and take Morales in order to back up the block of Puerto Barrios..."

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