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Cryptonym: LAROB

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Double agent of FBI and USSR. A saIes representative for American Airlines, may be 201-729524, identity remains unknown.
The 201 number can be found by a Soviet agent that provides flight manifest information, almost certainly the American Airlines agent LAROB. https://www.maryferrell.org/showDoc.html?docId=47758&relPageId=2

104-10215-10015: BAKULIN, VALENTIN VASILYEVICH (201-261813)

"LAROB: (Bakulin) was CO (case officer)for (FBI) LCIMPROVE op, May 63." Note that LAROB may have been an FBI cryptonym, but it was adopted by CIA.


6/13/63 memo from Mexico City to Director, filed and reviewed by Bill Bright (see signature top left): "Local (FBI) said had no HQs permission to discuss DA op (double agent operation, however later did say...agent (LAROB) is a sales rep for American Airlines, based here but travels Oklahoma, Kansas. From what (FBI) said, appears case fairly unproductive particularly now with Bakulin handling." Also said that the FBI brought Bakulin together with LAROB and was successful in enticing Bakulin to recruit him.

1994.06.17.11:31:18:030005 Reel 47, Folder G - DIR 72329 - 76578 CABLES.

On October 2, a memo went out from CIA headquarters discussing the danger that the FBI's field office in Mexico City had been penetrated. "Re coordination of FBI (oper?)ations in MEXI, -__ in liaison with ODENVY (note: FBI) is still delicate matter which ___ AMDEAD at HDQS 0-- directives foresee that certain types of operations may be coordinated at HDQS rather than in the field. on the whole our relations with FBI on world-wide and PBPRIME and CE (note: US and counter-espionage) matters are extremely productive and still improving and we do not wish at present time to raise new issues in Mexico...FBI has agreed and has instructed its MEXI rep to discuss with you pertinent details of such Russian CE ops as LAROB case." Page 52 identifies this DIR 73144 with a PBRAMPART/staybehind operation slugline. Another copy of these two pages can be found at 104-10100-10121.

104-10092-10297: CROSS REFERENCE CABLE

On October 5, the Mexico City station reported that “HQs was deferring discussion of the high level of penetration, but would take it up after hearing results of closer liaison between (the Mexico City station and the FBI) in Mexico City."

104-10215-10258: DISPATCH: OPERATIONAL/

On October 7, twenty sets of reports about double agent LAROB were sent from the FBI to the Mexico City station and Headquarters: Memo from Win Scott to Western Hemisphere chief J. C. King. James Angleton and the Chief of the Soviet Union division David Murphy also received copies.

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