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Cryptonym: KUPLUM

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Unknown identity. Two dispatches on resettlement cases were sent in 1959 from KUPLUM to the Chief of Station (COS), Germany,
A dispatch in June, 1964, on the final resettlement of WIROGUE (this project used a foreign agent to recruit assets for sabotage, intelligence gathering, and proposed assassinations), was to be distributed to KUPLUM.


02/04/59: Dispatch from KUPLUM to COS, Germany (Attn: Withheld): Subject: HARVARD/FJPASTIME: Canadian Immigration: "1. It would appear from the difficulties which have arisen in two recent Canadian resettlement cases, i.e., DS-783 and DS-841, that a general review of the Canadian immigration channel might serve to render our efforts more effective in the future. Accordingly, headquarters has re-examined the spirit and letter of the KUBARK (CIA)-Canadian agreement with a view toward determining what procedures will insure best results..."


03/04/59: Dispatch from KUPLUM to COS, Germany (Attn: Withheld): Subject: HARVARD/FJPASTIME: PBPRIME Resettlement Problems: "1. During the past two months, it has become necessary to reopen the cases of a number of former CABEZONE (the Defector Reception Center - DRC - in Frankfurt, Germany) defector sources who have been resettled in PBPRIME (U.S.). Specifically, the cases of DS-806, DS-807, DS-811 and DS-816 have reappeared in one form or another as instances of incomplete or inadequate resettlement...2. KUJUMP (the Domestic Contact Division) has agreed to contact the above individuals and to provide them with appropriate assistance in readjusting to their new environment...3. Your attention is invited to the fact that each of these cases was brought to PBPRIME under KMGRANTER sponsorship. Apparently, the rather extensive welfare activities of KMGRANTER make it difficult for that organization to provide a high degree of individual attention to HARVARD (1951-65 - was designed initially to provide safehouse and operational aid facilities for CIA activities in Germany. In 1952, the HARVARD mission was expanded to include the rehabilitation and resettlement of defectors, agents, and agent-trainees) cases. Since the question of KMGRANTER's capabilities and inclinations in this regard has been raised on previous occasions, there seems to be little point in pressing the issue further through direct KUBARK (CIA)-KMGRANTER negotiations. It is suggested that HARVARD circumvent this problem by channeling more of its PBPRIME resettlement cases to the appropriate 'national' organizations, such as Tolstoy Foundation, Polish Immigration Committee, AFCR, AJDC, etc., and reserving KMGRANTER sponsorship for cases in which little or no employment difficulties are anticipated..."

104-10182-10069: CIA FILE ON WIROGUE.

06/04/64: Dispatch from Chief, Coordination & Support Base, Frankfurt to Chief, AF (Info: Chief, EE: WH; SR: KUPLUM): Subject: WIROGUE: Final Resettlement of WIROGUE: Signed by Orme K. Daronnat. Approved by Frederick K. Umnode. ..."Distribution...1 - KUPLUM, w/o atts."


11/16/64: Dispatch from Chief, CSB, Frankfurt to Chief of Base, Bonn (Info: Chief, EE; KUPLUM; COS/G; Chief, Munich Liaison Base): Subject: OPERATIONAL/CABEZONE/CAVATA/Assessment and Preliminary Interrogation Report for CAVATA: "In accordance with the above-mentioned reference, the following CABEZONE (the Defector Reception Center - DRC - in Frankfurt, Germany) reports are being forwarded to you under separate cover. Please pass them to CAVATA (West German LfV, which were the Field Offices of the BfV - Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Internal Security Service): DS-167 PIR. DS-167 Assessment...Distribution...1 - KUPLUM w/o att..."

Gavin McDonald

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