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Cryptonym: KUPALM

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System of electronic records, including a biographic registry.


01/29/54: Cable from LINCOLN to Director: Slugline PBSUCCESS RYBAT: "1. IDEN A is (REDACTION). 2. Resigned as KUPALM staff employee to accept scholarship at (REDACTION) in March 54. Has volunteered services to KUBARK (CIA) on part time basis while in GUAT. 3. SUBJ was interviewed by Dunbar and Nutting at HQ. His youth and lack of experience may preclude operational use. Left to discretion GUAT Station to use him as they see fit."


6/19/58 cable from Director to Bonn, Frankfurt: "...C and REDACTED given red carpet tour KUPALM where C particularly impressed by existing and experimental machine records systems."

104-10092-10160: MANUEL DE NEGRI-YBERRI

10/25/63, dispatch HMMA-22389 from Mexico City to Chief, WH: Subject is 201-349577 - Mexican diplomat Manuel de Negri-Yberri. "For more complete biographic information on Subject or IDEN A (note: probably his wife Maruja), it is suggested that Headquarters check KUPALM Biographic Registry."

Bill Simpich

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