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Cryptonym: KULYNX

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KULYNX was possibly the cryptonym for a CIA meteorological branch, perhaps including a Map Library Division, or general cartographical element.
A dispatch on March 29, 1954, from J. C. King, Chief, WH, stated that there was enclosed material prepared by KULYNX. There was a document contained in this dispatch entitled "Seasons: Guatemala: March 1954", which described the weather conditions in various parts of Guatemala. A cable on April 28, 1954, mentioned that KULYNX had to requisition photos. A dispatch on May 14, 1954, stated that "KULYNX was requested to obtain the latest O. B. information on Guatemalan forces." A dispatch on October 20, 1958, from the Chief of Base, Munich, included KULYNX as one of the slugs in the Subject line. A search for a KULYNX linked dispatch in around February of 1959 read: "KULYNX MAP MATERIALS." A July 25, 1962, Report Cover Sheet from JMWAVE, on AMSPELL (DRE), mentioned KULYNX.


03/29/54: Dispatch from Chief, WH to COS, LINCOLN: Subject: General - Operational. Specific - Seasons in Guatemala: Slugline RYBAT/PBSUCCESS: RE: LINC 457: "1. Enclosed is material prepared by KULYNX in partial fulfillment of your request in reference. Additional information will be forwarded as received by this office. Oliver G. Galbond (J. C. King)." - - - Pages 3-6: Seasons: Guatemala: March 1954.


04/28/54: Cable from Director to LINCOLN: Slugline RYBAT PBSUCCESS: REF: DIR 47026: Subject is (REDACTION): "1. Results of HQs talk with SUBJ of ref follow: A. World wide survey contract extended 1 year beyond 30 April. HQs considering discreet discussion with ODIBEX (U.S. Army) to obtain coverage specific areas LINC may desire and ascertain disposition of plane during rainy season when work suspended. ODIBEX stated 23 April that survey has already covered half of WSBURNT (Guatemala). B. Highest priority D 7 studies will take minimum 410 days since KULYNX has to requisition photos. If LINC gives general areas of expected studies now, KULYNX can get photos beforehand and cut time up to half. Advise. 2. Cartoons will be obtained through JMSWAG KMFORGET (note: A program where stories planted by the agency in one country would be clipped and mailed to media in other countries, and such efforts enhanced the likelihood that the stories would be seen by an American correspondent and transmitted home) channels."


05/14/54: Dispatch from Chief, WH to COS, LINCOLN: Subject: General - Support Material. Specific - Guatemalan O.B. Information: Slugline: RYBAT PBSUCCESS: "1. KULYNX was requested to obtain latest O. B. information on Guatemalan forces, and has provided the following information: (REDACTION) prepares no ground forces O.B. report as such, because the Guatemalan army has no tactical unit as we know them. The Guatemalan army consists of 6 military zones (400-600 troops in each) plus the capital and its troops. 'The Capital: Best O.B. (REDACTION) has: R-5-52 (1st regiment). R-7-52 (2nd regiment). 'Six military zones: 1. R-64-53. 2. R-112-53 (R-154-53 noted change of commander on 12 November 53 to Col. Bernardo Ordonez Juarez). 3. R-62-53. 4. R-4-52 (January 1953 change of commander to Col. Augusto Conde Mendizabal). 5. R-66-53 (R-154-53 notes change of commander on 12 November 53 to Col. Pedro Meyer Aragon). 'Three Military bases: 1. Puerto Barrios (R-131-53 stated the ODIBEX representative not able to visit; therefore, best (REDACTION) has is IR-47-52). 2. San Jose (R-56-53 no subsequent changes. 3. El Peten (R-21-53 1 November 53 notes change of commander to Col. Rafael Menendez Rios)'. 'In addition, there is General Headquarters which is not part of O.B. R-159-53. 'Air O.B. Guatemala: IR-47-52. IR-112-53 (20 Nov 53). Personnel Strength: IR-29-54 (3 Feb 54). Air O.B. and State of Readiness. IR-28-54 (3 Feb 54). Summary of Aircraft Strengths: IR-27-54 (3 Feb 54). 2. Headquarters records show that the material requested by Terence E. Gassett on his trip to Headquarters in early April 1954 almost duplicates the above lists. Such material has been supplied to LINCOLN (CIA's Guatemalan covert operations headquarters, a forward base in Florida) as furnished to the desk. However, if LINCOLN still lacks any of the above documents, Headquarters should be requested to obtain them...Oliver G. Galbond (J. C. King)."


10/20/58: Dispatch from Chief of Base, Munich to Chief, SR (Info: IO, EE, COS/G): Subject REDWOOD/AEVIRGIL/QKACTIVE/KUKNOB/KULYNX Transmittal of Research Study by AEVIRGIL-125: "1. We are transmitting under separate cover two copies of the research study by AEVIRGIL-125 which was requested in EGMW 6529. The study is entitled 'The Influence of Party Organs on the Development of Scientific Research and Development in the Industry of the USSR.' 2. The author's fee for this work is DM 1500, with an additional charge of IM 80 for typing the study. Therefore, a total of DM 1580 is involved. This amount will be paid AEVIRGIL-125 by BGCALLUS (Institute for the Study of the USSR, which was a part of QKACTIVE). Please arrange for reimbursement of BGCALLUS through this channel or in accordance with the wishes of (REDACTION) of BGACTRESS (CIA International Organizations Division - IOD). 3. In connection with the author's efforts, you will be interested in a letter of 30 September which is forwarded under separate cover, written by the advisor of BGCALLUS, in which he proposes to retain the services of AEVIRGIL-125 for PBCHORD (note: Munich Office of the American Committee for the Liberation of Peoples of Russia - AMCOMLIB - which is a part of Project QKACTIVE). Attached to the BGCALLUS advisor's letter is Subject's curriculum vitae, as well as a list of his publications and inventions. 4. Another item of interest is the memorandum of 15 October 1958 prepared by the BGCALLUS advisor, again on the subject of AEVIRGIL-125's potential value to BGCALLUS."


Circa February 1959: Dispatch from Withheld to Chief, Withheld (Attn: Chief, Map Library Division) Info: Chief, FE): Subject: (REDACTION) Map Materials: KULYNX was not mentioned in this dispatch but the search read: "KULYNX MAP MATERIALS: CREST General CIA Records CIA-RDP62-00680R000100280031-4 RIPPUB S 1 December 9, 2016 July 15, 1998 31 February 2, 1959 DISP Attachment Size CIA-RDP62-00680R000100280031-4.pdf 300.4 KB Ci-teAtt4: Chief, Mdaap Library My ai,, &W14 LA A" %Y#A 00 No ..." https://www.cia.gov/readingroom/search/site/KULYNX


07/25/62: Report Cover Sheet from JMWAVE: Reporting Officer: Harold P. Noemayr, Reports Officer: Oliver K. Papock, Approving Officer: Andrew K. Reuteman: Page 2: "Operational security precludes a confrontation of the AMSPELL/DRE organization, therefore Headquarters will have to be satisfied with copies of the original documents for some of the import/export items, and with xeroxed copies of merely the cover sheets for some of the other items. This whole sad story has had one positive reaction. On 24 July 1962 at 1930 hours Noemayr and Papock will be visiting the intelligence components of the AMSPELL/DRE organization to see what type of information they might have which does not, has not, and probably was not going to be forwarded to Noemayr. Place acquired changed to Cuba to facilitate dissemination. According to the DRE the ultimate source is (REDACTION). The covering note from the DRE in Cuba to the DRE in exile pointed out that these documents were originals, and that the information in them is available to Dorticos, Fidel, Carlos Rafael Rodriguez and two or three other people. An evaluation of this material would be appreciated from KULYNX. Please Note: The enclosed attachments are unique. There are no other copies available." Harold Noemayr/Ross Crozier is referred to as the DRE's case officer.

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