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Cryptonym: KUKNOB

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The declassified CIA Files on Nazi and Japanese Imperial Government war crimes stated that KUKNOB was the CIA Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI).


CIA document: Research Aid: Cryptonyms and Terms in Declassified CIA Files Nazi War Crimes and Japanese Imperial Government Records Disclosure Acts: Page 36: ..."Term: KUKNOB. Definition: CIA Office of Scientific Intelligence (OSI)..."


10/20/58: Dispatch from Chief of Base, Munich to Chief, SR (Info: IO, EE, COS/G): Subject REDWOOD/AEVIRGIL/QKACTIVE/KUKNOB/KULYNX Transmittal of Research Study by AEVIRGIL-125: "1. We are transmitting under separate cover two copies of the research study by AEVIRGIL-125 which was requested in EGMW 6529. The study is entitled 'The Influence of Party Organs on the Development of Scientific Research and Development in the Industry of the USSR.' 2. The author's fee for this work is DM 1500, with an additional charge of IM 80 for typing the study. Therefore, a total of DM 1580 is involved. This amount will be paid AEVIRGIL-125 by BGCALLUS (Institute for the Study of the USSR, which was a part of QKACTIVE). Please arrange for reimbursement of BGCALLUS through this channel or in accordance with the wishes of (REDACTION) of BGACTRESS (CIA International Organizations Division - IOD). 3. In connection with the author's efforts, you will be interested in a letter of 30 September which is forwarded under separate cover, written by the advisor of BGCALLUS, in which he proposes to retain the services of AEVIRGIL-125 for PBCHORD (note: Munich Office of the American Committee for the Liberation of Peoples of Russia - AMCOMLIB - which is a part of Project QKACTIVE). Attached to the BGCALLUS advisor's letter is Subject's curriculum vitae, as well as a list of his publications and inventions. 4. Another item of interest is the memorandum of 15 October 1958 prepared by the BGCALLUS advisor, again on the subject of AEVIRGIL-125's potential value to BGCALLUS."


08/23/63: Cable from Withheld to Director: TO: PRITY SPECTRE. INFO: ADIC KUKNOB. Slugline HBJAYWALK: REF: DIR 59377: "1. (REDACTION) desires discuss following at NPIC: A. New facility at Emba. B. Activities in the Fergana area. C. Missile static test facilities. D. Latest developments at Tyura Tam and Kepustin Yar. 2. Sorry for delay which due (REDACTION) slowness answering request for details."


10/11/63: Cable from Director to Mexico City (Orig: J. M. Whitten, WH/3): "1. Wish make instructions in ref more precise. Although Mr. Decker has secret clearance as consultant for KUKNOB and KUJUMP (the Domestic Contact Division). He has no op clearance at all and should be given no op assignment by MEXI. If MEXI needs info on conference, it may ask Decker through IDEN but should not commission Decker or IDEN to go out and procure such info. 2. IDEN is accompanying Decker as consultant to advise Decker of tech aspects of aeronautics federation matters. IDEN will remain behind the scenes. Station contact and support for turn is primarily for purpose of advising IDEN on security matters and to provide commo facilities if needed. Slug all cables DYVOUR (probably routing indicator for Mexico). 3. In above role, IDEN is under control of Chief of Station MEXI, but foresee little need for any positive station action this case. C/S Comment: *Re delegation to International Aeronautics Federation conference." Releasing Officer: Thomas Karamessines, ADDP. Coordinating Officer: F. W. Hughes, CI/OPS/WH (in draft). FI/SIG (REDACTION) (in draft). WH/COPS W. Hood. Authenticating Officer: J. M. Whitten, C/WH/3. - - - 2022 release: https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10100-10194.pdf


Undated CIA document: "KUKNOB briefed (REDACTION) during recent visit on following TALENT subjects: guided missiles, atomic energy, bacteriological warfare, naval construction. Briefing was in general terms with few specifics. (REDACTION) main interest was deployment and operational use of missiles by Soviets. Advise (REDACTION)."

Gavin McDonald

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