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Cryptonym: KMWAAHOO

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"Wahoo!" was the exclamation many made when parachuting off a plane.

BGFIEND/BGFLUME Progress Report, 15 December 1951 - 15 January 1952: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/OBOPUS%20BGFIEND%20%20%20VOL.%2020%20%20(BGFIEND%20OPERATIONS)_0023.pdf

"During the week before Christmas, REDACTED traveled to northern LCFLAKE with a portable radio in an effort to check reception. He listened on four separate nights with the following results: at a point two miles south of the KMWAAHOO border, in the neighborhood of the LCFLAKE town of Identity 1/Konnitsa (Greece), the program faded in about halfway through and increased in strength until sign-off." Konitsa is a town two miles south of the Albanian border: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Konitsa

Security Information: HTNEIGH Reorganization and Broadening Discussions: https://www.cia.gov/library/readingroom/docs/OBOPUS%20BFIEND%20%20%20VOL.%2022%20%28BGFIEND%20OPERATIONS%29_0087.pdf

8/21/52 memo: "All members of HTNEIGH now have their eyes turned warily towards TPROACH and are beginning to fear that the (Prizren Group) may accomplish ZRWAAHOO's liberation before they have a chance to do it, which could conceivably result in recognition of that force by the ZRCROWN-PBPRIMES as an established government and spell the end of 8/21/52 HTNEIGH...(Malament) would settle for a regency, in which (Queen Geraldine) and himself, along with other unnamed personalities, would govern the post-liberated KMWAAHOO."


Queen Geraldine was the consort of King Zog of Albania.

157-10005-10228: TESTIMONY OF E. HOWARD HUNT, 10 JAN 1976

In 1954, E. Howard Hunt was the Chief of the division of political and psychological (PP) warfare affairs for Southeast Europe: Albania, Rumania, Greece, Yugoslavia, Trieste and Bulgaria. The CIA was having difficulties with King Zog's guard unit in West Germany that would parachute into Albania - they were disappearing and not coming back. Hunt alleged that Kim Philby was the cause. Col Boris Pash, rumored to be in charge of CIA "wet affairs" - assassinations - was sought out for his expertise. Hunt came away with the impression that "wet affairs" was the "only function" for Pash. The stories he had heard about Pash were "kidnappings" - in West Germany and West Berlin. Pash was directly responsible to the head of the PP staff. Those heads in that era were Tracy Barnes, John Baker, or REDACTED. (pages 11-26 of 101). Organizational charts at pages 96-98 of 101. Hunt thought Jim Angleton and Bill Harvey (Chief of Berlin station) would have had knowledge of Pash.

Bill Simpich

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