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Cryptonym: KMEGGCUP

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Unknown identity. In 1952 KMEGGCUP was probably the leader of a group opposed to the regime of Jacobo Arbenz Guzman in Guatemala.


06/21/52: Cable from Withheld to Operations: "1. Source advised on 20 June attempted revolution may occur at any time; that Anti-Commie Committee (CCN) has been discussing drastic action with Farmers Association (AGA) and now has available considerable 'elements' (apparently meaning men and/or materials) but needs 'one-hundred grand' and has only half that amount. Efforts being made to raise the remaining sum. Source KMEGGCUP. Eval B-5. Distributed ambassador and first sec. 2. Following strictly operational: Source wants to know 'best offer' his group can get (from us) to fill out needs stating 'we need that quickly before Monday if possible.' States also would need help from outside at right moment and wants know if could have flying boats ready to come to designated place with 'more elements,' to be used within six hours at most. Says money more important, other assistance secondary 'because we can go ahead anyway the way we are now, but we need the dough.' 3. This (REDACTION) doubtful of advisability furnishing large lump sum without more specific info (which may be difficult to get) as to intended end use of funds. Opportunity previously given to KMEGGCUP to furnish us specific plans has been ignored apparently for security reasons. He has been led to believe we have no connections with U.S. Govt. 4. We endeavoring obtain more info to base recommendation. Suggest consider forwarding 25,000 soonest, as much as possible in Quetzals (preferably old) for use exclusively on HQs instructions."


06/25/52: Air dispatch from COS, Withheld to Chief, WHD: Subject: General - DYCLUCK: Specific - TP-REDUCE: "1. Attached are copies of an undated communication from KMEGGCUP received via the subject of (REDACTION) 758 and (REDACTION) on 20 June 1952; a copy of the reply thereto dated 22 June; and KMEGGCUP's response which was received on 24 June. 2. It is, of course, realized that KMEGGCUP and his group are operating under very difficult circumstances at the present time, although none of the group is known to have been arrested by the Government. Numerous arrests have been made of the anti-Communist students...3, While KMEGGCUP indicates a belief that the situation is ripe for a movement, we must not overlook the fact that anti-Communism is now a basic factor in the social and political life of the country..."


07/07/52: CIA document: "Here is my stand at this point. Believe it reflects views of (REDACTION). 1. Calligeris' (Carlos Castillo Armas) plan is basically sound, can succeed, and is approved with minor variations as follow: a. Coordination between Calligeris, (REDACTION) and KMEGGCUP is essential and must be arranged. (a cable to Ogden on 3 July pointed this out and asked if coordination could be accomplished from his end)..."


07/10/52: Cable from Withheld to Operations: RE: WASH 48575 (OUT 88217): "Memorandum to KMEIGCUP (also RCVD KMEGGCUP) dated 1 July covered following pertinent points: Our (so-called) group has not made definite decision but in mood to give all possible assistance, doubtful will give substantial assistance very soon; group wants to be reasonable sure plan will work; a definite overall organized effort tied to that of Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas) should be made, not action by independent groups which might seriously jeopardize prospects for long time; have no satisfactory way getting teargas into WSBURNT (Guatemala), if delivered Mexico could be gotten in safely, how many cases of 12 needed, how packed and labelled; we are looking for planes but doubtful can get them, do you mean amphibians, in any event see no prospect sizeable number men to accompany planes; wonder if you have connections with people in Mexico who could send good propaganda material."


07/10/52: Cable from Withheld to Operations: "1. Irrespective whether we furnish other assistance, recommend: (A) You immediately deliver 8 cases 12 each sterilized items mentioned second reference to Mexico (REDACTION) or delivery when and as directed by you. (B) Advise immediately what action being taken and what we can advise KMEGGCUP including weight and size boxes and approximate date can be delivered. 2. Consider important we take as definite position as possible on all types requested assistance. Lacking info Calligeris (REDACTION) plans and activities, unable make definite recommendation but feel token assistance herein recommended important for continued confidence by KMEGGCUP in so-called group were present. 3. Will not mention (REDACTION) to KMEGGCUP in absence specific instruction. In view KMEGGCUP's indicated attitude re Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas) suggest you seek details (REDACTION) as alternative suggest have experienced HQs agent on tourist card travel here to conduct detailed interview KMEGGCUP in English with view arranging for maximum coordination of groups. Feel such matters can be satisfactorily handled only on oral basis and this not advisable for locally assigned personnel for security reasons."

Foreign Relations of the United States, 1952-1954: Guatemala Current Section: 14. 7/21/52-Memorandum of Conference

07/21/52: Memoranda of Conference, Monday, July 21st With Messrs. M, M, and J: "I showed the draft of the cable we proposed to send and, with the deletion of the reference to DYMAROON (the United States Department of State), the cable was approved, after explanations on my part as to the identity of the pseudonyms and as to what we had been doing with KMEGGCUP in the field of psychological warfare. The second M spoke very highly of the effectiveness of this P.W. work which he said had been handled quite largely from the country to the North. He felt that these activities might well be stepped up. I then referred to the three questions which had been put to the second M and which BS later had put to B. There was general agreement as to the desired result. The only question was whether we could play any part in achieving it without alerting anyone as to the source of possible aid. I said that the purpose of the cable was to remove any local people from any direct or indirect contact with the activities. I also said we were calling back an undercover contact man we had in the country to the South. He might return but we would decide that after a conference. In reply to any inquiry I said that no cash had been made available and that I had some doubt as to whether this was needed in view of the intervention of certain rich parties, whom I identified. However, it was possible that we might lead Calligeris’ (Carlos Castillo Armas) men or cutouts to certain hardware which was available. All activities, with respect to the hardware, would be restricted as far as we were concerned to this country and handled through cutouts..."


07/21/52: Cable from Operations: "As result high level consultations here headquarters instructs: 1. KMEGGCUP should be informed re his inquiries Refs A and B that your group unable to supply aid requested. 2. You should refrain from any direct or indirect relationship to revolutionary activities of KMEGGCUP, (REDACTION) or Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas) but keep us fully advised from intelligence angle, particularly if any coordination established between above. 3. If secure cutout remains available and within limitation described in Ref (a) you may continue furnish KMEGGCUP anti-Communist material and other purely PW assistance in keeping with headquarters instructions."


08/04/52: Memorandum from Withheld to Deputy Director: Subject: Conference with Seekford: Page 3: "8. Seekford has been able to verify all of Calligeris' (Carlos Castillo Armas) statements for the extent of his support within his country. Seekford states that he has never heard the name (Handwritten: RNDINDLE) KMEGGCUP mentioned by Calligeris as one of the people with whom he is co-operating..."


09/09/52: Cable from Sr. Rep. Guatemala to Director: Slugline PSYCH: "1. Following summary of info supplied to (REDACTION) by RNDINDLE: (REDACTION) leads group supporting John H. Calligeris (Carlos Castillo Armas)...Roberto Barrios Pena (REDACTION) has been seeking and possibly receiving U.S. aid - source and extent not known to RNDINDLE. (REDACTION) several months ago approached KMEGGCUP in attempt form coalition of forces but KMEGGCUP would not agree that Calligeris head new govt. KMEGGCUP insisted on five-man junta, 2 from each group and 5th someone who proves outstanding in revolutionary action. No agreement reached and discussions dropped until 3 September when (REDACTION) sent word to KMEGGCUP his group agreeable to govt by junta as proposed. Groups now agree Calligeris not to be in junta but to be president after 2 years. Military plan for revolt to be presented soon by Calligeris. Objections to Calligeris by KMEGGCUP based on belief people as whole will not accept military man and his previous activities would not inspire confidence of students and military groups. Overall plan should be developed and ready for execution in about 3 weeks. RNDINDLE plans depart for Mexico and U.S. about 8 September to procure tear gas and possibly other arms. Expects stop Hotel Commodore, New York, September 13-14 and would like contact with (REDACTION) associates. 2. No indication given RNDINDLE contact would or would not be made and no distribution made any info in para 1. If dissemination is to be made it must not indicate info gathered in Guatemala and we should be advised by cable of the dissemination made. 3. As result of direct request by RNDINDLE to embassy here, the embassy has sent (by pouch) visa clearance to embassy Mexico where he expects apply about 9 September. This will prevent advance knowledge by local govt contemplated trip to U.S. Suggest (REDACTION) orally advise visa issuing officer thus avoiding any possible delay."


10/16/52: Cable from Sr. Rep. Guatemala to Director: RE: DIR 23185 (OUT 60815): "1. RNDINDLE claims and we have no reason doubt him that major portion of funds available to KMEGGCUP can be used only for armed revolutionary action; that funds for propaganda are depleted and popular contributions have been very meager. 2. Proposed campaign not expected by us to result in overthrow of govt but expected to bring about greater dissatisfaction with present govt policies, strengthen opposition and create political climate in which a reasonably well executed attempt against govt would result in sufficient popular support to sustain new govt. 3. Expenditure of additional proposed funds offers best present opportunity for wide spread distribution of effective anti-Communist propaganda. I repeat my recommendation contained in SGUAT 668 (IN 39507). To coordinate the propaganda campaign with the electoral campaign and for maximum effect we should have authorization promptly. Please advise by cable."

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