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Cryptonym: KLANVIL

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A CIA project to monitor the Bolivian government using agents within its own civil service ranks. Among those used was at least one secretary of a Bolivian government minister.

104-10073-10073: WITHHELD

6/5/59 PRQ (Personal Record Questionnaire) from Oliver Bynam (her case officer) to Chief, Western Hemisphere, HOPA-3291: The PRQ (personal record for questionnaire) for 201-257382 is submitted at this time to request the operational approval obtained in October, as shown above. Identifies father as Macedonio Duran, mother as Maria Rocha. Also states that Benancia Burgoa as father (?). Children as Micardo born 5/1/48 and Rocio born 11/10/55. Went to Antofagasta, Chile for health reasons in 1958. Also see 104-10073-10092: Certain minor corrections made to items 1, 13, 14, 15, 17 on 7/24/59. Also see 104-10112-10462, p. 2, Bynam identified sometime between 1958-1962 as C/WH/3/Mexico. 104-10073-10073 refers to Crozier's role in LIEDGE; 104-10112-10249 shows that Crozier was transferred from LIEDGE at the beginning of 1962.

104-10073-10087: Request for Approval or Investigative Action

A request by the Office of Security for operational approval states their desire to use Maria Lydia Duran Rocha de Alzerreca to “provide information pertaining to activities of the Ministry of Government where she is employed” in Bolivia. This internal government source was assigned to Project KLANVIL, OCR-1181 and it designated her as KLAMBROSIA-29. Signed by case officer H.C. Hill and branch WH/1 chief John T. Flynn.

104-10073-10100: Memorandum for Chief WH/I/Bolivia - H.Hill

10/7/59 One agency memo sent to its operatives in Bolivia grants operational approval for KLAMBROSIA-29’s (Maria Lydia Duran Rocha de Alzerreca) use in Project KLANVIL, pursuant to the PRQ-II in HOPA-3308

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