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Cryptonym: KLAMBROSIA-29

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Maria Lydia Duran Rocha de Alzerreca was a secretarial employee of the Bolivian Ministry of Government.
Maria first became a CIA source during July of 1959. She was the sister-in-law of Cuban consulate secretary Silvia Duran.

104-10073-10073: WITHHELD

6/5/59 PRQ (Personal Record Questionnaire) from Oliver Bynam (her case officer) to Chief, Western Hemisphere, HOPA-3291: The PRQ (personal record for questionnaire) for 201-257382 is submitted at this time to request the operational approval obtained in October, as shown above. Identifies father as Macedonio Duran, mother as Maria Rocha. Also states that Benancia Burgoa as father (?). Children as Micardo born 5/1/48 and Rocio born 11/10/55. Went to Antofagasta, Chile for health reasons in 1958. Also see 104-10073-10092, HOPA-3379 7/24/59: Certain minor corrections made to items 1, 13, 14, 15, 17 on 7/24/59. Made it clear her name was Maria Lydia Duran Rocha de Alzerreca. Also see 104-10112-10462, p. 2, Bynam identified sometime between 1958-1962 as C/WH/3/Mexico. 104-10073-10073 refers to Crozier's role in LIEDGE; 104-10112-10249 shows that Crozier was transferred from LIEDGE at the beginning of 1962.

104-10073-10090: WITHHELD

6/10/59: 201 request from WH/1B to RID/201: Lydia Duran is described in this 201 request as "Secretary of Minister of Government". Birthdate: 7/23/29. Born in Bolivia. Full name as "Maria Lydia de Alzerreca, with variants including Maria Lydia Rocha de Alzerreca-Duran.

104-10073-10081: July 7, 1959: Response to Green List Request No. 92985, https://www.archives.gov/files/research/jfk/releases/2022/104-10073-10081.pdf

7/7/59 response by WH/1 H. C. Hill, 1112 Barton Hall, extension 4913 - to Green List request: This 1959 Agency informational request offers several biographic details regarding Maria Lydia Duran Rocha de Alzerreca and her employment with the Bolivian government. She worked for Bolivian minister Benancia Burgoa. She attended Colegio "Lourdes" in La Paz. Her husband was German Alzerreca Rivas. Sought operational clearance. Goal was to obtain "any intelligence or Communist activity".

104-10073-10087: WITHHELD

7/7/59: Report to CI/Operational Approval and Support Division: Lydia Duran was to be used in Bolivia, within a project known as KLANVIL. On investigative cover, it states that she would not be told that she was providing information to the CIA or the USA - thus it appears she was an unwitting source. The details of her use state: "Will provide information pertaining to the ministry of government where she is employed". The cryptonym for that ministry was KLAMBROSIA.

104-10073-10098: WITHHELD

7/29/59, memo from H. Hill at WH/1, ext 4913, to LAPA at La Paz re HOPA-3308: "POA granted KLAMBROSIA-29." Also see 104-10073-10095, dated 7/28/59 showing that the POA was granted by the CI Staff.

104-10428-10001: LIST OF NAMES AND 201 NUMBERS

Maria Lydia Duran is described as 201-257382.


Lydia Duran's 1959 PRQ form adds that she will be reporting "especially the activities of the minister himself". She is also described as "upper middle class". (page 7 of 9)

104-10073-10102: WITHHELD

10/9/59, memo HOPW-2464, Operational KUTUBE (note: Foreign Intelligence), Operational Approval, KLAMBROSIA-29: Oliver Galbond/J.C. King grants operational approval to KLAMBROSIA-29. The preceding page reveals her biographical file number is 201-257382. WH/FI/Anderson (Charles Anderson?) is copied on the memo.

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